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Intel booth at NRF 2016

credit cards

What is behind far too many security leaks? Laziness

Although segmentation is to be applauded, it's not the panacea for the cardholder data problem. Business processes are.

amazon stock 1 100667895 orig

Amazon commits to hiring 100,000 U.S. workers

While many of the jobs will be in warehouses, Amazon said the company will be looking for engineers and software developers in such areas as cloud computing and machine learning.

facial recognition

KFC's facial-recognition trial is a disaster in the making

A new facial-recognition trial from KFC China and Baidu has more potential to alienate customers than to help them.

Gas station

Making gas stations safe for fraudsters again

With soaring online fraud, Mastercard and Visa have done what they can to boost in-store crime. They have announced a three-year delay for EMV rollouts at gas stations. May the gas crimes commence.

ibm self checkout machine

Human-less stores are now possible — and it might be the end of retail

Are retailers really willing to consider disassociating from associates? I hope that's not the lesson that merchant executives take away from two recent self-checkout moves.

amazon workplace culture

Amazon Go has tremendous potential — once it fixes a few things

Amazon last week introduced a new approach to in-store technology and strategy, with its Amazon Go experiment. On the plus side, it offers a vision of the possible, with shoppers taking a few seconds to check in to a store on their...


Amazon wants you to grab and go

Amazon is opening up a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle that allows customers to check in with their Amazon account and make purchases without having to wait in line.

amazon go app

Amazon Go aims to change retail by eliminating check-out lines is using technology to try to change the shopping experience, and the retail industry in general, by eliminating check-out lines.

baby computer

Court clears up some in-app purchase uncertainty

Mediating a battle between Amazon and the FTC, a federal judge offers some well-thought-out limits on in-app purchases for children.

walmart 100585118 orig

Walmart's better tracking for recalled items is a wonderful first step

Walmart's new attempt to use blockchain to help it contact buyers of recalled, dangerous products faces up to a long-neglected reality. That reality is that almost any meaningful improvement in how quickly and completely retailers...

macys dept store

Macy's China experiment shows the potential — and limits — of retail VR

Macy's this month made its debut appearance within Alibaba's Singles' Day in China. Well, sort of. Its appearance was only virtual.

Blockchain logo at the center of an influx of floating cubes of digital technology

Healthcare, retail industries give blockchain a try

Moving beyond its roots with bitcoin, blockchain gets a tryout in industries where it may have the potential to evolve or disrupt standard practices.

citi dispute resolution

Disputing Citi’s dispute change

Citi has taken a step in the right direction by allowing cardholders to dispute charges from within its mobile app, but one thing it did is certain to aggravate a big chunk of the merchant community.

home depot 620x465

Home Depot reminds us why store-centric will be the death of retailers

As we start the sprint to this year's holiday shopping season, I had hoped to start to see the disappearance of the store-centric mentality that has hurt so much of retail for years. Home Depot, however, showed that it's in full-force...

margrethe vestager

European antitrust charges ignore online shopping market, Google says

Google rejected European Commission antitrust charges related to its online shopping search service, saying the online shopping marketplace is "robustly competitive."


How businesses can prevent point-of-sale attacks

Retailers, hotels and restaurants have all been victimized through the same Achilles' heel that cyber criminals continue to attack: the point-of-sale system, where customer's payment data is routinely processed.

rent a center

Rent-A-Center's POS glitch is a great ROI argument

When revenue dropped, the CEO blamed a new POS system. That's bad for the company's IT department, but could be good for yours.

ibm ceo

IBM: In 5 years, Watson A.I. will be behind your every decision

In the next five years, nearly every important decision, whether it's business or personal, will be made with the assistance of IBM Watson, said IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty, in a keynote speech at IBM's World of Watson...

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