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IBM Watson artifical intelligence cognitive computing

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Staples develops an office competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home

While the Amazon Echo and Google Home brought the digital assistant to the home, Staples wants to do the same for the office.

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Can Vodafone Pay work when the phone is dead? Depends on how you define 'dead.'

Since the earliest days of NFC mobile transactions, one of the most oft-repeated criticisms was, "What happens when the phone battery dies?" Well, one mobile payment system says it has solved that problem, but the truth is that it's...

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Amazon and the hazards of inadequate app testing

Amazon quietly updated its app last week and confessed that its iOS shopping cart would freeze when a shopper tries to switch between apps. It makes one wonder how extensive mobile app testing is these days when this kind of glitch...

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Thousands of online shops compromised for credit card theft

Almost 6,000 online shops have been compromised by hackers who added specially crafted code that intercepts and steals payment card details.

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Target's voice-recognition effort: How natural does natural language have to be?

Target has started toying with a voice-recognition device, positioned to compete against Amazon's Alexa, said The Chicago Tribune. The issue is seeing how far Target can push natural language comprehension. This, however, is a...

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Chip card lawsuit to move forward against Visa, Mastercard, others

A federal judge has ruled it is plausible that four national credit-card companies improperly conspired “in lockstep” to set a deadline of Oct. 1, 2015 for requiring retailers to upgrade their technology to accept embedded chip cards...

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Mobile is part of e-commerce, not a rival

For years, retail has clumsily struggled with various merged channel strategies. No changes in commission structure or bonus requirements have proved effective at getting chains to not prioritize in-store compared with e-commerce...


Why the future of package delivery is better than drones

A drone alone can't make 'last-mile' home delivery scale. But robots can. Here's how.

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The ultimate unanswerable question: Are we PCI-compliant?

PCI compliance is Zen-like. It's hard to determine, and even when a letter declares a company PCI-compliant, that declaration can always be retroactively reversed later — such as if you're breached. Yes, when you most need to be able...

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A new channel challenge for retailers: Dual-screening

In retail, we have seen merged channel, omnichannel and multi-channel, but here's an interesting twist: We are now seeing concrete marketing evidence from dual-screening, one courtesy of a new eBay U.K. report.

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The best way to doom a holiday retail trial to failure: Don't brief employees

It's that time of year again when retailers prep for the holiday shopping season by bringing in crowds of temp employees. Kohl's just said it was bringing in 69,000 holiday temps, Target bringing in about 70,000, Toys"R"Us eyeing...

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Walmart's self-driving shopping cart magic

Despite various short-lived efforts over the years, most retail shopping carts are impressively low-tech. But a new patent issued to Walmart paints a futuristic vision, with carts driving themselves from the parking lot right to the...

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EU threatens to open e-commerce antitrust investigations

The European Commission may open antitrust investigations into price restrictions and online sales bans in the e-commerce industry, it warned Thursday.

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Chase Mobile grasps the obvious about biometrics

On Monday, Chase quietly stopped asking for passwords for sensitive transfers on its mobile app, concluding that a fingerprint-scan is quite sufficient.

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Amazon's crackdown on third-party sellers is the right approach

In trying to be the world's largest e-tailer by offering almost anything, Amazon has attracted a dedicated group of thieves and resellers trying to slip through the holes in Amazon's bureaucracy. Amazon is now making a good-faith...

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Why EMV is making fraud soar

EMV deployment struggles are keeping in-store fraud rates high while pushing online fraud much higher. Worst of both worlds for the moment.

What software developers really want

Google Wallet gets that speed is everything

Developers don't visualize from the user's perspective. Nowhere is this more critical than with mobile payments.

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Amazon's wacky workweek hours experiment

Amazon's rationale — there are people who want to work fewer hours at a price of lower pay — is old-fashioned, at attribute not usually associated with the online company.

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