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Chase EMV United card

What's holding back EMV?

Visa has new stats showing that nearly three-quarters of U.S. merchants still can't handle chip cards.


Mastercard's new logo spits on plastic

The change from 'MasterCard' to 'Mastercard' is part of a play for a role in a digital marketplace.


Hackers target 130 restaurants in Cicis pizza chain

More than 130 restaurants in the Cicis pizza chain were the recent target of hackers, and customers' credit card data may have been stolen.

Macy's store California

IBM's Watson just landed a new job: helping Macy's shoppers

IBM's Watson may be putting its cognitive muscle to work battling cancer and cybercriminals, but it's no slouch at shopping, either. Retail brand Macy's announced that it's testing a new mobile service that lets in-store shoppers ask...

lawsuit judge law court decision sued money

Get off my lawn: Federal panel says websites can ban anyone

An appellate court ruled last week that sites can legally ban people, with a subsequent visit to the site punishable by federal criminal law.

starbucks cto

Starbucks burned by aggressive pricing automation

When Starbucks announced this month that its software had rolled out a price increase weeks before it was supposed to, it exposed how easily such a mistake can happen. That's a critical lesson for all of retail.

amazon kindle oasis primary

Amazon says Prime Day was company’s biggest sales day ever

The company’s second annual summer sales event surpassed customer orders from Prime Day 2015 by more than 60% worldwide and more than 50% in the U.S.

price one

Amazon challenges retail on what a sale means

Consumers love sales, and yet the concept itself is oddly unclear. It's generally based on a product being x% off some other price, but that "other price" is almost always meaningless.

Walmart Pay vs. Apple Pay: Hardware age dictates all

On Wednesday, Walmart announced that its trial of Walmart Pay would go national. This is good news for Walmart shoppers who want to pay with a mobile device, but the news would have been very different had Walmart instead embraced NFC...

FusionOps supply chain analytics

How smart supply chain management delivers value

A new generation of supply chain innovators promises Walmart-style supply chain efficiencies and bottom line benefits. But how to get started?

whole foods grocery store

Whole Foods trying out whole new ways of retailing

With varying store sizes, CRM approaches paired with digitized payment card data and questions about how long Amazon can subsidize merchants, Whole Foods is rethinking retail.

makeup cosmetics

Think in-store is dying? Check out Ulta Beauty

What has Ulta Beauty figured out that still eludes so many brick-and-mortar retailers? That in-store is about the experience and that it specifically needs to deliver services and goods in a way that e-tailers cannot.

151026 chase pay qrcode a

Are QR codes more useful in hiding information than displaying it?

A Senate bill raises frightening questions. Will retailers and manufacturers use QR codes to hide need-to-know consumer information, by being vague about what the code will deliver? Also, critics ask, is it fair to disclose important...


Target learns that customized offers need to be in your face

Every channel is its own island, with its own strengths and weaknesses. The temptation is to try to make every island universal.

amazon stock 2

Amazon hit with two more fines over hazardous chemical shipments

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has proposed fining Amazon $130,000 for shipping or attempting to ship hazardous goods by air in 2014.

Chase EMV United card

The retail EMV quagmire

Home Depot's lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard tackled the security problems of the EMV rollout. But what the retailer conveniently forgot to mention is far more germane.

Walmart went nuclear and banned Visa from Canada

Sometimes, a bold strategic move can be both surprising and long overdue. Walmart's decision this week to ban Visa from its Canadian stores is one of those instances.

Chase EMV United card

Visa moves to streamline chip-card processing certifications

After months of frustrating delays for U.S. merchants that have been required to roll out payment systems that accept new, more secure computer chip credit and debit cards, Visa announced a series of remedies.

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