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Mall developer insisting on tech for merchant tenants

The Westfield World Trade Center mall in lower Manhattan, which opened on Aug. 16, requires that all tenants demonstrate that their stores will overflow with mobile and interactive features. I hate to embrace a dictatorial approach,...

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The CVS go-it-alone app suffers from the pharma payment pain

Few retailers have as complicated and painful payment systems as do drugstores. CVS is struggling to do the best it can.

Malware steals payment card data from PoS

Eddie Bauer is latest retailer to be hit by point-of-sale malware

Sportswear retailer Eddie Bauer informed customers that point-of-sale systems at its stores were hit by malware, enabling the theft of payment card information.

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All-digital customer service is not perfect

Consider Jack in the Box, which a year ago shut down all of its customer call centers, pushing customer service online.

Walmart's Jet move: Is IT magic enough on its own to take on Amazon?

When Walmart said that it was buying for $3 billion, it was widely interpreted as it getting serious about competing with Amazon. That's not what is happening.

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Add to cart: Walmart buys for $3.3 billion

Walmart is buying two-year-old e-commerce startup in an attempt to reinvigorate its online sales division. Here's what we know about the deal.


Target CIO's request to do far fewer things is heresy — but really good heresy

At a Fortune 500 company, money — and the number of projects under your command — is power. Target's CIO has a very different view.

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PayPal's better way to count authentication failures

Websites use the baseball rule to thwart authentication thieves: Three strikes and you're out. PayPal argues that there's a better way, one that customizes the rules to the user.

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Amazon shows off its Amazon One cargo plane

Amazon has painted its first Amazon Prime Air cargo delivery plane -- and everyone is really excited about it.

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A familiar face: Snapchat's patent suggests path for retail

With CRM, merchants try to understand shoppers as much as possible. In today's social-media-oriented world, that goes far beyond a list of products purchased and website pages visited.

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Will 7-Eleven build on feat of completing first retail drone delivery?

One small step for man, one giant leap for flying Slurpees. An unexpected winner has emerged in the retail contest for who will be the first to fly a delivery via drone into somebody's backyard: 7-Eleven, of 'They actually deliver?'...

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How Wal-Mart enables 'innersourcing' with Github

The big box retailer’s technology arm has adopted the open source ethos, encouraging its engineers to write code and share it with time-crunched teams that can use the help.

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What's holding back EMV?

Visa has new stats showing that nearly three-quarters of U.S. merchants still can't handle chip cards.


Mastercard's new logo spits on plastic

The change from 'MasterCard' to 'Mastercard' is part of a play for a role in a digital marketplace.


Hackers target 130 restaurants in Cicis pizza chain

More than 130 restaurants in the Cicis pizza chain were the recent target of hackers, and customers' credit card data may have been stolen.

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IBM's Watson just landed a new job: helping Macy's shoppers

IBM's Watson may be putting its cognitive muscle to work battling cancer and cybercriminals, but it's no slouch at shopping, either. Retail brand Macy's announced that it's testing a new mobile service that lets in-store shoppers ask...

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Get off my lawn: Federal panel says websites can ban anyone

An appellate court ruled last week that sites can legally ban people, with a subsequent visit to the site punishable by federal criminal law.

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Starbucks burned by aggressive pricing automation

When Starbucks announced this month that its software had rolled out a price increase weeks before it was supposed to, it exposed how easily such a mistake can happen. That's a critical lesson for all of retail.

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