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Making shoppers happy for the right reasons

New Accenture research says retailers are not delivering for their customers. It's the right conclusion, but for the wrong reasons.

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A.I. and virtual reality may propel future of retail (+video)

Retail is no longer about having the latest products on shelves in brick-and-mortar stores or having a cool website. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are the new tools consumers will use to go shopping.


The 3 technologies retailers need to succeed

Retailers looking to grow in a fast-changing industry need to focus on three main technologies. Computerworld's Sharon Gaudin -- just back from the National Retail Federation's Big Show -- and Executive News Editor Ken Mingis have the...

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Rebecca Minkoff's RFID trial painted itself into a corner--deliberately

The apparel and accessory chain gets creative with its RFID magic mirror trial-and leverages special dressing room paint to block both RF and mobile signals.

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Amazon cloud profit up 3x, so stock plummets. Wait, what?

Amazon Web Services profits triple, yet the stock takes a hammering. Actually, it makes complete sense -- here's why...

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In the retail battle of the drones, Google's the pragmatist, but Amazon's the dreamer

The visions of where drones will head is a fascinating glimpse into the mindsets of both companies.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Retailers embrace technology to save their bacon

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis finds out how technology is about to radically change retailing -- bye, bye big box stores? -- and asks that recent report that technology could kill 7 million jobs by 2020.


Mingis on Tech: Retailers buy into IT (and is tech taking our jobs?)

In Computerworld's latest video podcast, Executive News Editor Ken Mingis shops for details about why retailers are embracing tech and asks about a report that technology will cost the global economy 7 million jobs by 2020....


North Face eyes A.I. for retail advantage

Retailer North Face has turned to artificial intelligence on its website to better help customers with their purchases.

The North Face uses A.I.

The North Face sees A.I. as a perfect fit (+ video)

The North Face wants its customers to get the perfect jacket for whatever they're doing, and it's using Artificial Intelligence to make that happen.

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Nordstrom's magic foot sizer

Technology gadgets won't help a retailer if they don't have good customer service. RFID and NFC won't bring Walmart customers back—or increase their average basket size—if the shopping experience is unpleasant. But when good customer...

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The power of touch could — but won't — be Amazon's Achilles' heel

A recent AdWeek piece touched on how the five senses drive luxury purchases and found that touch was the most persuasive. In the never-ending effort of physical stores to try to deliver something that e-commerce sites can't, this...

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For retailers, e-commerce alone won't make the sale

To be successful, retailers today need to focus on creating a customer experience that links mobile options with brick-and-mortar stores and websites.

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Neiman Marcus wants to merge the online and in-store shopping experience

High-end department store Neiman Marcus wants to improve more than its customer online buying experience. The company is working to use technology to merge its online and brick-and-mortar efforts.

apples quietly prepares to turn us on with li fi

Apple eyes plans to turn us on to Li-Fi

Apple is moving to support Li-Fi, but what is it, what can it do and when can we expect it?

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Faced with tech changes, retailers eye the need for innovation

Retailers who have avoided spending money on R&D are gong to need guidance to keep up with the changes technology is bringing to their industry.

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Thanks to tech, stores are evolving into showrooms

By 2025, some stores will be operating as showrooms, providing customers with an experience and product information but little inventory, with purchases shipped from warehouses to the shoppers' homes, according to an IBM report.

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Has Victoria's Secret figured out the secret to retail social campaigns?

Retail marketers have known for years the critical nature of social media communications. But every now and then, one retailer takes it up a notch and shows some of the huge potential in up-to-date social campaigns. This time, it's...

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