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U.S. is still tiptoeing toward EMV credit cards

At least we’re finally officially in the transition period, but it could last for years.

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Why Wall Street is so interested in Square

Watching a lot of the commentary and excitement last week about Square's Nov. 19 IPO, one might think that Wall Street had never been given a shot at a retail POS investment before. The truth is that, in many of the ways that count,...

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Amazon, and Wall Street's shortsighted stupidity

As I sit here and notice all of the glowing financial pieces about Amazon this week, it's hard to not sit back and think, "How can Wall Street employ so many smart people and yet be so consistently stupid?"

Google Project Wing

Google Wing head 'anxious to get things done yesterday'

The head of Google's experimental Wing drone delivery project said he wants the service to launch as soon as possible and is working with the government on trials that can be accomplished while regulations are being developed.

Citibank credit card with an EMV chip

Pressure increases on banks to adopt chip-and-PIN

The biggest financial institutions in the U.S. are under renewed pressure to mandate the use of PINs with new chip-based payment cards.

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Macy's, Walmart still trying to balance in-store, online holiday sales

Retail merged channel strategies should leverage all channels in a way that makes the most sense for the shopper rather than trying to feed all shoppers into whatever channel the retailer finds the most profitable.


Singles Day sales, Tag Heuer's smartwatch, Hollywood helps hospitals - The Wrap

On The Wrap China's Singles Day puts Black Friday to shame, Tag Heuer debuts a luxury smartwatch and Hollywood effects artists help hospitals make training more lifelike.

grocery robot simbe robotics

Robot keeps stores stocked with Doritos

Simbe Robotics, based in San Francisco, unveiled its first product – a 30-pound robot that can move up and down a store's aisles checking inventory.

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What’s the truth behind Walmart’s failed facial recognition trial?

Was this project really just an effort to flag shoppers who had previously been suspected of shoplifting?

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Amazon's Machiavellian same-day delivery trial

Amazon UK is trying to leverage shopper emotions to get them hooked on a service that they don't currently seek or want. No one in retail is more Machiavellian about free offers than Amazon — or more successful at it.

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Retailers, why not set up multilingual call centers?

With a video connection to any store in the chain, foreign-born customers could deal with sales associates who speak their language.

Amazon to open brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle

Considered the bane of many brick-and-mortar bookshops, is entering the business in a small way with a physical bookstore it is opening in Seattle on Tuesday.

Apple logo on blue iPhone 6S leather case

My Kafkaesque nightmare with the iPhone Upgrade Program

Getting an iPhone through Apple's new subscription-based upgrade program is supposed to be easy. It doesn't always live up to that promise.

starbucks cto

Everyone seems to think that everyone is using mobile payments

The Starbucks mobile app and Apple Pay have had an amazing amount of influence on both the consumer conversation and general attitudes about mobile payments. This is all the more impressive when you realize that Apple Pay today...

Walmart undermines its online strategy — again

When you watch Walmart, as I have done for years, you start to wonder where it wants to go with its business model, and whether it has any chance of ever getting there.


Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers sue over classification as contractors has been sued by delivery drivers in a proposed class-action suit that alleges the company misclassifies its workers as contractors rather than as employees with full benefits.


Microsoft's flagship New York retail store opens on Surface Book's launch day

Microsoft's new flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York opened Monday.

amazon workplace culture

Amazon's attack of fake reviews is as brilliant as it is necessary

Companies suing people that use their sites can be dicey proposition, but Amazon's legal threats against more than 1,000 people who are allegedly posting bogus reviews is exactly the right move. What Amazon didn't do was merely...

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