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price 3

Price comparison engines have become so relevant that they're now irrelevant

There is arguably little that is more fundamental to the e-commerce experience — and triply so with mobile shopping — than price comparisons. This is important to remember when looking at the announcement that Connexity is buying...

ketchup bottle

QR codes and porn: Heinz learns a domain renewal lesson

The slowest ketchup in the west, east, north and south may have retained the slowest domain renewal unit, too, and Heinz learned a painful lesson involving QR codes, Germany and a porn site. The lesson, though, is serious business. As...

cvs pharmacy services

CVS's Target deal: Prescription for a privacy disaster

When Target announced this week that it was selling its pharmacy business to CVS, it was good news for CVS, which will add more than 1,660 pharmacies to its network. But lost amid all of the mega-drugstore talk are some extremely...

tablet inventory room

What is behind retail's $1.1 trillion inventory losses?

When retail research house IHL published its report in June on retail inventory losses — which is simply a combination of overstocks and out-of-stocks — it estimated an industrywide loss of $1.1 trillion. But IHL is not limiting...

Camille Fournier, CTO / chief technology officer, Rent the Runway [2015]

Rent the Runway's CTO says a strong engineering department turns dreams into reality

Rent the Runway CTO Camille Fournier leads a 60-member team that has delivered innovations such as a one-of-a-kind platform that allows customers to shop by browsing photos of real women with similar body types.

gift cards

Woolworths' $1M lesson from gift card blunder

When security consultants speak of the huge internal threat against retailers, they are generally talking about rogue employees. They fear the people on the inside of your firewalls who might exceed their level of access/authorization...

iphone6 3 up ios9 wallet print

Apple Pay heads across the Pond

It will initially work at 250,000 retail locations and the London transit system -- with credit card support from eight major banks, Apple announced Monday.

tesco robot

Will Tesco shoppers freak out at six-foot tall RFID robots?

In a five-store trial, F&F, the apparel unit of Tesco, has robots roaming the floor, continually scanning tens of thousands of passive UHF EPC Gen2 tags, strolling up the aisles at about one meter/second on three sets of wheels,...


The database integration rainbow: What Priceline has figured out

The next step in mobile marketing will involve IT starting to leverage all — or at least most — of the datapoints mobile already collects and making use of that integrated data. Magical things become possible when mobile CPUs start...

drone pizza delivery thinkstock

Amazon's free same-day delivery offer sounds great, unless you think about its customers

When Amazon this month said that it would start offering same-day delivery for free, it seemed to make perfect sense. If you've got a new service that customers are reluctant to try, making it free is a good come-on.

mobile retail2

FTC cracks down on mobile shopper tracking service, but could it possibly matter less?

When the FTC recently cracked down on a vendor that tracks shoppers' movements via their mobile devices and sells the data to retailers, it could have made a statement about what limits and notifications need to be in place. Instead,...


Besides RFID, will Target take credit for penicillin?

It's great when retailers bring new technology innovations to the market. It's even pretty good when they adapt not-so-new innovations to their processes in ways that help customers and/or the bottom line. What isn't so great is...

supreme pizza

Domino's tweet-to-eat campaign is sneaky social media at its best

Ordering a pizza via Twitter isn't faster or more convenient than submitting the same entry through the company's mobile app. But it does have one huge advantage — enjoyed almost entirely by Domino's.

retail experience

Mobile payments: What will it take for beacons to take the next step?

Beacons — those little ad-beaming mechanisms littering storefronts today — have been heralded as the ultimate mobile app partner for retailers. But as they exist today, they do little more than make Madison Avenue come-ons, teasing...


Time's up for putting off IPv6 decisions

As companies become used to the Internet of Things, they are assigning IP addresses to everything from printers and watches to refrigerators and garbage cans. We're going to be needing a lot more IP addresses. That's exactly what IPv6...

012215 nordstrom

Whole Foods, Nordstrom: To thy own brand be true

The best retailers have spent years — often decades — cultivating their brand. But they can get into trouble when they look at today’s technology and try to envision ways they can leverage programming magic to boost margins. The...

Apple Pay

Apple Pay 2.0: Phones with benefits

It's becoming increasingly clear that what all mobile wallets have lacked so far is a good reason for anyone to use them.

ron johnson apple

Former Apple exec's new company offers home setup with gadget buys

The man behind the idea of the Apple store and the Genius Bar has launched a store where trained employees bring the gadget you just bought to your house -- and help you set it up.

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