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PCI's new rules focus on the chiefs

When the PCI council on Thursday (April 28) rolled out its new payment card security rules, it put additional emphasis on authentication and service providers, as expected. But it also took a key additional move by stressing the need...

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If the shoe fits: Prada shows how to master in-store sales

Of all of the apparel subspecialties, footwear has generated some of the most powerful sites, such as Zappos and They fought back against brick-and-mortars with unlimited free returns and close-to-infinite inventory. But...


Drone deliveries are arriving at a golf course in Japan

Online retailer Rakuten will start a drone delivery service at a golf course in Japan

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PCI is going to impose new payments security rules this week — and they don't go nearly far enough

When the PCI Security Council issues its new payments security requirements on Thursday, it is going to impose new rules about authentication and service providers. What is intriguing about the new edicts is that it shows the...

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Visa's EMV struggle: Is better preferable to consistent?

When Visa introduced its Quick Chip for EMV on Tuesday, it placed retailers in an awkward — but interesting — position. The good news: Quick Chip removes the most hated part of the EMV process, the part where the shopper has to leave...

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New point-of-sale malware Multigrain steals card data over DNS

A new memory scraping malware program steals payment card data from point-of-sale (PoS) terminals and sends it back to attackers using the Domain Name System (DNS).

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Next up in IoT: The Internet of shirts and shoes

IoT startup Evrythng is teaming up with packaging company Avery Dennison to give apparel and footwear products unique identities in Evrythng’s software right when they’re manufactured.

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Need more proof of mobile's impact? Look to AMC CEO's statements

It's become almost a cliché to say that mobile is having a seismic impact on all of technology and that no vertical right now is feeling it more than retail. But every now and then, an example illustrates what a complete reversal in...

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Microsoft's lawsuit, and retail's data-disclosure secrecy problem

When Microsoft on Thursday (April 14) sued the U.S. Justice Department demanding more openness about data seizures, it made the case that its customers have the right to know when their data in the cloud is being examined. Retail IT...

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In-store QR videos need to go way beyond ads

Burberry last week said that it was the first brand to use Snapchat's QR Snapcode feature for in-store smartphone viewing. But as much as any innovation in-store is to be encouraged, it seems a shame to waste the ability to show...

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Apparel maker meshes RFID, NFC and QR together — and makes it all work

The idea of embedding RFID tags into clothing is hardly new, having been part of the anti-theft efforts of manufacturers and retailers for more than a decade. But one European apparel manufacturer, Moncler, has come up with a new...

Domino's Pizza

Domino's pizza robot is giving tech a bad name

Domino's seems to be trying to master the sneaky tech move. For example, it has deployed a technology that, truth be told, has very little to do with technology and everything to do with making consumers curious enough to order its...

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The new Apple Stores show how compelling in-store can be

Apple is touting its newly redesigned Apple Stores, and they are indeed quite impressive. Conceding that the very nature of Apple's stores (very limited inventory, complete control of key products, customers who walk in already...

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How the cloud is transforming HR

Cloud computing promises benefits in numerous functional areas, but in few has the impact been felt as keenly as in human resources.

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Hackers race to compromise POS systems

Cybercriminals are redoubling efforts to steal payment card details from retailers before new defenses are put in place, according to FireEye.


Why McDonald's CRM effort won't work

McDonald's is preparing to launch a full-scale CRM program later this year or early next year — and it may just prove to be a great case study for when a CRM program costs more than it helps.


Retail's struggles with improving in-store checkout

With all of the effort by retailers to lure shoppers into their stores, one would think that granting those customers an easy and painless exit would be a priority. One would be wrong.

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Firmware bug in CCTV software may have given POS hackers a foothold

A researcher with RSA says faulty firmware found in security cameras sold by at least 70 vendors may be a contributor to many of the credit card breaches that have proved costly to retailers.

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