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Open authentication spec from FIDO Alliance moves beyond passwords

An open industry alliance that includes many of the world's biggest vendors released specs Tuesday that promise to secure online communications without passwords.

amazon gift card tells customers, 'Make an offer' is going after online auction giant eBay with its "Make an Offer" feature -- just in time for the big holiday shopping season


Getting in customers’ faces

When retailers use IT analytics to get close to their customers, they need to do it the right way.

so whats happening with apples ibeacon tech

So, what's happening with Apple's iBeacon tech?

Apple's iBeacon solution is proliferating much faster than realized as the company sets the foundations for its next retail revolution.

Hacking stealing password data.

Bebe Stores says credit card data hacked

Women's clothing retailer Bebe Stores has become the latest national retailer to be hit by an attack on its credit card payment system.

android and ios

iOS trumps Android in mobile shopping. So what?

Apple iPhone and iPad owners put their stamp on holiday sales in the U.S. last week, accounting for the bulk of revenue booked from mobile devices. But what's that really mean in the Android/iOS battle?

blue shopping carts rolling down the lane

Slow Cyber Monday may be productivity boost for the boss

A survey by the National Retail Federation shows fewer people plan to do their online shopping today than in the past.

apple retail

7 Apple iOS apps to save you dollars this Black Friday

This Black Friday you'll be able to find the best deals online or on the high street and better offers too as retail IT moves to improve your "digital customer journey".

Chip and pin Bank of America card

San Francisco DA pushes for chip payment cards in tech's backyard

Chip-and-PIN payment cards have a strong supporter in the hotbed of payment technologies, with San Francisco's district attorney pushing the technology as a way to cut down on fraud.

Why video-based shopper analytics will bow to mobile

Video is a powerful tool to study in-store shopper behavior but mobile has a number of advantages too, starting with lower costs.

PCI Council looks to stem data breaches after bad year

The PCI Security Standards Council is hoping that emerging security technologies will help prevent breaches that made this year one of the worst ever.

apple watch the retail revolutionary

Apple Watch: the retail revolutionary

How has a failing firm reviled as a "toy maker" for selling candy-colored iMacs become the driving force in retail and enterprise IT?

NFC terminal in a taxi

A guide to top mobile payments options

The launch of Apple Pay last month jump-started the mobile payments business, with several firms now pushing hard to become your preferred payment method.

apple pay will generate millions of dollars this season

Apple Pay will generate millions of dollars this season

Apple could generate a billion dollars through its currently U.S.-only Apple Pay service across the next year, and is likely to generate millions of dollars on Black Friday sales alone.

home depot

Home Depot lost 53 million email addresses (this POS story isn't getting any better)

Beware of phishing email 'from' Home Depot: Among the sorry story of stolen card details is the revelation that HD also leaked customers' email addresses. Oh, brother. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers hope their spam filters are up to the...

home depot

Home Depot attackers broke in using a vendor's stolen credentials

Home Depot said hackers used login credentials belonging to another company to access its network.


Apple Pay rival MCX defends security after hackers steal emails

The Merchant Customer Exchange, a consortium of 58 U.S. retailers whose mobile payment network will take on Apple Pay next year, today fired back against concerns over a hack that pilfered consumer email addresses.

drone main

Airline pilots group concerned with Amazon drone safety

An organization representing thousands of commercial pilots in the U.S. and Canada says it's concerned about the safety implications of Amazon flying drones at a site near Seattle.

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