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Columbia launch, 2002

Microsoft ordered to turn over customer data stored in the cloud

Microsoft has been ordered to comply with a U.S. government demand for a customer's emails stored on a company server in Dublin, Ireland.

Enterprises increasingly look to the private cloud

Companies interested in moving to cloud computing are increasingly choosing a private cloud for the increased security and, often, compliance features instead of the public cloud, according to a recent survey.

Information technology kung fu

The world has changed. Information technology everywhere is the new normal, as almost everyone is connected in some way to the net. Television was the last big thing, but people are now even bypassing television and getting most of...

Oracle focuses on prepping databases as a service

As it preps Oracle Enterprise Manager to run private clouds, Oracle has released an update to the management software that offers the ability for organizations to offer production-ready databases as a service.

IBM adds OpenStack to its cloud marketplace

To make it easier for users to build their own private and hybrid cloud systems using IBM technology, the company has added its distribution of the OpenStack cloud hosting software to its recently launched online market of products...

HP looks to ease enterprise IT cloud fears

Hewlett-Packard hopes its focus on private clouds -- and its investment of muscle and money in the technology -- can convince enterprise IT executives that it can provide a secure way to enter the fray.

HP makes a case for the private cloud

Hewlett Packard is making the case for private and hybrid clouds in Barcelona this week at its annual HP Discover user conference.

When insiders become outsiders (and other cloud security challenges)

If you've ever been an IT hiring manager, you know the scrutiny that goes into the interview process as you seek to bring trustworthy and effective talent into your organization. (Also, it's a bonus when those potential employees...

Portability challenges for government agencies moving to hybrid clouds

The inaugural IDC Government Insights report, released earlier this year, paints a revealing picture of how the U.S. Federal Government is spending and planning to spend information technology (IT) dollars on cloud solutions. The...

A better way to design cloud storage: Learn from mainframes

Image: Dave Winer (cc:by-sa) What can the experience of managing IBM mainframes teach us about designing storage for public or private cloud computing? Plenty, it turns out... In my previous post, Designing Cloud Storage? Ditch

Designing cloud storage? Ditch the LUN!

Image: Mad cherub (cc:by) I'm always surprised that so many people still want to build their private and public cloud on logical units, served out by Fibre Channel SANs.  From my point of view, we should have ditched the LUN...

WD rolls out secure My Cloud drive, media hub

WD today announced My Cloud, an Internet-connected hard drive that is available in 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB capacities and offers a simple setup.

Citrix aims for VMware, Amazon with new cloud strategy

Citrix updated its cloud computing strategy, saying that its platform -- which is based off the Apache CloudStack project -- can span both private on-premises deployments and public clouds and is the only one in the market that takes...

Are your employees gambling on the public cloud?

How would you feel if a competitor picked up your product specs?  An investor got a copy of your quarterly financials before earnings?  An employee’s personnel file ended up with the press?  Not great? Yet employees within your...

Cloud industry needs to standardize, says fed CIO

Frank Baitman, the CIO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, was at the Amazon Web Services conference praising the company's services. His talk was on the verge of becoming a long infomercial, when he stepped back and...

Amazon hiring 'top secret' IT staff as it fights for CIA work

The U.S. isn't doing a good job keeping secrets. Think Edward Snowden. But demand for trustworthy IT professionals is strong, especially if they want to work for Amazon Web Services.

3 things you need to know to save your IT job: #1 Cloud computing

Do you have an IT job involving enterprise data? More importantly, do you want to keep it? If you answered “Yes” to both questions, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared for three big shifts in technology that are...

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c gears up for the private cloud

For the latest update of Oracle Enterprise Manager, the company has taken additional steps to help organizations set up their own private clouds, using Oracle systems, software and even non-Oracle products.

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