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12 ways to improve apple music
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Apple Music launched in China

Apple Music launches in China, so don't forget to cancel trial membership

The Chairman smiles at Tim Cook. Apple's announced it's rolling out Apple Music to the Middle Kingdom, with every expectation it will be just as successful as it is in the US...

Netflix Switch aka Netflix and chill button

DIY 'Netflix and chill' button or order pizza with one press of Amazon Dash button

Netflix unveiled a prototype and how-to instructions to build your own 'Switch' to dim lights, order food, silence phone and start Netflix with the press of one button. Another guy hacked an Amazon Dash button, so he can order pizza...

ampme speakers

New tech syncs small speakers for big sound

In the past week, new methods for synchronizing speakers to create loud, high-quality sound have emerged. Finally.


Sharp to sell the world's first 8K TV starting in October

Sharp will be the first to begin limited sales of 8K televisions next month

internet of things smart home

Let's remake the world for tech

Apple's epic product rollout last week brought into focus how unready our man-made world is for mainstream consumer technology.


Review: Two lightweight headphones for music-loving travelers

Trying out Plantronics' feature-filled BackBeat Sense and Motorola's low-cost Moto Pulse, both of which offer good on-ear listening.

finger on keyboard with email icons floating out of monitor

Slicing and dicing email lists with Bluecore

Personalization is the name of the game, and when scale means you can't do it authentically, the next best thing is to automate it.

7 rugged gadgets for extreme users

7 rugged gadgets for harsh conditions

From laptops and tablets to smartphones and flash drives, an increasing number of devices are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

still life with kitchen utensils and fresh vegtable on butch block table

A computer's place is in the kitchen

Forget the living room. The kitchen is the true family hub now. Here's what Amazon is cooking up.

Sony Smartband 2 group

Sony's SmartBand 2 due in September with integrated heart-rate monitor

Sony has launched SmartBand 2 with an integrated heart-rate monitor and a $130 price tag.

360 Coffee Shop

360-degree cameras are unleashing a new wave of panorama apps

Omnidirectional cameras such as Ricoh's Theta are inspiring a variety of new apps that go beyond photo-stitching functions of the past.

google onhub primary

Google launches stylish $199 Wi-Fi router meant to be shown off

Google is giving the ugly Wi-Fi router a makeover, with its own device that the company claims is easier to use.

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5 must-have back to school laptop accesories

The laptop isn't the only piece of tech a student needs to succeed.


Back to school: Laptop accessories buying guide

No mom and dad—don't put away the credit card just yet. Here are five vital tech items you should send your kid away to school with.


Three alternatives to Beats Solo2 headphones

Beats headphones are popular, but if you're concerned about their sound quality, consider an alternative.

tech dorm room

12 must-have gadgets for your new college dorm

Newsflash: You'll be living in a small, shared space, so it's best to pick your gear wisely. But with a few practical items, and a few just-for-fun gadgets, your dorm will be a relaxing place to call home.


Best Dorm Room Gadgets

Your dorm room will never be a luxury apartment, but a few crucial gadgets can make it a multi-functional space for studying, sleeping, and hanging out.


New earbuds give you super-hearing

Ready for hearable computing? Startups are rewriting all the rules for what earbuds can do. You heard it here first, folks.

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