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The BlackBerry Classic
A coach on your wrist: Wearable fitness gadgets for everyone

can we really trust apples itunes

Can we really trust Apple's iTunes?

The locked-in nature of FairPlay was a by-product of industry fear, ultimately abandoned in favor of trusting music fans more.

gadget worship

In gadget we trust

The allegiance that some of us have for certain operating systems, gadgets and programs can seem like religious fervor. There might be a reason this is so.

yotaphone 2

YotaPhone 2 excites with costly dual-screen setup

The YotaPhone is something truly different: A 5-in. full HD display plus a 4.7-in. e-ink display.

myaccount techeta pr 04

Comcast app lets customers track service techs in real time

To avoid forcing customers to sit at home waiting for their cable fix, ComCast today unveiled a mobile app that lets customers track where service techs are in real time.

xiaomi poster

Apple to Xiaomi: Easier said than done to become top smartphone vendor

A day after China's Xiaomi said it wanted to become the world's number one smartphone vendor, an Apple executive weighed in and told the Chinese company to be patient.

Scam definition

Court shuts down tech support 'scams' targeted by FTC

A federal court in Florida has temporarily shut down two "massive" telemarketing operations that allegedly conned tens of thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars by tricking them into fixing nonexistent computer errors.

pizza google photo captions

Google program can automatically caption photos

Next time you're stumped when trying to write a photo caption, try Google. The search giant has developed a machine-learning system that can automatically and accurately write captions for photos.

nokia n1 tablet

Nokia makes a consumer comeback with N1 Android tablet

Nokia is once again developing mobile devices, and this time the company is using Android. The N1 tablet has a high-resolution 7.9-inch screen and a 5-megapixel front camera.

mhl alt mode for usb type c cable 300dpi

Mobile 4K video gets wired to TVs

USB 3.1 will support the MHL 3 specification, which can stream 4K mobile video transfers from mobile devices

fujitsu led light on smarpthone

Fujitsu embeds data in LED light for smartphones to detect

Just aim a smartphone camera at a lit object and an app calls up relevant information

Wikimedia (CC)

Is Google Glass extremely boring or simply DEAD?

Google Glass. A subject on the minds (and not on the faces) of many bloggers this weekend. Why is Glass no longer as exciting as it used to be?


Rise of the celebrity tech entrepreneur

It's no secret that Silicon Valley wants to invade Hollywood with disruptive Internet-based content distribution systems and computer-generated everything. But now Hollywood wants to invade back.

video camera 000010499473

Online video moguls team up to set standards, meet growing demand

Some of the most powerful companies in video networks and delivery plan to define an open architecture for streaming video as part of a new alliance that includes Cisco Systems, Comcast, Ustream and Yahoo, but not Netflix or YouTube.

google android lollipop

Motorola and LG vie to be first with Android 5.0 update

The race to upgrade smartphones to Android 5.0 is on, with LG Electronics and Motorola vying with Google's Nexus devices for bragging rights.

lumia 535

Lumia 535 edges Moto E with more storage, front camera

With the Lumia 535, Microsoft has delivered a worthy successor to the successful 520 that stacks up well against tough Android competitors like the Motorola Moto E, which the smartphone beats on several fronts.

iphone 6 6 plus gallery

Security bug leaves iPhones open to fake app attack

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in iPhones and iPads that allows attackers to install fake apps that take the place of legitimate ones.

counterfeit nec smartphoneapp

NEC smartphone tech can spot counterfeit goods

Finding fake goods could become a question of simply taking close-up photos with a smartphone, according to a new NEC technology.

sony wearables 7944

Wearable graphics could get a boost with Imagination's Series7 GPUs

Graphics is not a major consideration in wearables, but Imagination hopes to change that as part of a plan to put its new PowerVR graphics technology in a wide range of computing devices.

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