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Oculus VR

At F8 today, virtual reality may be next phase of social networking

Virtual reality is among the topics that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, is expected to talk about today, the second day of the company's annual F8 developer conference being held in San Francisco.

htc one m9 gunmetal 3v

Despite its design, One M9 unlikely to rescue HTC

The One M9 may be a knockout, but it's not likely to save HTC. The device looks similar to its predecessor at a time when competitors have multiplied and stepped up their game, making it even harder for the struggling company to make...

Twitter silhouette

Twitter tests videos that play automatically

Users of the company's iOS apps in the U.S. may start seeing the videos

Imagination floats sub-$100 MIPS tablet running Firefox OS

With Android and iOS dominating the tablet market, Mozilla's Firefox OS hasn't had much of a look in. It's now getting a bit of help from ARM rival Imagination Technologies, which has ported a version of Firefox to a prototype tablet...

8k video

Microsoft to support 8K video resolutions with Windows 10

Microsoft is looking beyond 4K with Windows 10 and bringing 8K support to the operating system, years before TVs, monitors and content for that display resolution become widely available.

google glass

Google is making Glass 'ready for users,' says Schmidt

Google is still developing Glass, which is a "big and very fundamental platform" for the search giant, says Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Android's smart lock detects when you carry your phone

Google is adding a feature to Android's smart lock that could significantly cut down on the number of times users need to enter a passcode to unlock their phones while they are out and about.

screen shot 2015 03 21 at 8.18.36

Spurred by Apple, Swiss warm to smartwatches

In Switzerland, "smartwatch" is no longer a dirty word. The wearable computers have been gaining respect this week at Baselworld, the annual showcase for the Swiss watch industry, only a year after they were "machina non grata."

lumia 430

Microsoft to release lowest-priced Lumia smartphone yet

Building on the launch earlier this year of two low-cost Lumia phones, Microsoft has taken the price down even further for its latest smartphone.

apple watch simple

Tag Heuer developing luxury smartwatch with Google, Intel

Most of the smartwatches we've seen so far have come from technology companies, but Swiss watchmakers are joining the game. The latest is Tag Heuer, which announced Thursday that it's developing a luxury smartwatch with Intel and...

intel cpu socket3

Intel's 'surround and conquer' IoT strategy

With the Internet of Things set to explode over the next 2 to 3 years, will Intel's x86 architecture become irrelevant?

alert wsj claims june apple tv music event

Alert: WSJ claims June Apple TV, music event

Apple's big plans for television, music, Apple TV and more are coming on stream.

intel curie

Intel doesn't want Curie wearable computer making fashion statements

Intel wants wearable device technology to be inconspicuous, so it's making its Curie wearable computer available through a button-sized board or as part of a chip package.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo

Government requests for Facebook data continue to grow

Requests from governments for users' Facebook account data were overall on the rise in the second half of 2014, although they declined in the U.S. and Germany.

facebook login screen

Facebook clarifies rules for content

Facebook has released a new version of its community standards, defining in detail what it means by offensive content on issues such as nudity, bullying and hate speech.

spotify youtube beware apples itunes plan

Warning YouTube: Apple has big iTunes plans

Apple is nearly ready to attack Google’s YouTube and Spotify where it hurts.

tim cook apple watch

Watch now: Apple Watch springs forth (will all the hype unwind?)

It's that time again. Time, that is, for speculation, rumors and clockwork guesswork about the new Apple Watch. It's scheduled to be unveiled today in San Francisco.

Four incredible smartphone camera technologies

Mobile World Congress this week ushered in a range of trends, but one underappreciated development is the use of smartphone camera technology to do more than take selfies and cat photos.

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