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can apple music keep its 10 million users

Can Apple Music keep its 10M users?

The Apple Music team is rapidly developing essential iTunes improvements in a bid to convert early free-trial listeners into fully paid-up subscribers.

app dashboard

Why I ditched my Fitbit and what this means for analytics

Dashboards that don’t evolve don’t get used. Here are best practices for delivering successful self-service analytics to your employees.

nike fuelband

Apple, Nike settle lawsuit over FuelBand inaccuracies

Apple and Nike have settled a class-action lawsuit alleging the FuelBand fitness tracker inaccurately tracked workout data like calories burned and steps taken.

New flagship windows phones, Cityman and Talkman

Windows Phone flagship hope kindled: ''Cityman'' and ''Talkman'' rumors

For users sick and tired of being sick and tired of waiting for a new Windows Phone flagship, Daniel Rubino is a hero...

beats headphones

Apple hands out Beats headphones for back-to-school promo

Apple kicked off its annual back-to-school promotion in the U.S., switching the deal to a free pair of Beats headphones for customers who buy eligible Macs.

uber app iphone

New York eases limits on Uber's growth

It's probably safe to say goodbye to "de Blasio" mode in Uber's app in New York.

Apple Music

Downbeat: Apple Music not a hit with watchdogs, senators, and bloggers

Yesterday wasn't a good day for Apple's streaming music service. A consumer watchdog group, a U.S. senator, and a popular blogger weren't praising Apple Music, they were, in effect, burying it...

apples best ipod touch improvement isnt in the press release

Apple’s best iPod Touch improvement isn’t in the press release

64-bit everything

Reddit mascot

Reddit's new CEO tries to clean up the 'dark side' of the site

Once regarded as a freewheeling discussion forum, Reddit is struggling with creating rules to curb offensive and obscene content on the site, risking alienating a number of users, some of them concerned about protecting freedom of...

internet of things control touch user

Qualcomm joins Thread as IoT dance heats up

A networking protocol that could be whizzing around your home's airspace in a few years came one step closer to reality on Tuesday.

google glass

A bigger, faster Google Glass is headed for the workplace

Google Glass appears to be on its way back, and it's heading straight for the workplace with a bigger, faster design.

Tesla and Steve Jurvetson

Uber will buy all the self-driving cars that Tesla can build in 2020

Uber's CEO this week said if Tesla comes through on its promise to build self-driving cars by 2020, his company will buy them all to use for its service.

ipod family early 2015

How Apple Music could launch the iPod's comeback

What if the rumored iPod refresh includes Wi-Fi, cellular, and Apple Music? That would rock.

Cody Wilson 3D printed gun

U.S. State Department moves to block 3D-printed gun plans online

The U.S. State Department issued a notice in the Federal Register stating its intent to make changes to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations that would make it illegal to distribute technical plans for 3D printing weapons.


The surprising genius of Apple's Beats 1 radio

When regular old radio is streamed online at Apple scale, something amazing happens.

dog mobile app

There's even an app for dogs and cats scared of fireworks

Fireworks and other loud noises account for nearly 20% of missing pets, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Xiaomi offices in Beijing

Xiaomi faces challenge to reach sales goal amid slowing smartphone growth

Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi has hopes of selling at least 80 million smartphones this year, but that goal may harder to reach than the company originally thought.

Volvo XC90 T6

Why the 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 is my favorite high-tech car

This is one highly advanced crossover, my top pick right now for cars that are paving the way to fully autonomous driving.

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