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linux enterprise

Ultimate guide to Linux desktop environments

A compilation of one Linux expert's adventures with 10 desktop environments.

how to take charge of apples mac app store

How to take charge of Apple's Mac App Store

While you wait for iOS 8.2 to arrive, you may enjoy these seven Mac App Store secrets.

Sharepoint team site

Microsoft SharePoint coming up short for most enterprises, study finds

SharePoint installations at enterprises have been doomed largely due to senior management failing to really get behind the Microsoft collaboration technology, according to a new study by AIIM, which bills itself as "the global...

legal gavel

Apple ordered to pay Smartflash $532.9M in patent case

Apple has been ordered to pay $532.9 million after a U.S. jury found that its iTunes software infringed three patents owned by Smartflash, a Texas-based technology licensing company.

internet gavel keyboard

More lawyers swoop down on Lenovo, Superfish with class-action lawsuits in hand

Lenovo and adware maker Superfish came under more legal fire as two new lawsuits were filed in federal courts taking the firms to task for putting consumers at risk of hacker spying and information theft.

chromebook pixel 2 renee niemi

Chromebook Pixel 2 rumors reach fever pitch

Yes, Virginia, we're getting a new Chromebook Pixel 2. Google accidentally pre-announced it yesterday, but the release date should be during Google I/O 2015, in late June. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reach out and touch the cloud...

malware keyboard skull and crossbones

Lenovo releases tool to purge Superfish 'crapware'

Lenovo late Friday released a promised tool to delete the Superfish Visual Discovery adware from its consumer PCs.

Superfish security flaw exists in other apps, non-Lenovo systems

The same poorly designed and flawed traffic interception mechanism used by Superfish is also used in other software programs.

malware shield prevent security virus warning

Microsoft helps Lenovo, deletes Superfish 'crapware' and rogue cert

Microsoft today updated its free Windows Defender and Security Essentials antivirus programs to sniff out and delete the rogue certificate linked to Superfish Visual Discovery, the "crapware" that blew up in Lenovo's face this week.


Two OSes in one: DuOS-M puts Android on your Windows device

Want to run Android apps on a Windows tablet or PC? Nothing easier with DuOS-M, a new application that lets you run a complete version of Android without any muss or fuss.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft discounts Surface Pro 3, launches trade-in program

Microsoft has cut the price of its Surface Pro 3 and is offering up to $650 towards the purchase of the hybrid tablet/laptops to customers who trade in older Microsoft Surface devices.

Windows XP

Microsoft to double price of XP's post-retirement support

Microsoft will double the per-PC price of support for enterprises still stuck with Windows XP systems when the first anniversary of the aged OS's retirement rolls around in April, a licensing expert said today.

Linus Torvalds: ‘People who start writing kernel code get hired really quickly’

Now more than ever, the development of the Linux kernel is a matter for the professionals, as unpaid volunteer contributions to the project reached their lowest recorded levels in the latest “Who Writes Linux” report.

onenote amazon app store

Microsoft unlocks restricted features for free OneNote 2013 users

If you use the freebie edition of OneNote, you can now password-protect portions of your notebooks, record audio and video, and more.

10 menu bar tips every os x user should know

10 Menu bar tips every OS X user should know

Yes, there are some handy hidden controls to be found in the OS X Menu bar.

microsoft windows 10 hololens 1

Did Microsoft just change the game?

With recent announcements, Microsoft has shown us a glimpse of its new direction and strategic focus. Is it just for show, or is Microsoft becoming relevant again?

patch bandage band-aid first-aid ouch cure remedy

Google relaxes strict bug disclosure rules after Microsoft grievances

Google today relaxed a strict 90-day vulnerability disclosure that put it at odds with rival Microsoft, saying it would give vendors a 14-day grace period if they promised to fix a flaw within the two-week stretch.

iCloud beta

Apple offers free iWork for iCloud to all Windows users

Apple has opened the beta of its iWork for iCloud application suite to Windows-only users, giving people without an iOS device or OS X-powered Mac access the Web apps.

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