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information security

Experts boost threat level, call for patching critical Windows bug ASAP

Security experts today called for Windows users to immediately patch one of the 26 vulnerabilities Microsoft disclosed on Tuesday.

Freeze it! How to use Windows steady state

You can lock down end-users' laptops and desktops with a minimum of fuss. Here's how.

Surface 3 and docking station

For Microsoft, hardware and OS consistency are key in Surface 3

With the Surface 3, Microsoft is ending experimentation and bringing back hardware and OS consistency across its line of tablets.

band-aid patch bandage

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: The patches keep coming

For Microsoft, the vulnerabilities appear to be surfacing more quickly than ever before.

Hisense Chromebook

Hands on: What a $149 Chromebook is actually like to use

How good of a Chrome OS experience can $149 really get you? Time to find out.

WWDC 2015

Apple sets WWDC for June 8-12, again uses ticket lottery

Apple today announced that its annual developers conference will run June 8-12, with tickets assigned through a random drawing.

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Windows vulnerability can compromise credentials

A vulnerability found in the late 1990s in Microsoft Windows can still be used to steal login credentials, according to a security advisory.

kurt delbene microsoft

Microsoft brings back DelBene for strategy and planning

Kurt DelBene, who left his role as president of Microsoft's Office Division back in 2013, is returning to Microsoft as executive vice president of corporate strategy and planning and will report to CEO Satya Nadella.

NBC Classics/YouTube

MAGIC gold MacBook: Apple's light laptop (heavily COMPROMISED)

Light, golden, pleasing to the eye -- no, it's not a breakfast biscuit or supermodel -- it's Apple's newest MacBook. That's the good news...

PC shipments hit a six-year low as XP upgrades slow down

A slowdown in Windows XP upgrades and the wait for Windows 10 sent worldwide PC shipments tumbling to a six-year low in the first quarter this year, according to IDC.

photos for mac primary

Apple updates Yosemite, ditches iPhoto for new Photos app

Apple today updated OS X Yosemite to 10.10.3, a build most notable for Photos, a new application that replaces the aged iPhoto.

Face and distance tracking by 3D Intel RealSense webcam

7 new hardware technologies for Windows 10 PCs

The arrival of Windows 10 this year could usher in more convenient and wire-free PC computing technologies.

Windows 10 sign WIDE version

Update: Microsoft quietly seeds consumer PCs with Windows 10 upgrade 'nag' campaign

Microsoft has seeded Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs with an as-yet-optional update that will pitch the free Windows 10 upgrade to customers.

os x how to create and use mail contact groups

OS X: How to create and use Mail groups

If you frequently send Mail messages to specific groups of people, you should get familiar with setting up and using a Mail group.

windows 10 number

1.5M now testing Windows 10 preview

Although Microsoft has said its Windows 10 preview program has some 2.8 million participants, just over half of those are using the early version regularly, according to Web metrics estimates.


Would Microsoft ever open-source Windows?

The possibility is no longer far-fetched, one Microsoft engineer has suggested.

Internet privacy

Microsoft rolls back commitment to Do Not Track

Microsoft today rolled back its commitment to the nearly-dead "Do Not Track" standard, saying it would no longer automatically switch on the signal in its browsers.

cracked iphone 4

iOS 8 hate

The problems with iOS 8 have stretched on for months. Come on, Apple! How hard can it be to get your mobile operating system to work right on your own hardware?

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