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New features in Windows 10

Windows 10 on pace to reach 20% share by June

Windows 10 is on pace to power 20% of all Windows desktop systems by the end of June, or around the time Microsoft issues its next major upgrade, according to data published this week.


Microsoft to begin SHA-1 crypto shutoff with Windows 10's summer upgrade

Microsoft outlined the timetable it will use to drop browser support for sites that secure traffic with SHA-1 certificates, part of an Internet-wide plan to rid the Internet of the weaker encryption.

cortana search windows10

Microsoft declares Cortana search box as Bing- and Edge-only turf

Microsoft began blocking rival browsers and search providers from using Windows 10's Cortana search box, the operating system's prime search real estate.

ubuntu wood planks

Ubuntu 16.04: A desktop for Linux diehards

Striking a balance between LTS stability and nice features, Ubuntu's Xenial Xerus is special.

Apple Music

As iPhone sales slump, Apple again talks up services revenue

For the second quarter in a row, Apple execs talked up the growth of the company's services category -- an attempt to highlight the earnings potential of devices now in customers' hands.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: All about Microsoft's Surface Book (and the importance of ports)

If you're eyeing one of Microsoft's hybrid devices like the Surface Book, or want to make sure your next laptop is future-proof (hint: check the ports), this episode's for you. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis gets the details from...


Mingis on Tech, Episode 12: All about the Surface Book (and the importance of ports)

If you're eyeing a Microsoft Surface Book, or want to make sure your next laptop is future-proof, this episode's for you.

apple logo products primary size

Mac + iPad revenue nosedives, adds to Apple's woes

Although weaker iPhone sales were the biggest contributor to Apple's downturn in the March quarter, the Mac and iPad also failed to hold up their ends.


The Humble Hacker’s Book Bundle

A bundle of ebooks that will sharpen your hacking skills -- at almost any price you care to pay!

apple macbook osx

Mac sales tumble 12% in second-biggest downturn since '07

Apple sold 4 million Macs in the March quarter, a 12% decline from the same period a year ago and a larger contraction than for the PC business as a whole.

windows ink full

First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview

A rundown of the Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, due this summer, including some new features available in the latest Insider build.

mail app fun

7 hard to find controls in Apple's Mail

What are the secrets of the apps you use daily?

Google Play Store Chrome OS Android Apps

What everyone's missing about Google Play and Chrome OS

Google's full catalog of Android apps appears to be coming to Chrome OS -- but the real story is something far more significant.


2016 MacBook review: Portable performance

For a lot of people, the MacBook is the ideal laptop. It’s light, small, easy to carry, and offers good performance for productivity software.

Microsoft gives OneDrive users until July to shrink their storage

Microsoft has given users of its OneDrive cloud storage service a 90-day notice that their free allowance will be scaled back from 15GB to 5GB in late July, according to emails and reports from customers.

windows 10 devices laptops tablets

Microsoft gives testers first look at the Windows 10 upgrade slated to debut this summer

Microsoft today released to testers the first real look at its next big Windows 10 upgrade, dubbed the "Anniversary Update."

Microsoft Windows Phone is dead

Microsoft Windows phone biz is dead -- here is clear proof

Microsoft's Windows Phone is clearly dead. Redmond's already-bad Windows Phone sales plummeted over the last year to a mere 26% of what they were -- this is simply, spectacularly execrable...

New features in Windows 10

Windows 10's upgrade model temporarily wipes $1.6B from Microsoft's books

Microsoft's decision to radically change the distribution and maintenance of Windows 10 put a temporary $1.6 billion dent in its revenue.

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