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Open source has won, and Microsoft has surrendered

Many Linux users are ticked off and anxious about Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation. They are missing the real significance of that move.

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Linux hardening: A 15-step checklist for a secure Linux server

The negative career implications of choosing not to harden your Kali Linux host are severe, so here are the necessary steps to make your Linux host secure, including how to use penetration testing and Kali Linux to get the job done.

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Open-source hardware makers start certifying products

In recent weeks, OSHWA also met one of its initial goals: To start certifying open-source hardware. Certification allows hardware designs to be replicated.

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Microsoft really has changed, Linux Foundation chief says

Microsoft made waves when it announced that it joined the Linux Foundation, but some are skeptical of the company's motives. Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin says that this isn't a case of Microsoft trying to kill Linux,...

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Microsoft doubles down on Linux love, joins foundation

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been pushing its love of Linux and open source. On Wednesday, the company made that even more official by joining the Linux Foundation.

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Review: Microsoft takes on TensorFlow

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit is fast and easy to use, but a little wet behind the ears.

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5 ways enterprise networkers can - and can't - be like webscale stars

In networking these days, big cloud companies like Google and Facebook are at the top of their game. Here are five things that most enterprises can’t do to become like the Internet giants, followed by five things they can.

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U.S. launches software-sharing website, a U.S. government website for promoting the sharing of custom-developed software code, was launched Thursday with listings of nearly 50 open-source projects from various government agencies.

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Airbnb open sources data-science-sharing platform

The knowledge-sharing framework, still in beta, is designed to bring the discipline of computer-code sharing to data analysis.

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Microsoft offers open source designs to Open Compute Project

Microsoft open source hardware Azure cloud servers

OpenStack deals

OpenStack Summit: A changing of the guard?

Did last week’s OpenStack Summit in Barcelona mark a turning point for the project?

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A peek inside Microsoft Azure’s open-source server and rack designs

What do the servers and racks that make up one of the largest hyperscale data center networks in the world look like? Microsoft has provided a glimpse this week when it open sourced Project Olympus, the design specs for the hardware...

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Dell/EMC, SnapRoute reinforce OpenSwitch networking features

Linux Foundation open source project gets network control boost with new features from Dell EMC and SnapRoute.

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Bankers plan to give Corda blockchain code to Hyperledger project

Corda, a distributed ledger platform developed by a finance industry consortium, will go open source next month when its developers donate the code to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project.

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Facebook's 100-gigabit switch design is out in the open

Facebook’s 100-gigabit switch design has been accepted by the Open Compute Project, a step that should help to foster an open ecosystem of hardware and software on high-speed networking gear.

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Microsoft open-sources P language for internet of things

The platform specializes in asynchronous programming for embedded systems, device drivers, and distributed services

book of r

Book review -- The Book of R: A First Course in Programming and Statistics

A hefty book that's going to teach you both programming and statistical analysis in less than 800 pages

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France adds source code to list of documents covered by freedom of information laws

French freedom of information law now treats source code as disclosable in the same way as other government records.

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