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Facebook's Jay Parikh

Facebook building a 100-gigabit switch to handle video, VR traffic

Facebook is more than doubling the speed of its Wedge open-source network switch, which is good news both for Facebook users and for anyone who may want to build a 100-gigabit switch.

Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO

Latest Windows Server 2016 beta shows off Microsoft's new containers

Microsoft launched the fourth technical preview for the next version of Windows Server on Thursday, giving the public access to its new Hyper-V containers.

bryant higgen

Intel's first server chip with performance-boosting FPGA to ship early in '16

Intel will ship its first Xeon server chip with a programmable FPGA from Altera in the first quarter next year, some 18 months after announcing work on the product.

020511 pyongyang 1

How a telecom investment in North Korea went horribly wrong

An Egyptian company that launched North Korea's first 3G cellular network and built it up to 3 million subscribers says it's effectively lost control of the operator despite owning a majority stake.

spying eye

How Cisco is trying to keep NSA spies out of its gear

Cisco is working to build the confidence of prospective customers in its products, two years after the NSA spying disclosures seeded doubt, particularly in China.

internet of things control touch user

HP Enterprise teams up with Intel for IoT edge computing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the latest partner to work with Intel on the Internet of Things, announcing it will develop products for computing at the edges of networks.

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Server vendors tap ARM chips to give users alternative to Intel

For a while it was hard to get a hands on an ARM, but that may not be the case soon. Five computer makers have announced servers with ARM processors that will challenge x86 systems in the mainstream market.

security incidents

Network security primer: Access control

Access control is a complicated technology that’s key to strong security.

Computer cables connected to a router 84517144

Cisco adds programmability to Internet routers

Cisco worked with leading Web companies to enhance IOS XR.

Xilinx and IBM executives

IBM teams with Xilinx to take on Intel with Power chips

IBM has partnered with chip maker Xilinx to expand the use of IBM Power processors in servers, taking on Intel for a bigger slice of the data center market.

Cavium ThunderX

Morgan Stanley kicks tires on ARM servers, wants a rival for Intel

Morgan Stanley is testing ARM-based servers, the latest sign of competition for Intel in the data center.

computerworld nov 15 1976

Gene Amdahl, IBM mainframe architect then a rival, has died

Gene M. Amdahl, the chief architect of IBM's System/360 mainframe and later the creator of the IBM plug-compatible mainframe vendor that bore his name, died at 92.


Low-end servers get DDR4 memory

Dell and HP are bringing a new form of DDR memory to low-end servers in order to let small and medium-size businesses run databases and other applications faster.

sdn control

Review: Cisco ACI shakes up SDN

Hands-on with Cisco’s highly scalable data center network fabric driven by -- surprise -- a completely open API.

best vpn routers smb 1

How secure can your router get?

No matter how much tweaking is done, a router can only be made as secure as the firmware (operating system) allows. Routers vary drastically in in their security features, yet the subject never comes up in reviews.

error logs monitor

Review: Graylog delivers open-source log management for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer

Graylog is an open-source log management tool, complete with a three-tier architecture, super-scalable storage (based on Elasticsearch), an easy-to-use web interface, and a powerful toolkit to parse messages, build ad-hoc dashboards...

The Nvidia Tesla M40 GPU accelerator.

Nvidia packs machine learning for Web video in new GPUs

Nvidia's new GPUs will add more context to live streams and Web video.

Data matrix networking connections system

Cisco, Ericsson partner to build and sell next-gen networks

Ericsson and Cisco Systems are partnering to develop and sell next-generation networks -- Ericsson because it's cheaper than buying in or building the equipment itself, and Cisco because it's quicker than buying Ericsson.

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