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Poor Wi-Fi security -- my visit to the dentist

The sad state of Wi-Fi security in a dentists office.

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How-to: Install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 RC

Microsoft announced the release of SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC) and Project Server 2016 Release Candidate.

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Cisco to get stronger in IoT with $1.4B Jasper deal

Cisco Systems plans to acquire Internet of Things platform company Jasper Technologies for more than US$1.4 billion, giving the networking giant an even larger role in enterprises' growing use of IoT.

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Google is said to endorse ARM server chips, but don't get excited yet

Google will give its public backing to Qualcomm's ARM server chip next week, according to a report, but history suggests it's too early to draw conclusions.

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As 5G approaches, 3G and 4G are still getting faster

Most of the excitement at Mobile World Congress this month will be about 5G, which won't officially exist until 2020. But vendors will also show off new ways to speed up the 3G and 4G networks most people use today.

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Google Fiber to be free for select affordable housing residents

Google Fiber has announced free gigabit Internet service for residents of selected public housing projects connected to its fiber optic service in U.S. cities.

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Arista loses patent round against Cisco, could face import ban

Cisco Systems has won the latest round against rival networking vendor Arista Networks at a U.S. trade agency that could block importation of Arista products.

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Partnerships and mergers, brought to you by 5G

Although the "hype" around 5G has already started, we are at least 4-5 years away from any mainstream, substantial deployments that will provide users with a critical mass of access points. But that hasn't stopped many of the major...

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Google fixes critical Wi-Fi and media-processing flaws in Android

Google has patched 13 new vulnerabilities in Android, two of which could allow attackers to take control of Android devices located on the same wireless network if they have Broadcom Wi-Fi chips.

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Nokia's IoT security tool works with gear from many vendors

Nokia's Internet of Things platform can harness systems from multiple vendors for network-wide security.

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Bluetooth wireless range and speed are getting better

Bluetooth speeds will continue to grow in the coming years as the markets for home automation and IoT grow.


Quick start to meetings saves money, improves efficiency for Intel

Starting meetings faster and more efficiently could contribute to cost savings and productivity gains, as Intel highlighted in its annual IT performance report.

NSA - National Security Agency

Defending a network from the NSA

In a recent security conference, the head of the TAO division of the NSA offered advice on making his job harder. Their biggest asset is competence and persistence, rather than zero day vulnerabilities.

nervous admin

Why your network admins are nervous

Network pros know that SDN promises to rock their world. But those who prepare for the change will find new opportunities. Here’s how to help your staffers keep their skills ahead of the curve.

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Unlicensed LTE in the 3.5GHz band could be good for enterprises

Controversial technology that lets LTE networks use unlicensed spectrum could become a trusted part of the enterprise IT toolkit in a few years.

20151005 Cisco headquarters sign

Cisco patches authentication, denial-of-service, NTP flaws in many products

Cisco Systems released security patches for flaws affecting a wide range of products, including for a critical vulnerability in its RV220W wireless network security firewalls.

20160128 starry window antenna

With fixed wireless broadband, startup Starry will take on big challenges

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission said that broadband networks are growing too slowly to meet the country's needs. A startup called Starry launched this week promising to roll out broadband faster using wireless, but the...

0127 sf superbowl 7

A look inside Verizon's Super Bowl control center

This is Verizon's Super Bowl command room -- a temporary, purpose-built nerve center in the shadow of Levi's Stadium that pulls in data from permanent and temporary base stations to ensure the network keeps running.

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