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fcc broadband definition

FCC redefines advanced broadband as 25Mbps, but GOP members balk

The FCC has redefined advanced broadband as having 25Mbps download speeds, up from 4Mbps, allowing the agency to pass rules that would encourage deployment in the U.S.

broward county team

Broward County rolls out its own fiber ring, shifts to VoIP

Years in the making, network upgrade enables Florida county to improve services while saving a bundle.

Intel wants to banish cables, connectors with new Broadwell chips

Intel today announced the availability of the new fifth-generation Core processors for PCs with support for technologies that eliminate a myriad of cables and connectors

Future Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi growth set to drive sales of new Ethernet speeds

Growing demand for faster enterprise wireless LANs is expected to drive sales of Wi-Fi gear and a new type of Ethernet for connecting next-generation access points.

yosemite desktop

Apple updates Yosemite, again claims to fix Macs' Wi-Fi flops

Apple today released OS X Yosemite 10.10.2, hoping again to improve -- or in cases simply enable -- Wi-Fi on Macs that have suffered connectivity issues since October.

Cisco’s evolving software, cloud strategy will hinge on hardware

New licensing strategy will use installed hardware base as the “real estate” on which to build.


How not to waste your money on the second wave of 802.11ac wireless gear

The best way to avoid wasting your money on wave 2 of 802.11ac access points is to not buy them right away, and the second-best is to not overreact to their presence on your network.


Google Fiber expanding to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham

Google Fiber is coming to the metro areas of Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

DNS hijacking flaw affects D-Link DSL router, possibly other devices

A vulnerability found in a DSL router model from D-Link allows remote hackers to change its DNS settings and hijack users' traffic.

computer network 000016779847

DNS tips and tricks

From testing server speeds to blocking access to unwanted domains, here are some tips for tweaking DNS settings to boost the speed and efficiency of your network.

States threaten lawsuit over Obama's municipal broadband plan

If the FCC moves to preempt state laws limiting municipal broadband projects, something President Barack Obama wants the agency to do, it will likely end up in court.

OS X Yosemite desktop 3

Apple readies another crack at ending Yosemite's Wi-Fi ills

Apple is putting the final touches on the next update to OS X Yosemite as it again tries to stamp out Wi-Fi problems customers have complained of since the operating system launched in October.

lan down outage

Our bullet-proof LAN failed; here’s what we learned

Three risks and three remedies to help ensure this doesn't happen to you.

wifi mistakes

8 Wi-Fi mistakes to avoid

Wi-Fi is great when it works right -- and when it’s secure. Although setting up Wi-Fi can seem straightforward, there are many complexities.

1927 mississippi flood levee breach

Be prepared for the breach that’s headed your way

If we learned anything in 2014, it was that no one is immune to a massive data breach. If one hits you this year, are you going to have the visibility that will let you tell the executive team what they need to know?

Adobe pushes critical Flash Player update to fix latest zero-day

Users with automatic updates enabled in Flash Player have already started receiving the new patch

Two N.C. cities could be next in Google Fiber roll-out

Two cities in North Carolina could be the first to benefit from a planned expansion of Google's fiber-optic Internet service. The company is holding events in Raleigh and Durham on Wednesday and Thursday next week, apparently...

Phones used for the first transcontinental call

This 1915 conference call made history

The first commercial transcontinental phone line opened on Jan. 25, 1915 with a call from New York to San Francisco.

Republicans want FCC to release net neutrality proposal before vote

Three top Republican lawmakers called on the chairman of the FCC to release his proposed net neutrality rules publicly before the commission votes late next Friday

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