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The ratings: Most net neutrality groups get poor grades on transparency

The IDG News Service looked into the funding transparency of several think tanks and advocacy groups involved in the net neutrality debate. Several disclose limited or no information about their funding.

Advocacy groups hit for obscuring corporate ties in net neutrality debate

A wide variety of lobby groups have financial ties to broadband carriers and trade associations, leading to accusation that they've been faking grassroots opposition to strong net neutrality rules.

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Secretive funding fuels debate about net neutrality astroturfing

The contentious debate about net neutrality in the U.S. has sparked controversy over a lack of funding transparency for advocacy groups and think tanks, which critics say subverts the political process.

Cities hope to boost broadband with new coalition

Leaders from 32 cities in 19 states this week launched the Next Century Cities coalition to promote next-generation broadband Internet to attract businesses and jobs and to help reduce the digital divide among their residents.


EMC buys controlling interest in VCE, its joint venture with Cisco

The move comes as Cisco and EMC are increasingly competitive on some fronts

Lawmakers want FCC to reclassify broadband for net neutrality

The FCC should reclassify broadband as a regulated public utility to achieve net neutrality, but take a "light touch" doing so, a U.S. lawmaker said Wednesday.

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Free and cheap ways to learn about network administration

These nine self-taught labs give you hands-on experience with various networking tasks -- and most don't cost anything.

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Yosemite users complain about crippled Wi-Fi

Complaints that Mac OS X Yosemite disrupts or entirely disables Wi-Fi connections have been flowing onto social media sites and discussion forums since the OS was released last Thursday.

There IS such a thing as too-fast delivery

Flashback to the late 1990s, when this delivery company is upgrading its network, switches and all. But hundreds of feet away at the other end of the warehouse, there's another kind of delivery problem.

Are higher frequencies mobile's next frontier? The FCC wants to know

Some mobile researchers think future networks will reach into higher frequencies to keep up with traffic, and the Federal Communications Commission wants to know how it might help to make that possible.

Researcher creates proof-of-concept worm for network-attached storage devices

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices are riddled with vulnerabilities that can put the security of sensitive data and networks at risk, a researcher has found. To prove his point, he has created a proof-of-concept worm that can...

HP unveils cloud config manager

HP unveiled a network virtualization system for large enterprise and cloud providers designed to simplify network configuration.

Telco Systems lays groundwork for fewer management worries with virtual routers, firewalls

The company's platform lets service providers offer virtual router and firewalls

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Is your Ethernet fast enough? 4 new speeds are in the works

Ethernet's future is about much more than the next top speed: The engineers charting a path for the ubiquitous networking protocol are looking at several new versions to serve a variety of applications.

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Kickstarter suspends Anonabox Tor router project

After days of critical scrutiny on social media networks, the wireless router that was supposedly a custom-built Tor privacy engine has been suspended by Kickstarter after raising nearly $600,000 in only a few days.

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Mobile device and data use skyrockets, US says

U.S. mobile phone users are "rapidly embracing" smartphones and tablets, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

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Startup builds on Wi-Fi chips for cheaper 'last mile' to home broadband

Areas starved for high-speed broadband may get a new option thanks to a Wi-Fi-based system that could deliver half a gigabit per second to each home.

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POODLE poos on flaw (in SSL) as Google causes panic

SSL is attack dog when protocol-downgrade sinks teeth in leg: Google infosec researchers have found a new nasty TLS downgrade attack. While we all knew these old versions of SSL crypto were insecure, it's always been thought hard to...

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Google partners up for $60M undersea fiber link between Florida and Brazil

Move shows company hopes to gain greater control over Internet access

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