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Will network disaggregation play in the enterprise?

Disaggregation seems to be all the rage in networking these days.

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For a speed boost, Alcatel-Lucent says use both cell and Wi-Fi

If you have both cellular and Wi-Fi, why not use both? At Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent is demonstrating a way to do that as part of the same network.

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The FCC's new net neutrality rules: What we know so far

Here's what we know about the FCC's vote on Thursday to reclassify broadband as a regulated telecommunications service.

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GOP bill would overturn FCC decision on municipal broadband

Seven Republican lawmakers introduced a bill Thursday that would prohibit the FCC from preempting state laws that limit municipal broadband networks.

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What it means: The FCC's net neutrality vote

Net neutrality has been debated for a decade, but the Federal Communications Commission's historic vote signals only the beginning of further battles and likely lawsuits.

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FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as utility

The FCC voted to approve new net neutrality rules by reclassifying broadband as a regulated public utility. The move came over the objections of the commission's Republican members and large broadband providers.

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FCC votes to overturn state laws limiting municipal broadband plans

The FCC today voted to overturn large parts of two state laws that limit local governments from funding and building broadband networks.

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Wait, WHAT? HP buying Aruba, say deep-throats

Super-secret-squirrel rumor-mongers say HP is buying Aruba Networks, a leading Wi-Fi infrastructure outfit. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get connected...

Extreme Networks CEO touts open SDN strategy, robust wireless as key assets in changing net market

Extreme CEO Charles Berger gave IDG US Media Chief Content Officer John Gallant an update on the progress of integrating Enterasys’s technology and discussed how software-defined networking is reshaping the industry. He also discussed...

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Broadband backers push GOP-led Congress to overturn FCC on net neutrality

The U.S. Congress should pass net neutrality legislation that overturns proposed rules at the FCC, according to broadband advocates.

Bluetooth starts weaving its mesh for IoT

Bluetooth backers plan to give the technology a way to form mesh networks, dramatically extending its range and its role in the Internet of Things.

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Samsung, SKT to demonstrate 7.5Gbps wireless data next week

Samsung Electronics and South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom plan to demonstrate next week research into future "5G" wireless and data transmission at 7.55Gbps.

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Critical remote code execution flaw patched in Samba

Security researchers are urging users to install new Samba security updates in order to address a critical vulnerability that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code with root privileges.

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Many attackers lurk undetected for months, then pounce

Attackers who penetrate company networks often pose as legitimate users for long periods of time, causing lengthy delays before victims figure out they've been hacked.


NSA director wants gov't access to encrypted communications

It probably comes as no surprise that the director of the National Security Agency wants access to encrypted data on computers and other devices. The U.S. should be able to craft a policy that allows the NSA and law enforcement...

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'Secure' advertising tool PrivDog compromises HTTPS security

New cases of insecure HTTPS traffic interception are coming to light as researchers investigate software programs for implementations that could enable malicious attacks. The latest software to open a man-in-the-middle hole on users'...

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GOP FCC members want to delay net neutrality vote

The FCC should delay its vote on net neutrality rules for at least a month after releasing Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal for public comment, the commission's two Republican members said Monday.

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Republican lawmakers investigate White House net neutrality push

Congressional Republicans are demanding to know how much the White House influenced the Federal Communications Commission while the agency crafted net neutrality rules.

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