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Unlocked circuit board / security threat

internet of things

From M2M to IoT: Old industries must learn new tricks

The way connected devices are evolving in industry, where they've been used for years, says a lot about why IoT has the potential to be something very big.

obama immigration

Obama pushes for net neutrality, opposes data localization in trade pact

President Barack Obama's administration is pushing two potentially controversial Internet policies in a secretive trade pact, with negotiators calling for other countries to adopt net neutrality provisions while rejecting policies...

Cisco Catalyst 6500 shops adopting Nexus 9000

All data center customers will have next-gen switch by end of 2015; enterprise cores picking it up too.

net neutrality macworld

Net neutrality supporters disrupt FCC meeting

About a dozen protesters calling on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to pass net neutrality rules disrupted the commission's meeting for a short time Thursday. Protesters shouting and carrying signs interrupted the...

Coax cable cord

FCC to require faster speeds for broadband subsidies

The FCC will require broadband providers getting new federal subsidies to build networks in rural areas that deliver download speeds of at least 10Mbps.


Sprint pleased by early response to its half-off deal

Six days into its new "Cut Your Bill in Half" offer, Sprint was enthusiastic about the offer's early reaction from new customers, but didn't offer any details.

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With Comcast's Ethernet @Home, your holiday break could be even more like work

Work follows millions of people home every night, and Comcast Business wants to take that bittersweet reality to another level.

net neutrality macworld

Academics urge FCC to enforce net neutrality on case-by-case basis

The FTC should weigh in on net neutrality and encourage the FCC to back away from calls to regulate broadband like a public utility, a group of 32 academics argued.

Gigabit speeds over telephone wires? Yes, thanks to new standard

The technology that lets copper telephone wires compete with fiber has finally been standardized, opening the way for affordable, interoperable equipment running at up to 1Gbps.

zuckerberg china

Facebook welcomes Chinese regulator to US, even as site remains blocked

Facebook is still blocked in China, but its CEO Mark Zuckerberg was happy to welcome a top Chinese Internet regulator to the company's offices, where he again put his Mandarin language skills to use.


Lizard Squad performs a 'RIGHTEOUS' Sony HACK

Sony hacking: the story that never dies. Sony's network security has morphed into a case study of discombobulation and chaos -- unified under a massive field of learning known as "Sony hack."

google loon balloon close up

Why Google and Facebook need balloons, drones and rockets

Google and Facebook are hatching schemes (that some people call crazy) to bring to the majority what we in the privileged minority already enjoy every day -- the ability to get online.

nadella build 2014 2

Top 10 Tech stories 2014: Backlash! Disrupting the disruptors

Blowing up entrenched business models and picking up the profits that spill onto the floor is a time-honored tradition in tech, these days known by the cliche of the moment, "disruption." Here are our picks for the top stories of a...

Bionym Nymi in colors

Fujitsu develops compact RFID for wearables, metal

Fujitsu has developed a compact RFID tag that works on surfaces such as metal, which can otherwise impede radio waves.

verizon ev do 3g 4g lte refarm

Your device is obsolete: Verizon 3G will DIE, in LTE refarming bombshell

Oh dear -- your VZW 3G will get slower and slower, because LTE: Do you rely on Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO data service? Well get ready to bend over, because the 3G CDMA party's over. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers consider their options...

cloud efficiency slowdown

Network slowdowns are the biggest issue for IT, survey shows

The single most common IT issue faced by the IT pros surveyed recently by Kelton Research is a network slowdown or outage, outstripping applications, availability and even the dreaded “unanticipated change request.”

efficiency sdn tools

SDN tools increase WAN efficiency

The enterprise WAN can be a daunting operational challenge.

netflix envelope

FCC commissioner asks Netflix if it only wants net neutrality for itself

Netflix is pushing for a level Internet playing field while apparently looking for ways to give its own video a fast lane, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai says.

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