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Blame the ISPs rather than the routers

The latest attacks on routers show Internet Service Providers failed in multiple ways.

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HPE rolls out products to enable IoT adoption

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced several software and hardware products to more securely manage the exploding universe of Internet of Things devices.

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Upgraded Mirai botnet disrupts Deutsche Telekom by infecting routers

A new version of Mirai -- a malware that’s been enslaving poorly secured IoT devices -- has found a new victim: vulnerable internet routers from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom.

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Japanese government denies report that its defense forces were hacked

Japanese government officials have denied reports that a secure network used by the country's defense forces was attacked earlier this year.

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Hackers can abuse LTE protocols to knock phones off networks

The new Diameter protocol that LTE mobile networks use to communicate with each other can still be abused to launch attacks against users if operators don't take additional security measures, researchers showed.

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Gartner: Despite DDoS attacks, don’t give up on Dyn or DNS service providers

The DDoS attacks that flooded Dyn and knocked high-profile Web sites offline don’t mean businesses should abandon DNS service providers, in fact they should use more than one DNS provider for redundancy.

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DDoS attack against Dyn could indicate a new use of old criminal tech

Attacks against DNS service provider Dyn resumed after a two-and-a-half hour lull, and could indicate a new application of an old criminal technology, experts say.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month tips for online security

Precautions to ponder during this special month -- with some help from the FBI

Kim Komando offers flawed advice on router security

Despite her claim, updating the firmware is far from sufficient to keep out hackers


Android malware that can infiltrate corporate networks is spreading

An Android Trojan is spreading across app stores, including Google Play, and has the capability of stealing sensitive files from corporate networks.

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Armies of hacked IoT devices launch unprecedented DDoS attacks

The botnets made up of compromised IoT devices are now capable of launching distributed denial-of-service attacks of unprecedented scale.

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Sophos rolls out Intercept X for endpoint protection

Sophos is coming out with Intercept X, its new name for endpoint protection that’s based on technology acquired when it bought SurfRight to broaden its endpoint strategy.

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Trouble spotted on the network

No sophisticated SOC? You can still be pretty sure that you’re aware of anything potentially troublesome.

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Cisco starts patching firewall devices against NSA-linked exploit

Cisco Systems has started releasing security patches for a critical flaw in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls targeted by an exploit linked to the U.S. National Security Agency.

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A router security cheat sheet

There are many things that can be done to make a router more secure. Non techies need a shorter list than techies, but the Tech Guy recently offered a list that was way too short. And, many routers simply can not be made reasonably...

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Information security ignorance is not a defense

Despite increasing awareness about the importance of information security, underscored by the fear of ransomware attacks, many in the small and medium business world are unprepared for an attack.

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Use the internet? This Linux flaw could open you up to attack

A flaw in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) used by Linux since late 2012 poses a serious threat to internet users, whether or not they use Linux directly.

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90% off Become an Ethical Hacker With This Complete eLearning Bundle - Deal Alert

With cyberattacks putting everyone on edge, companies are looking for ethical hackers--IT pros paid handsomely to hack their network, expose security flaws, and fix them before someone else breaks in. Learn the tools of the ethical...

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Why the ‘cyber kill chain’ needs an upgrade

One of the most popular models for analyzing cyberattacks doesn’t focus enough on what to do after adversaries break into networks successfully, which they inevitable will do, Black Hat 2016 attendees were told this week in Las...

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