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1927 mississippi flood levee breach

Adobe pushes critical Flash Player update to fix latest zero-day

Users with automatic updates enabled in Flash Player have already started receiving the new patch


FAIL: NSA can't shield DoD or Sony from N. Korea hacks

The National Security Agency (NSA) -- tasked with protecting American computers -- apparently fell asleep on the job. The latest story: The NSA allegedly watched North Korea hack Sony for over four years, yet did nothing about it,...

hindenburg disaster 1937

2015: The year the Internet crashes. Hard.

2014 saw the largest Internet network attacks of all time, fundamental network programs cracked like eggs, and user IDs and passwords leaked everywhere. It will only get worse.

AOL halts malicious ads served by its advertising platform said it has stopped malicious advertisements being served by its advertising platforms after being alerted by a security company.

security phishing hook

Free tool automates phishing attacks for Wi-Fi passwords

The tool can disconnect Wi-Fi users and trick them into disclosing their password to a rogue access point.

Rackspace DNS recovers after DDoS brings system down

Managed cloud service provider Rackspace has recovered from a DDoS attack that crippled the company's DNS servers for 11 hours earlier this week.

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China is key to North Korean Internet, but maybe not hackers

A request to the Chinese government by U.S. diplomats to help crack down on North Korean hacking underlines the important role that China plays in keeping the dictatorship online.


Thunderbolt devices can infect MacBooks with persistent rootkits

The rogue code will run in the boot ROM and will be hard to detect or remove, a researcher said.

north korea kim jung un

Garden-variety DDoS attack knocks North Korea off the Internet

The simplest explanation for North Korea's suddenly dropping off the Internet on Monday was a distributed denial-of-service attack that overwhelmed the isolated nation's tenuous connection to the rest of the world, experts said.

breach bucket

Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach

The attackers who stole information about 83 million JPMorgan Chase customers earlier this year gained a foothold on the company's network because a server reportedly lacked two-factor authentication.

Cybercrime group steals millions from Russian banks, targets US and European retailers

A sophisticated group of cybercriminals has stolen more than $25 million by hacking into the infrastructure of numerous financial institutions in Russia and former Soviet Union countries, as well as into point-of-sale systems...

Exploits for dangerous network time protocol vulnerabilities can compromise systems

Systems administrators are urged to install critical patches that address remote code execution flaws in NTP.

Hacking stealing password data.

Tor warns of possible disruption of network through server seizures

The Tor project said it could face attempts to incapacitate its network in the next few days through the seizure of specialized servers.

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US asks CHINA to help stop North Korean BIG HACK attacks

Firm in the belief that only one communist regime is permitted to hack into American computers at any given time -- the US government is seeking help. According to recent reports, China's communist government was asked by the US to...

Unlocked circuit board / security threat

Vulnerability in embedded Web server exposes millions of routers to hacking

A serious vulnerability in an embedded Web server used by many router models from different manufacturers allows remote attackers to take control of affected devices over the Internet.


Lizard Squad performs a 'RIGHTEOUS' Sony HACK

Sony hacking: the story that never dies. Sony's network security has morphed into a case study of discombobulation and chaos -- unified under a massive field of learning known as "Sony hack."

Whitelisting project helps industrial control systems owners find suspicious files

Industrial control systems have been at the center of some scary security stories recently, but investigating malware infections in such environments isn't easy because analysts often having a hard time telling good files from...


Iranian hackers compromised airlines, airports, critical infrastructure firms

For the past two years, a team of Iranian hackers has compromised computers and networks belonging to more than 50 organizations from 16 countries, including airlines, defense contractors, universities, military installations, and...

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New point-of-sale malware on underground markets for $2,000

A new kind of point-of-sale malware similar to the one that struck Target is being sold in underground markets for $2,000.

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