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shadow it

Wi-Fi at DEF CON - dealing with the worlds most dangerous network

Wi-Fi can be done securely, even at a hacker conference like DEF CON. Just avoid open networks and Android.


Selling IT on getting the most out of a new firewall

The IT department was reluctant to take full advantage of the advanced functionality. So our manager annoyed them into compliance.


Internal LTE/3G modems can be hacked to help malware survive OS reinstalls

With their own dedicated processor and operating system, LTE/3G modems built into new business laptops and tablets could be a valuable target for hackers by providing a stealthy way to maintain persistent access to an infected device....

hamsammich signal proxy

Hackers show off long-distance Wi-Fi radio proxy at DEF CON

A talk about a radio-based privacy device dubbed ProxyHam that promised to allow hackers to connect to Wi-Fi networks from as far as 2.5 miles away was abruptly pulled from the DEF CON schedule by its creator a few weeks ago.


How infosec can really shine

Don’t be a pessimist — your information security organization can be a real success. I’ve seen it.

Android device makers promise monthly security fixes

They're starting now with a fix for a major vulnerability called Stagefright.

India porn ban

How dare India damage our porn industry? 857 sites censored by Indian government

The Indian government bans hundreds of pornographic websites around the world. Bowing to pressure from a lawyer, Kamlesh Vaswani, Modi's mode is to deny access to 857 websites, from a list provided by Vaswani...

Black Hat 2015: Cracking just about anything

Researchers at the Black Hat conference next week will show how to crack Internet routing protocols, malware-detecting honeypots radio-frequency ID gear that gates building access and more. They'll also offer tips on how to avoid...

Researchers improve de-anonymization attacks for sites hiding on Tor

Attackers controlling entry nodes on the Tor network could find the location of hidden services or unmask users visiting them.

breach bucket

Closing the data floodgates

The unauthorized disclosure of sensitive and controlled data is a major issue for businesses today. Data loss prevention is a relatively new class of products that attempt to monitor common communication channels for the presence of...

Darkode cybercrime forum may be making a comeback

The forum's last administrator has plans to restore the site, with better protections against law enforcement investigations.

cars driving on roadway rear view aa052878

Firewalls can't protect today's connected cars

While the automobile industry pursues more secure internal bus architectures, experts say no network firewall will ever be totally tamper-proof, and it's more important to be able to detect and stop an attack rather than block it.

Impish 5th grader

Is your firewall smarter than a 5th-grader?

A recent talk with my 10-year-old nephew confirmed my suspicion — the firewall has become somewhat ubiquitous of late, the essential element of network perimeter security. Almost all know what a firewall is, even if some inexplicably...


Emergency Flash Player updates fix for vulnerability used in widespread attacks

Adobe Systems was forced to rush the release of a Flash Player update after an exploit for a previously unknown vulnerability was leaked on the Internet and quickly adopted by cybercriminals.


Hacker group that hit Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft intensifies attacks

The hackers that targeted Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft developers two years ago have escalated their economic espionage efforts as they seek confidential business information and intellectual property they can profit from.

trust in marketing

Throw out the trust, and verify everything

Networks have traditionally been designed with trusted zones, usually those "securely" inside the network perimeter, with everything else being untrusted. Sadly, with remote users, interconnected offices, mobile devices, and cloud...

FBI chief Comey warns that terrorists hide behind encrypted communications

James Comey said that these communications may not be intercepted despite court orders.

network security diagram 42 25789247

Cisco to buy security-as-a-service provider OpenDNS for $635M

Cisco Systems plans to pay $635 million in cash to buy OpenDNS, a company that leverages the Domain Name System to provide security services including Web filtering, threat intelligence and malware and phishing protection.

sec vulnerability lock bolt

US personnel agency takes system offline after security flaw detected

Problems for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management aren't letting up. The government agency said Monday it had suspended a system used for background checks after a security flaw was discovered in the Web-based app.

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