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New firmware analysis framework finds serious flaws in Netgear and D-Link devices

A team of security researchers found serious vulnerabilities in more than a dozen wireless routers and access points from Netgear and D-Link with the help of an open-source framework that can be used to perform dynamic security...

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Identifying the security pitfalls in SDN

While a software-defined network can improve application performance and help ease administrative tasks, it can also create new vulnerabilities. Experts offer advice for security teams.

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Defending a network from the NSA

In a recent security conference, the head of the TAO division of the NSA offered advice on making his job harder. Their biggest asset is competence and persistence, rather than zero day vulnerabilities.

Ukraine power grid hack: What happened and what needs to change?

A former CISO in a critical infrastructure sector shares his thoughts

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11 tips for spotting insider threats

Security pros are constantly being warned about insider threats. We’re told our companies need next-generation software, integrated threat intelligence, and the ability to correlate massive amounts of event logs and context to arm...


Who is New World Hacking? BBC hit by DDoS as anti-IS test card

The BBC -- that mainstay of British broadcasting, education, journalism, and whatever Top Gear was -- is ruing the day someone dropped a cup of tea into the server. Or perhaps it was a distributed-denial-of-service attack...

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Information security -- don't let the apparent complexity intimidate you

Those of us who spend most of our time immersed in the intricacies of information security are quite comfortable with the free use of terms like threat intelligence, defense-in-depth and forensics. The apparent complexity of...

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To share or not to share -- a look at Guest Wi-Fi networks

Guest networks are a great Wi-Fi security feature offering multiple advantages. Read why you may want to try them out.

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Those devices hidden in your closet CAN hurt you

If you take a quick look at the closets and storage rooms in your organizations, you will likely find various networked devices that have been installed, and probably forgotten. The problem is made worse by miscellaneous networked...


The D-Link DIR860L router -- how secure can it get?

This is a router review like no other. It is focused solely on the security aspects of the D-Link DIR-860L router, comparing it to my checklist of security features at

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Network security primer: Access control

Access control is a complicated technology that’s key to strong security.

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How secure can your router get?

No matter how much tweaking is done, a router can only be made as secure as the firmware (operating system) allows. Routers vary drastically in in their security features, yet the subject never comes up in reviews.

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The rise of the hacker next door or across the world: Your customers get it. How about your CEO?

Crisis-level security breaches frighten consumers and IT professionals alike, but that's no guarantee for funding to strengthen database defense forces, a task on which your job increasingly depends. Build your case by driving home...

Is your information security program giving you static?

Unfortunately, the bad actors in the information security world have far more time to spend breaking into our systems than we have to protect them. This creates a constantly changing threat landscape. A static approach to protecting...

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To get new initiatives done, money talks

A couple of worthwhile security initiatives will languish if staffers have no incentive to work on them. Solution? Tie them to bonus pay.

Strengthen network security with Passive DNS

Collecting and analyzing Passive DNS data can help identify malicious sites and combat phishing and malware; here’s how to get started.

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Attackers hijack CCTV cameras to launch DDoS attacks

A recently detected distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was launched from 900 compromised CCTV cameras that were hijacked by hackers.


Researchers warn computer clocks can be easily scrambled

Researchers from Boston University sat they've found several flaws in NTP that could undermine encrypted communications and even jam up bitcoin transactions.

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