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How secure can your router get?

No matter how much tweaking is done, a router can only be made as secure as the firmware (operating system) allows. Routers vary drastically in in their security features, yet the subject never comes up in reviews.

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The rise of the hacker next door or across the world: Your customers get it. How about your CEO?

Crisis-level security breaches frighten consumers and IT professionals alike, but that's no guarantee for funding to strengthen database defense forces, a task on which your job increasingly depends. Build your case by driving home...

Is your information security program giving you static?

Unfortunately, the bad actors in the information security world have far more time to spend breaking into our systems than we have to protect them. This creates a constantly changing threat landscape. A static approach to protecting...

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To get new initiatives done, money talks

A couple of worthwhile security initiatives will languish if staffers have no incentive to work on them. Solution? Tie them to bonus pay.

Strengthen network security with Passive DNS

Collecting and analyzing Passive DNS data can help identify malicious sites and combat phishing and malware; here’s how to get started.

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Attackers hijack CCTV cameras to launch DDoS attacks

A recently detected distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was launched from 900 compromised CCTV cameras that were hijacked by hackers.


Researchers warn computer clocks can be easily scrambled

Researchers from Boston University sat they've found several flaws in NTP that could undermine encrypted communications and even jam up bitcoin transactions.

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Mozilla mulls early cutoff for SHA-1 digital certificates

Mozilla is considering banning digital certificates signed with the SHA-1 algorithm in July 2016.

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9 reasons why users still struggle with online security

How secure are you?Image by Flickr: amenclinicsphotos acWhen it comes to online security, experts and users don’t always agree on the most effective ways to stay safe, according to a new report from Google.The company surveyed 294...

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IP was middle school; named data networking is college

Much of the Named Data Networking (NDN) project codebase is still at the Version zero-dot-something level. But things are nevertheless starting to get real for this architecture designed to blast past today’s host-based and...

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Security companies shouldn’t be this thin-skinned

FireEye, like all companies, wants to protect its intellectual property. But it needs to realize that security companies aren’t perceived like other companies.

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A viral vigilante may be keeping an eye on your home router

Researchers at Symantec have shed new light on an old virus affecting routers and other devices running Linux: it appears to be protecting them from other malware infections

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Looking back: Viruses that led to a path of destruction

Remember the devastation that these viruses caused?

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Report: Target failed on security basics

Target hired Verizon to figure out what was behind its 2013 data breach and Verizon found that the company’s security problems can be summed up as failure to do the basics.

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After pushing malware, ad networks also used for DDoS

Experts believe a recent large-scale distributed denial-of-service attack was launched through malicious ads displayed on mobile devices.

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Data loss by the drip

While the world is focused on news about major data breaches, we are overlooking the small, daily loss of key information such as passwords and confidential attachments. This data loss happens a bit at a time, much like water is lost...

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Malware implants on Cisco routers revealed to be more widespread

Attackers have installed malicious firmware on nearly 200 Cisco routers used by businesses from more than 30 countries.


Inherited risk: The downside of mergers

Enterprises going through mergers and acquisitions reap the benefits of new products and other assets, but they also acquire all of the threat vectors that have been targeting the other organization.  

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