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Microsoft will use Aorato buy to boost Active Directory protection

Microsoft plans to beef up Active Directory's security with machine learning technology from Aorato, the startup firm it has acquired.

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Hackers are targeting execs on the road through hotel networks

For four years a group of sophisticated hackers has compromised the luxury hotel networks in the Asia-Pacific region to launch malware attacks against corporate executives and entrepreneurs traveling on business.

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Home Depot lost 53 million email addresses (this POS story isn't getting any better)

Beware of phishing email 'from' Home Depot: Among the sorry story of stolen card details is the revelation that HD also leaked customers' email addresses. Oh, brother. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers hope their spam filters are up to the...

Wi-Fi traffic can be used as covert communication channel for malware

A security researcher has developed a tool to demonstrate how the unauthenticated data packets in the 802.11 wireless LAN protocol can be used as a covert channel to control malware on an infected computer.

Google releases tool to test apps and devices for SSL/TLS weaknesses

The tool simulates man-in-the-middle attacks to detect SSL/TLS vulnerabilities and implementation issues

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Attack campaign infects industrial control systems with BlackEnergy malware

Since 2011, companies that operate industrial control systems have been targeted by a group of attackers with a backdoor program called BlackEnergy.

Security vendor coalition cleans 43K malware infections used for cyberespionage

A coalition of security vendors has disrupted the activities of a sophisticated group of attackers tied to China that, over the past six years, infiltrated the computers of many Fortune 500 companies, journalists, environmental...

Researcher creates proof-of-concept worm for network-attached storage devices

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices are riddled with vulnerabilities that can put the security of sensitive data and networks at risk, a researcher has found. To prove his point, he has created a proof-of-concept worm that can...

Telco Systems lays groundwork for fewer management worries with virtual routers, firewalls

The company's platform lets service providers offer virtual router and firewalls

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POODLE poos on flaw (in SSL) as Google causes panic

SSL is attack dog when protocol-downgrade sinks teeth in leg: Google infosec researchers have found a new nasty TLS downgrade attack. While we all knew these old versions of SSL crypto were insecure, it's always been thought hard to...

Security vendors claim progress against Chinese group that hacked Google

A collaborative effort has resulted in better defenses against the "Operation Aurora" hackers

Binary bomb with a lit fuse

Security experts warn of 'POODLE' attack against SSL 3.0

Google researchers have found a severe flaw in an obsolete but still used encryption software that could be exploited to steal sensitive data.

'Hurricane Panda' hackers used Microsoft zero-day

One of the zero-day flaws patched by Microsoft on Tuesday was used by a group with suspected Chinese government ties that targets tech firms, according to CrowdStrike.

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Hong Kong pro-democracy activist websites compromised

Four websites promoting democracy in Hong Kong have been rigged to deliver malicious software, according to a Washington, D.C.-based security company.


Fallout from the JPMorgan Chase breach

What's the fallout from the Chase bank breach? Phishing of course, but phone calls and snail mail can also be abused. I was targeted by a snail mail billing scam. Most website rating systems fail to warn about the site involved in the...


Linux botnet Mayhem spreads through Shellshock exploits

The botnet targets Web servers that haven't been patched for recent vulnerabilities found in the Bash Linux shell.

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Criminals used malware program to steal millions from ATMs

Criminals have stolen millions of dollars from ATMs worldwide using a specialized malware program that forces the machines to dispense cash on command.

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Eric Holder says 'worrisome' tech companies are eyeing encryption

US attorney general's remarks follow similar concerns from the FBI

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