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A viral vigilante may be keeping an eye on your home router

Researchers at Symantec have shed new light on an old virus affecting routers and other devices running Linux: it appears to be protecting them from other malware infections

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Looking back: Viruses that led to a path of destruction

Remember the devastation that these viruses caused?

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Report: Target failed on security basics

Target hired Verizon to figure out what was behind its 2013 data breach and Verizon found that the company’s security problems can be summed up as failure to do the basics.

Security in cloud computing

After pushing malware, ad networks also used for DDoS

Experts believe a recent large-scale distributed denial-of-service attack was launched through malicious ads displayed on mobile devices.

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Data loss by the drip

While the world is focused on news about major data breaches, we are overlooking the small, daily loss of key information such as passwords and confidential attachments. This data loss happens a bit at a time, much like water is lost...

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Malware implants on Cisco routers revealed to be more widespread

Attackers have installed malicious firmware on nearly 200 Cisco routers used by businesses from more than 30 countries.


Inherited risk: The downside of mergers

Enterprises going through mergers and acquisitions reap the benefits of new products and other assets, but they also acquire all of the threat vectors that have been targeting the other organization.  

Big Data

Attackers install highly persistent malware implants on Cisco routers

Researchers have detected an attack that has installed rogue firmware on business routers in four countries.

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Verizon to introduce SDN security feature later this month

Verizon will introduce a virtualized firewall service across its global network later this month, part of its move into software-defined networking.

shadow it

The security and risk management of shadow IT

Shadow IT brings many security issues, but since these systems are not on IT's radar, they do not get factored into overall risk management strategy. Here are some practical suggestions.

Wi-Fi at DEF CON - dealing with the worlds most dangerous network

Wi-Fi can be done securely, even at a hacker conference like DEF CON. Just avoid open networks and Android.


Selling IT on getting the most out of a new firewall

The IT department was reluctant to take full advantage of the advanced functionality. So our manager annoyed them into compliance.


Internal LTE/3G modems can be hacked to help malware survive OS reinstalls

With their own dedicated processor and operating system, LTE/3G modems built into new business laptops and tablets could be a valuable target for hackers by providing a stealthy way to maintain persistent access to an infected device....

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Hackers show off long-distance Wi-Fi radio proxy at DEF CON

A talk about a radio-based privacy device dubbed ProxyHam that promised to allow hackers to connect to Wi-Fi networks from as far as 2.5 miles away was abruptly pulled from the DEF CON schedule by its creator a few weeks ago.


How infosec can really shine

Don’t be a pessimist — your information security organization can be a real success. I’ve seen it.

Android device makers promise monthly security fixes

They're starting now with a fix for a major vulnerability called Stagefright.

India porn ban

How dare India damage our porn industry? 857 sites censored by Indian government

The Indian government bans hundreds of pornographic websites around the world. Bowing to pressure from a lawyer, Kamlesh Vaswani, Modi's mode is to deny access to 857 websites, from a list provided by Vaswani...

Black Hat 2015: Cracking just about anything

Researchers at the Black Hat conference next week will show how to crack Internet routing protocols, malware-detecting honeypots radio-frequency ID gear that gates building access and more. They'll also offer tips on how to avoid...

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