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portable charger

16% off ChargeTech 27,000mAh Portable Battery Pack with AC Outlet & USB Ports - Deal Alert

The first AC outlet you can take on the go. Power just about anything anywhere. From your laptop to your medical devices, and everything in between; it's the last battery pack you'll ever need.

blackberry priv keyboard

The major turning point that killed BlackBerry once and for all

They could have been a contender.

How I Use Android: Phil Nickinson

How I Use Android: Android Central Editor Emeritus Phil Nickinson

He's reviewed more smartphones than most folks own in a lifetime -- so how does the long-time editor of the internet's most popular Android site use Android himself?

10 reasons apple is winning the enterprise

10 reasons Apple is winning the enterprise

Apple and giant enterprise brand, Deloitte reached an enterprise partnership deal yesterday, here are nine of the many reasons today's Apple is winning the enterprise game

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10 ways to secure a mobile workforce

As much as you might want to implement all the latest best practices and lock down your company like Fort Knox, you need to align your policies to your company culture.

bowers wilkins headphones

Save 30% on Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones By Going Recertified - Deal Alert

The P5's natural audio performance brings you close to the sound of the original recording, as you were meant to hear it. B&W recertified products have been tested and updated to ensure they meet Bowers & Wilkins high quality...

Eero Mesh Network

Eero saved my home Wi-Fi setup. Et tu, Google?

Google is rumored to be launching its own "mesh network" router system next month, but a similar product exists right now -- and it just saved my hiney in a major way.

apple watch selling points 1

Aetna to give away 50K Apple Watches to its employees, subsidize others for customers

Health insurer Aetna said it plans to give employees 50,000 free Apple Watches and subsidize the cost of the mobile device for a select number of its largest customers in an effort to bolster its analytics-based mobile wellness and...

blackberry blackberrys priv classic passport

What's behind BlackBerry's move to stop making smartphones

BlackBerry will no longer be making its own smartphones. The news has been expected for a while now -- so what is ahead for the company?

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Oracle denied new trial in copyright dispute with Google over Java

A federal court in California denied Oracle another trial in its longstanding copyright infringement dispute with Google over the use of Java code in Android.

The Shadow IT knows...nothing, apparently

VP decides this company needs a shiny new app to provide information to his 100 sales reps around the country, and that sounds fine -- except for one problem. Or two, or three, or four...


Mastercard launches dev platform for building payment, security apps

Mastercard launched an ambitious open Mastercard Developers platform to help third-party developers create commerce-related apps and services.

Mediatek X20 Development Computer

Mediatek's developer board features a 10-core chip and Android 6.0

Like PCs, developer boards like Raspberry Pi are getting more horsepower to run faster applications and 4K graphics.

google assistant tips main

10 surprising and useful ways to use Google Assistant in Allo

Allo is designed to show off Google Assistant. Here's some of the coolest stuff you can do with it.


Audi, BMW and Daimler partner with tech firms to drive 5G into cars

Three of Germany's biggest automakers have partnered with Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm to form the “5G Automotive Association” to develop and promote next-gen vehicle communications.

Evolution of iOS [cover]

The Evolution of iOS

A look at the evolution of Apple's mobile operating system.

Andromeda - Android, Chrome OS

Andromeda? Making sense of an Android-Chrome OS marriage

Are Android and Chrome OS coming together for real this time? Some thoughts and a theory on how a string of saucy new rumors could play out.

apple watch series 2 review its time

Apple Watch Series 2 review: It’s time to jump in

I thought I'd share my thoughts after using the new Apple Watch Series 2 for a week or so.

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