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Apple iPhone 6s bigger rumors

Apple iPhone 6s rumors say it's even BIGGER (and release date is in 2 weeks)

Oh noes: The Apple iPhone 6s will be bigger than today's iPhone. Confirming previous mutterings, photographs from China show a device that's taller, fatter and wider than before...

Evolution of iOS [cover]

The Evolution of iOS

A look at the evolution of Apple's mobile operating system.

Mobile device management illustration

BlackBerry buys Good Technology as it further expands into mobile device security

BlackBerry placed rivalries aside and purchased Good Technology as the phone maker moves further into the mobile security market.

Discounts on last year's bigger iPhones give Apple weapon to continue strong sales

Apple has no shortage of sales runway for its larger iPhones, an analyst argued less than a week before the Cupertino, Calif. company is expected to unveil new models.


What we expect from Apple's Sept 9 event

It's that time again! Apple is gearing up to announce its next iPhone, Apple TV...and maybe more.

jobs hp explorer

New Jobs movie: A quieter, more authentic portrait

"Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine" opens today and explores the question of why so many people were so moved by a man who has been described as ruthless, egocentric and cruel.

over a million apple watch sold in china

Apple sold over a million units of Apple Watch in China

Apple has sold over a million smartwatches in China alone, and iPhone remains leading smartphone, local analytics reveal

mozilla firefox ios

Firefox will come to iOS this year, Mozilla says

Mozilla hopes to have its version of Firefox for iOS devices out by the end of the year as part of its push to grow its share of mobile traffic.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

The most exciting Android announcement of the week may not matter for Americans

Sony's new Android phones are unlike any others -- but good luck finding them if you live in America.

150903 google maps 2

Google revamps Street View, welcomes users' 360-degree images

Google is revamping its Street View service with an eye to attracting many more contributed 360° images.


T-Mobile announces video calling

Two high-end Samsung phones have it now, with seven others planned by year-end.

victor bahl

Microsoft researcher: Why "micro data centers" really matter to mobile's future

Microsoft Research distinguished scientist Victor Bahl has been spreading the word about micro-data centers, also known as "cloudlets," as a key concept for optimizing the performance and usefulness of mobile and other networked...


What's the deal with Apple-Cisco deal?

Apple's newly announced partnership with Cisco to sell more iPads and iPhones to businesses was short on detail.

Checking mobile phone

Workers risk business data with gambling apps on their phones

The average company has more than one gambling app installed on some of its employees' mobile devices, and in some cases as many as 35.

150902 intel wireless 6

Intel preps wireless power laptop tech for 2016

A wireless charging system that packs enough power to replenish a laptop battery should hit the market in 2016, helping realize the long-held dream of a cable-free desk, Intel said on Wednesday.


Hands-on: It'll take a lot to beat the style of the Huawei Watch

This Android Wear watch takes form and function to the next level.

apples september 9 event what to expect

iPhone 6S: Android bubble bursts as Europeans grab iPhones

27% of European smartphone buyers dump Android for iOS


Acer's Jade Primo Windows 10 phone can replace your PC

Acer debuted its Jade Primo smartphone running Windows 10.

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