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Apple Watches


12 Apple Watch details we now think we know

Apple's recently released WatchKit developer documentation tells us a lot more about what we can expect from the Apple Watch...


Apple Pay users spend big

Apple Pay users are already three times more likely to spend $250 or more than those on other services

An iPhone 6 being used to make an NFC payment via Apple Pay

Grocers, retailers gobble up Apple Pay in time for holidays

U.S. consumers have eschewed in-store mobile payments for years, but Apple Pay is making headway in that area just a month after the service launched Oct. 20.

office mobile excel

Microsoft drops Dropbox into Office Mobile for Android

Microsoft today updated the Office app for Android smartphones, adding support for Dropbox and further integration with the company's own OneDrive cloud storage service.

uber app

Uber to rethink privacy policies amid backlash

Reeling from a public outcry over alleged data abuses, Uber is now working with a Washington, D.C. law firm to reassess its privacy policies.

nsa director vice adm michael rogers

NSA director: No changes in telephone record collection coming

The U.S. National Security Agency is planning no major changes in its domestic telephone records collection program after a bill to rein in those efforts failed in the Senate this week, the agency's director said.

myaccount techeta pr 04

Comcast app lets customers track service techs in real time

To avoid forcing customers to sit at home waiting for their cable fix, ComCast today unveiled a mobile app that lets customers track where service techs are in real time.

Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact

Living with the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact: Damn, Sony's phones are getting good

Sony's latest flagship phones are like no other devices out there -- and there's a decent chance one of them might be just what you've been looking for.

xiaomi poster

Apple to Xiaomi: Easier said than done to become top smartphone vendor

A day after China's Xiaomi said it wanted to become the world's number one smartphone vendor, an Apple executive weighed in and told the Chinese company to be patient.

android malware

Android botnet could pose threat to corporate networks

An Android Trojan program that's behind one of the longest running multipurpose mobile botnets has been updated to become stealthier and more resilient.

cruise ship

The Quantum of the Seas is a floating heaven for tech geeks at sea

Royal Caribbean's tech-laden Quantum of the Seas is almost as long as the Empire State Building is tall. But it's the cruise ship's technology that make the inner geek salivate.

Jolla tablet

Jolla pitches Sailfish tablet against fleet of Android rivals

Finnish smartphone startup Jolla hopes to break into the tablet market with its Sailfish OS running on a device with a high-resolution 7.85-inch screen.

apples homekit will be the talk of ces 2015

Apple's HomeKit will be the talk of CES 2015

HomeKit seems set to be the star of giant trade show, CES 2015, maintaining Apple's track record of dominating the show.

uber driver

Uber scandal highlights Silicon Valley's bad behavior

Uber's latest scandal just highlights the problems inherent in so many aspects of the Silicon Valley startup scene.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Features

Got Lollipop? 10 cool things to try with Android 5.0

Google's Android 5.0 release is more than just a pretty makeover. Here are 10 fun features you'll definitely want to explore once you have Lollipop in front of you.

C++ Java PHP .Net Python JavaScript code digital

Microsoft: 'Nobody loves developers more than us'

At this week's TopCoder Open, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Matt Thompson made his pitch for the newer, gentler, more open Microsoft to the startups and independent developers in attendance.


Why Apple, Microsoft and others reject NSA spying

Unfettered state surveillance could damage some of America’s biggest brands — in its present form you could almost call it anti-American.

OS X Yosemite desktop 4

OS X Yosemite update fails to solve Mac Wi-Fi mess

Apple today released the first update to OS X Yosemite that included fixes for unspecified Wi-Fi problems and improved reliability for connecting to Microsoft Exchange corporate email servers.

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