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10 apps apple watch newbies need
Huawei Mate 8 Ascend $470


Looking for a low-cost laptop? Here's what you'll get

PC makers need to strip some features to make laptops affordable. Here are some things you need to be ready to sacrifice if you buy a low-cost laptop.

mobile apps tablet data center

Why most companies have the wrong approach to enterprise mobile apps

Most organizations focus on the wrong approach to mobile apps often due to old style thinking. What's important is not rapid application development, but rapid application deployment to maximize ROI.


Get to know the iPad Pro

Take a closer look at Apple's mega-tablet, the iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard and Pencil.

apples open sourced swift could change everything

Apple’s open sourced Swift could change everything

In future, Android apps could be made with Apple's Swift development language as company defines the digital era.

Amazon e-reader comparison

Kindle vs Fire: How to choose the right Amazon e-reader

So you’ve narrowed the e-reader field to Amazon’s lineup. We’ll help you pick the right model for your needs.

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5 high-tech toys to delight kids of all ages

Let's face it—you're going to have as much fun with these toys as your kids will. And that's just fine.

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Business wearables a juicy target market for HP Inc.

HP Inc. is shying away from the consumer wearable market, but sees an untapped opportunity in wearables for businesses.

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8 Black Friday iPhone apps to help you shop smarter

It's a jungle out there. Let these apps be your machete through every Black Friday ad, with built-in shopping lists and expert advice too.

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10 awesome gift ideas for Android users

Not sure what to get your Android lovin' pals for the holidays this year? We can help.

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Thanksgiving gratitude: Seeing the good in mobile

With all the complaints and concerns about the "evils" of mobile smartphone addiction, I believe we've lost sight of some of the amazing benefits mobile has provided in our daily lives.


Awesome gift ideas for Android users

Can't figure out what to ask for, or what to get your buddy? We can help.


Review: Apple's new iPad Pro

Review of Apple's iPad Pro

Wireless charging receiver chip

Toshiba's new chip to usher in wireless charging at wired speeds

Toshiba today introduced the industry's first single-chip wireless power receiver that can operate at 15 watts and is compliant with Qi v1.2 standard.

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Apple and app streaming: Unlikely, but never say never

Apple is unlikely to follow Google into app streaming unless the model gains significant traction with consumers.

warning google is killing google with poor design

Is Google murdering Google+ with poor UI design?

The new Google+ is almost unusable, critics claim.

Pepsi Phone P1 official confirmed

Pepsi Phone P1 phablet looks amazing (but you can't buy it)

Pepsi is making an Android phone: Yes, the rumors were true: It’s called the Pepsi Phone P1. Well, not so much “making” as licensing its brand to a Chinese ODM, but y’know...

productivity tablet android

How to buy the best productivity-focused Android, iOS, or Windows tablet

Avoid the low-cost throwaways. We'll help you find a quality device with the features you'll need day in and day out.


Which Amazon reading device is right for you?

Shopping for a tablet for reading books? We'll help you make the right choice.

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