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AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot reportedly stuffs extra ads into Web pages

Stanford computer scientist Jonathan Mayer was recently Web browsing at a U.S. airport when he reportedly noticed there were too many online advertisements.

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North Korean leader has his own cellular network

Kim Jong Un and other high-ranking officials in North Korea have their own cellular network to help keep their conversations secure

Another vulnerability found in Android's media processing service

The Android service that processes multimedia files has been the source of several vulnerabilities recently, including a new one that could give rogue applications access to sensitive permissions.


Google has another try at patching Stagefright flaw

Google has released another patch for the Stagefright vulnerability after a security firm said the first one didn't fix it.

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Use SAP's mobile platform? Patch now to avoid these 'high risk' vulnerabilities

Three high risk vulnerabilities in SAP Mobile could give attackers access to encrypted information stored in mobile devices, security firm Onapsis reported.

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The Bot That Cried Wolf: Battery tracking poses no real privacy threat

If we worry about every possible privacy invasion, we will end up not paying enough attention to the ones that really need to be addressed.

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Can my phone be easily hacked?

What vulnerabilities does Bluetooth present and what are some easy ways to help secure your smartphone?

Android device makers promise monthly security fixes

They're starting now with a fix for a major vulnerability called Stagefright.

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Did Android phones get a case of Stagefright?

Recent – and mostly incorrect – reports of an Android phone system hack have finally been put to rest by the only source that matters.

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Hacker shows he can locate, unlock and remote start GM vehicles

A white hat hacker has posted a video demonstrating how he can use mobile device to intercept GM's OnStar telematics mobile app to unlock and remote start a vehicle.

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Apple hater finds 950 million reasons to quit Android for iPhone

Apple hating security journalist tells Android users to switch to iPhone

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Senators call for investigation of potential safety, security threats from connected cars

U.S. Sens. Edward Markey and Richard Blumenthal urged the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate potential widespread risk for consumers because of vulnerabilities in auto information and entertainment systems.

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Update: Chrysler recalls 1.4M vehicles after Jeep hack

After revelations that some vehicles with UConnect radio systems could be hacked and controlled remotely, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles today issued a recall notice for 1.4 million vehicles to fix the security hole.

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Blackberry delves deeper into security with AtHoc purchase

BlackBerry continues to shift its focus from selling mobile phones to securing them as well as other portable devices, and increasingly connected items that are part of the Internet of Things.

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Firewalls can't protect today's connected cars

While the automobile industry pursues more secure internal bus architectures, experts say no network firewall will ever be totally tamper-proof, and it's more important to be able to detect and stop an attack rather than block it.

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Hacker: 'Hundreds of thousands' of vehicles are at risk of attack

A hacker who was able to wirelessly gain access to a Jeep and control its vital functions said he could do the same with any number of vulnerable vehicles on the road today.

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Senators propose bill to tighten vehicle security, privacy standards

Two U.S. senators want the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Trade Commission to establish federal standards to secure cars and protect drivers’ privacy against cyber attacks.

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Review: Norton Security -- simpler and still a winner

Symantec has streamlined its Norton line of anti-malware suites and combined them into a single but still-efficient package.

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Review: McAfee LiveSafe offers top Windows, Android protection

McAfee LiveSafe provides users with protection for an unlimited number of devices -- and for a reasonable price. However, Apple users don't get much beyond the most basic features.

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