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Jailbreak iOS 8 3 TaiG

02 galaxy s6 fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint sensors on their way to more smartphones

Fingerprint authentication will become more common on smartphones of all prices as sensors get cheaper, and Google's integration of the technology in the next version of Android will make it much easier for app developers and service...

did googles eric schmidt just call apples tim cook a liar

Did Google’s Eric Schmidt just call Apple’s Tim Cook a liar?

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt made a point of telling the BBC that Apple’s claims about Google privacy are false.

galaxy s4

Samsung will plug security hole in Galaxy smartphones

Samsung will update the security software on its Galaxy smartphones to address a flaw that could let attackers access people's devices.

samsung swiftkey vulnerability

Huge Samsung Galaxy security flaw (updated with Samsung statement)

Ryan Welton warns of man-in-the-middle hacks. 600 million Samsung Galaxy phones are vulnerable to a nasty bug in the keyboard, thanks to a custom SwiftKey build. And the only patch can come from wireless carriers: This is massive...

galaxy s6 active

Vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy phones put over 600 million Samsung phone users at risk

Samsung pre-installed the Swift keyboard which has a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely tap into GPS, camera and microphone, eavesdrop on text messages and calls and more. NowSecure listed Galaxy S6, S5, S4 and S4...

Emojis as PINs

Will banks allow four emojis to replace PIN numbers?

Will banks let customers use emojis instead of numeric PINs? A UK firm says yes, because emojis would be harder to hack yet easier to remember.

Being stalked

Use Facebook Messenger? Marauders Map app can pinpoint your location to within 3 feet

Stalkers will likely rejoice as a new app can help them do more than creep on Facebook friends as it can pinpoint the precise location of non-friends if they use Messenger to post to the same group and the sender hasn't disabled...

Android apps

Even a factory reset in Android phones leaves user data behind

Resetting an Android phone to its factory state before getting rid of it often fails to properly wipe all sensitive user data.

Bleep secure messaging app

BitTorrent Bleep -- crypto messaging disgruntles data snoops

BitTorrent just released its anonymous messaging app: Bleep, designed to keep messages and voice data private from unknown third parties. Although we could share more...

Mobile security illustration

Software detects fake mobile, Wi-Fi networks

An Israeli company has developed a product it says can detect if a mobile device connects to a fake cellular base station or Wi-Fi access point, potentially protecting critical data from falling into the hands of hackers.


Security extortion? When legit disclosure morphs into a shakedown

The essence of security is not trusting that people will do the right thing. Firewalls, deadbolts and armed guards exist to slow down or stop bad guys, not to encourage good acts from good guys. With that in mind, let's look at how...

iOS wireless security hack causes endless reboots.

Wi-Fi hack can make iPhones reboot...Wi-Fi hack can make iPhones reboot...Wi-Fi hack can make

Much like penicillin, vulcanized rubber, and the corn flake, a new iOS 8 security flaw has been discovered almost entirely by accident...

people security

Mobile insecurity at work? Blame highly paid dudes

The biggest smartphone security threats at work come from male workers under age 35 who earn more than $60,000 a year.


Pot luck: Facial recognition gets boost from marijuana kiosks

The potential of facial-recognition biometrics is huge and new marijuana-dispensing kiosks could push it into the mainstream. But a look at the iPhone's biometric efforts could signal the path forward — and some side roads to avoid.

smartphone security

AT&T call centers sold mobile customer information to criminals

Employees at three overseas call centers sold hundreds of thousands of AT&T customer records, including names and Social Security numbers, to criminals who attempted to use the customer information to unlock stolen mobile phones,...

android malware

Fewer than 1% of Android devices affected by potentially harmful apps

Based on data collected by Google, less than 1% of Android devices had a potentially harmful application installed last year.

Salesforce buys mobile authentication firm Toopher has acquired Toopher, the developer of a mobile two-factor authentication app that uses location-awareness.

mobile security

9 security gadgets for mobile devices

If you use your smartphone or tablet for work, you need to keep your data secure when you're on the go. We look at nine gadgets that try to keep your important data out of the hands of others.

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