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Apple Watch has Apple Pay

How does Apple Pay work on the Apple Watch?

So, it's April 25, 2015, you've got your shiny, new Apple Watch and you want to spend some hard-earned cash using Apple Pay. Here's what you need to know.

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Apple 'springs forward' with more than just the Watch

While Apple Watch was the main reason Apple execs were on stage Monday, they had a lot more to offer than just rehashing the new wearable's features.

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Mobile wallet space heats up as PayPal buys Paydiant

PayPal is purchasing startup Paydiant to strength its mobile wallet offerings as competition in the space grows.

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Samsung's grand obsession with the iPhone

Is Samsung obsessed with outdoing the Apple iPhone? Not exactly, but it's a fair question.

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Battle over mobile payments is raging

Mobile in-store payments could grow dramatically in the U.S. as a result of a battle brewing among tech giants Google, Samsung and Apple.

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Rating the payment options

How does the security of 3 mag-stripe credit card alternatives stack up?

Google to buy mobile wallet technology from Softcard

Google has reached a deal with three big U.S. wireless carriers to acquire "technology and capabilities" from Softcard, a competing mobile wallet app developed jointly by the carriers.

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Samsung looks to LoopPay for mobile pay foothold

Samsung is expected to unveil its newly-acquired LoopPay mobile magnetic payment technology inside the Galaxy S6 smartphone, a move aimed at keeping Samsung relevant in mobile payments.

Samsung buys LoopPay to counter Apple Pay

Samsung Electronics has acquired LoopPay, a U.S. mobile payments firm that could help it counter the Apple Pay mobile payments system.

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Encryption, secure payments to be pushed at White House cyber summit

The White House heads west to Silicon Valley on Friday looking for ideas on how to improve the nation's cybersecurity, and members of President Barack Obama's administration are likely to get an earful.

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Why won't mobile retailers do what's necessary to prevent fraud?

There are products and methodologies available that could reduce the incidences of fraud but only a minority are using them.

People don't trust mobile wallets and apps

A survey of 15,000 mobile users in 15 countries found that their trust level in mobile payments is degraded because they believe that payment systems aren't secure or they don't trust a service or online merchant.

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Swatch readies smartwatch to face off against Apple Watch

Swatch, a Swiss company know for creating timepieces with vibrant hues, plans to launch a smartwatch in the next three months.

visa mastercard excited by apple pay

Visa, MasterCard ‘excited’ by Apple Pay

Visa and MasterCard CEOs seem to suggest Apple Pay's international rollout is coming fast...

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Will the U.S. be ready with secure chip cards and payment terminals?

Only about half of the 12 million merchant payment terminals in the U.S. will be converted to accept more secure smart credit and debit cards and NFC-ready smartphones by the end of 2015, according to financial officials working to...

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Amazon ditches Wallet mobile payment service

The app let people store and use reward and loyalty cards for making purchases

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A glimpse of the smartwatch of 2020

In five years, smartwatches may be like fully functioning smartphones, only smaller and able to run apps as well as make calls and take photos.

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Apple security faces biggest test in 2015

Apple's platforms are likely to suffer their most intensive security tests yet in 2015.

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