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why mobile payments pros are drinking apple pay kool aid
apple pay what you need to know

7 questions following applelive

7 questions following #AppleLive

Apple’s Tim Cook has kicked back against critics with new iPhones, the Apple Watch and future big business, Apple Pay, but there are some questions for Apple fans:

Apple iWatch

Apple Watch and Apple Pay attract non-Apple converts at CTIA show

Announcements of the Apple Watch and Apple Pay on Tuesday caught the attention of hundreds of IT professionals at a keynote presentation during the CTIA's Super Mobility Week trade show in Las Vegas.

apple iwatch speculation thinkstock 100412610 orig

Forget the iPhone: It's all about iWatch now

Ten years from now, nobody will remember the announcement of the iPhone 6. They will, however, remember the launch of the Apple iWatch.

mobile payment 03

Apple’s mobile payment rolling out despite problems

If lack of data visibility is crippling Apple, what chance do mere IT mortals have?

payment industry pro says apples easypay is great news

Payment industry says Apple's EasyPay is great news

Apple next week will put momentum into the mobile payments industry and the industry can't wait, Yoyo CEO Alain Falys tells Computerworld.

5 reasons apples getting into mobile payments

5 reasons Apple's getting into mobile payments

Apple has lots of great reasons to introduce mobile payments, not least the hope that doing so will help it build its presence in emerging markets.

Amazon unveils mobile card reader targeting Square, PayPal has introduced a card reader coupled with smartphone and tablet apps that aim to provide small businesses with a way to accept payments on these devices.

PayPal's two-factor authentication is easily beaten

A security feature offered by PayPal to help prevent accounts from being taken over by hackers can be easily circumvented, an Australian security researcher has found.

Retail industry rallies behind open standard for tokenization

A coalition of retail industry trade groups this week called for the creation of an open tokenization standard for protecting credit and debit card data from theft and misuse.

Apple steals your wallet with future iPhone

Multiple reports claim Apple and Visa are ready to turn your iPhone into your wallet, after years of steady work to develop such services. Apple's wants your money It seems likely Apple's payment solution will combine iTunes with...

Visa launches 'Checkout' for quick and easy payments from any device

Visa announced a new simplified digital payment service called Visa Checkout, which is designed to allow customers to pay quickly for goods online on any connected device.

WWDC 2014: Apple's plan to save high street retail

Blink and you could have missed it, but Apple's plans to save retail were hidden among hundreds of announcements at WWDC -- soon every digital consumer experience geek will be knocking on Cupertino's door. Opening the...

Google looks to expand Play store worldwide, adds PayPal support

Google aims to fuel international sales in the Play store by expanding the use of carrier billing and letting developers sell apps in more countries. The company has also added PayPal as a new payment method in countries such as the...

Apps that make your phone a wallet

Here are several apps worth knowing about.

Hackers hit DogeVault virtual machines

An online wallet for the dog-themed cryptocurrency dogecoin said Thursday it lost 280 million coins, worth about $130,000, after attackers gained access to its virtual machines on Sunday.

Bitcoin payments startup raises $30M, looks to expand

Bitcoin payment processor BitPay raises $30 million to fund its international expansion.

PayPal rebrands, touting mobile payment abilities

PayPal has unveiled a new global branding campaign designed to put greater focus on its ability to let people make payments for goods and services anywhere and anytime.

Apple's anti-Android Holy War gets real

Apple has had a tough time for the last couple of years, but the story begins to turn in the coming months. Fighting back Apple's rot set in around 2012. This was when negative perception received everything the company did. A...

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