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Chase EMV United card
Citibank credit card with an EMV chip

Citibank credit card with an EMV chip

Chip card reality check: Oct. 1 deadline termed a 'soft incentive'

Despite an Oct. 1 deadline for U.S. merchants to accept secure chip-enabled credit and debit cards, experts believe it will take years for the conversion

Apple Pay rival CurrentC to start rolling out next month

The payment system has been in internal trials for months.

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Cheap chip card readers are on the way for merchants

U.S. banks are shipping more secure chip-embedded credit and debit cards to consumers, but industry attention is also focused on whether merchants have installed updated payment terminals that can accept the new cards.

mobile payments

Traction watch: Who is gaining ground in the mobile payment industry?

The first credit card, dubbed "Charg-It", was introduced in 1946. It took another 13 years for the first plastic credit card to arrive on the scene when in 1959 American Express introduced the first card made of plastic.

warning ios 18 percent

Warning: iOS accounts for 18% of all online sales

Combined together iPhones and iPads account for 18 percent of all online transactions across the planet

apples next big thing lands july 14

Apple’s next big thing lands July 14

Apple’s next big thing is expected to launch on July 14, when the company will introduce Apple Pay support in the UK, reports claim.

battle war fight

Who’s winning the mobile payments war?

It’s still early, but Apple seems to be gaining momentum. Other players to watch: Google, PayPal, Walmart, Microsoft.

apple pay a 5 step beginners guide

Apple Pay: A 5-step beginner’s guide

Available in the U.S. since October 2014, Apple Pay launches in the UK next month. So here is a short Apple Pay guide.

How to use a smart chip card

Some users will 'kick and scream' at paying with slower chip cards

Major U.S. banks have been rolling out new, secure smart chip debit and credit cards for months, but the real end-user impact hasn't yet been felt.

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8 classic (digital) business strategy moves from Apple Pay

Apple’s recent announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference of giving shoppers even more ways to pay via its Apple Pay service is an interesting example of a set of eight classic (digital) business strategy moves the company...

Apple Watch has Apple Pay

Apple, Google and others look to goose mobile payments

Apple and other companies are looking to inject new features and inducements to boost adoption of their mobile payment systems. More about Apple's plans could come at WWDC on Monday.

apple watch primary

The Apple Watch and other wearables face 3 big hurdles

While the Apple Watch has prompted wider interest in wearables, its arrival has also prompted renewed questions about how valuable the devices are and how safe is the data they collect.

android m

Google's Android M to include Android Pay, faster charging and Doze power management

Google gave a glimpse of a variety of new features coming to its next-generation operating system, dubbed Android M, during a keynote at Google I/O.

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Android Pay likely at Google I/O as Samsung preps its own service

Google is expected to reveal details about Android Pay at its annual I/O conference this week, even as Samsung readies its own separate mobile payment service.

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Apple Pay’s weakest link

The mobile payment service remains solid, as long as banks beef up their card-registration procedures. But what weakness will fraudsters take advantage of next?

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Mobile payments: What will it take for beacons to take the next step?

Beacons — those little ad-beaming mechanisms littering storefronts today — have been heralded as the ultimate mobile app partner for retailers. But as they exist today, they do little more than make Madison Avenue come-ons, teasing...

Apple Pay

Apple Pay 2.0: Phones with benefits

It's becoming increasingly clear that what all mobile wallets have lacked so far is a good reason for anyone to use them.

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Best Buy remains in MCX group despite move toward Apple Pay

Best Buy said Tuesday that it will support Apple Pay mobile payments while remaining a member of the MCX group of retailers that is pushing an alternate pay system called CurrentC

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