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Apple's P2P mobile payment service would 'create a shockwave' in the industry

If Apple creates a mobile person-to-person payment service as recently reported, it could rock the banking and payments world as never before, some analysts believe.

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Apple Pay: Apple's secret weapon for emerging economies

Person-to-person Apple Pay payments will widen Apple’s appeal in emerging economies


Apple said to be planning person-to-person payments service

Apple is in talks with major banks on an extension of its Apple Pay service that would allow person-to-person payments, according to a report.

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U.S. innovation will beat European planning in mobile payments

Europe’s plan to reduce credit card fraud in stores by using smart cards achieved its goal. The U.S.’s more flexible and spontaneous approach will achieve much more.

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Smartphone mobile payments: An end-of-year level-set

The mobile payment industry has changed dramatically and permanently, resulting in a wealth of new opportunities for mobile payments -- and a whole bunch of confusion. When it comes to mobile payments, the choice is a daunting one...

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Apple Pay at 1 year: Growing, but slowly

A year after its launch, Apple Pay has seen some significant growth in the U.S. But the mobile payment service has a ways to go to get to wide adoption.

Biometric authentication

Iris-scanning ATM, any 'smart' thing as MasterCard payment device, Visa tokenization

In the name of more secure yet convenient payments, MasterCard will allow any 'smart' thing to be used as a payment device and Visa integrated online tokenization to replace credit card info with unique digital identifiers. At...

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MasterCard unveils secure-payment prototypes for 2016 delivery

NXP and Qualcomm helped develop the chip-level technology.

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Chase Pay to take on Apple, Google and Samsung in 2016

JP Morgan Chase will launch its own smartphone payment platform in mid-2016, going head-to-head with rival services from Apple, Google and Samsung.

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Chase's tweet backing PIN credit cards was a mistake, bank says

JP Morgan Chase Bank tweeted in error that its chip credit cards would be getting PIN security, a bank spokesman confirmed.

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House panel hears retailers' concerns about chip-and-signature cards

Three representatives of small businesses said at a U.S. House subcommittee hearing that new chip-embedded credit cards need to have added PIN security instead of the chip and signature favored by most banks and card companies.

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Feud heats up over chip cards, FBI warning

A National Retail Federation attorney said that an updated FBI warning on chip card vulnerabilities waters down the need for PIN security.

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FBI takes down alert on chip credit cards after bankers complain

The FBI posted an online advisory about vulnerabilities with new chip-enabled credit cards, but then removed the message on Friday, less than a day later, following concerns from U.S. bankers that support chip cards.

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Chip-card rollout drama peaks day before deadline

Banks and credit-card companies claimed Wednesday that roughly half of U.S. consumers have received a new chip credit or debit card, while retailers continued to bemoan the chip card conversion process as too slow, too expensive and...

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Retail group rips chip-card conversion expense, pushes for PIN security

The top attorney for the powerful National Retail Federation blasted banks and credit card companies on Tuesday for problems and costs with the massive ongoing U.S. rollout of computer chip cards and chip card readers.

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Chip card reality check: Oct. 1 deadline termed a 'soft incentive'

Despite an Oct. 1 deadline for U.S. merchants to accept secure chip-enabled credit and debit cards, experts believe it will take years for the conversion

Apple Pay rival CurrentC to start rolling out next month

The payment system has been in internal trials for months.

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Cheap chip card readers are on the way for merchants

U.S. banks are shipping more secure chip-embedded credit and debit cards to consumers, but industry attention is also focused on whether merchants have installed updated payment terminals that can accept the new cards.

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