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A glimpse of the smartwatch of 2020

In five years, smartwatches may be like fully functioning smartphones, only smaller and able to run apps as well as make calls and take photos.

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Apple security faces biggest test in 2015

Apple's platforms are likely to suffer their most intensive security tests yet in 2015.

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Hold the phone, McDonald’s

The fast food giant’s drive-through Apple Pay implementation is kludgy and uncomfortable for both the customer and the employee. Is anyone testing this stuff?


Open authentication spec from FIDO Alliance moves beyond passwords

An open industry alliance that includes many of the world's biggest vendors released specs Tuesday that promise to secure online communications without passwords.

apple sets new iphone sales records

Record iPhone 6 sales as the Apple crowd defines the mobile lifestyle

iPhones made up four out of the five best-selling smartphone models over the past three months, Kantar Worldpanel said today.

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iOS trumps Android in mobile shopping. So what?

Apple iPhone and iPad owners put their stamp on holiday sales in the U.S. last week, accounting for the bulk of revenue booked from mobile devices. But what's that really mean in the Android/iOS battle?


Apple Pay users spend big

Apple Pay users are already three times more likely to spend $250 or more than those on other services

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Grocers, retailers gobble up Apple Pay in time for holidays

U.S. consumers have eschewed in-store mobile payments for years, but Apple Pay is making headway in that area just a month after the service launched Oct. 20.

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Mobile payments to tally just 1% of all U.S. consumer spending in 2019

The emergence of Apple Pay has led some technology early adopters to predict that mobile payments will dominate U.S. consumer spending in the next decade. Yet to others, the idea that most Americans will use a mobile wallet in 2025,...

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A guide to top mobile payments options

The launch of Apple Pay last month jump-started the mobile payments business, with several firms now pushing hard to become your preferred payment method.

apple pay will generate millions of dollars this season

Apple Pay will generate millions of dollars this season

Apple could generate a billion dollars through its currently U.S.-only Apple Pay service across the next year, and is likely to generate millions of dollars on Black Friday sales alone.

Starbucks says 1 in 6 of its payments are already mobile

Starbucks says it's already handling almost 7 million a week at its U.S. coffee shops.

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Major banks prep their own mobile payment apps

Several major national and international banks are planning to launch their own mobile payments apps in 2015.


Apple Pay rival MCX defends security after hackers steal emails

The Merchant Customer Exchange, a consortium of 58 U.S. retailers whose mobile payment network will take on Apple Pay next year, today fired back against concerns over a hack that pilfered consumer email addresses.

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Getting chipped: Why I will live with an NFC chip implant for a year

René Schoemaker has been living with an NFC chip in his left hand since Sept. 25. He plans to keep it for a year.

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CEO Tim Cook calls merchants' refusal to accept Apple Pay a 'skirmish'

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the battle with retailers like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS and others over mobile payments only a "skirmish" while speaking at the Wall Street Journal's technology conference.

Apple Pay-ing the price.

Apple Pay becomes a hard pill to swallow for CVS

Apple's new NFC mobile payment system -- Apple Pay -- has received generally positive reviews from users and journalists alike. On the other hand, a group of retailers known as Merchant Customer Exchange recently had a...

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Here's why Rite Aid and CVS turned off Apple Pay

Recent moves by the drugstore chains to stop taking mobile payments from Apple Pay and other NFC-enabled systems are part of a heated battle between retailers and credit card companies,

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