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apple pay a 5 step beginners guide

How to use a smart chip card

Some users will 'kick and scream' at paying with slower chip cards

Major U.S. banks have been rolling out new, secure smart chip debit and credit cards for months, but the real end-user impact hasn't yet been felt.

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8 classic (digital) business strategy moves from Apple Pay

Apple’s recent announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference of giving shoppers even more ways to pay via its Apple Pay service is an interesting example of a set of eight classic (digital) business strategy moves the company...

Apple Watch has Apple Pay

Apple, Google and others look to goose mobile payments

Apple and other companies are looking to inject new features and inducements to boost adoption of their mobile payment systems. More about Apple's plans could come at WWDC on Monday.

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The Apple Watch and other wearables face 3 big hurdles

While the Apple Watch has prompted wider interest in wearables, its arrival has also prompted renewed questions about how valuable the devices are and how safe is the data they collect.

android m

Google's Android M to include Android Pay, faster charging and Doze power management

Google gave a glimpse of a variety of new features coming to its next-generation operating system, dubbed Android M, during a keynote at Google I/O.

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Android Pay likely at Google I/O as Samsung preps its own service

Google is expected to reveal details about Android Pay at its annual I/O conference this week, even as Samsung readies its own separate mobile payment service.

apple pay

Apple Pay’s weakest link

The mobile payment service remains solid, as long as banks beef up their card-registration procedures. But what weakness will fraudsters take advantage of next?

retail experience

Mobile payments: What will it take for beacons to take the next step?

Beacons — those little ad-beaming mechanisms littering storefronts today — have been heralded as the ultimate mobile app partner for retailers. But as they exist today, they do little more than make Madison Avenue come-ons, teasing...

Apple Pay

Apple Pay 2.0: Phones with benefits

It's becoming increasingly clear that what all mobile wallets have lacked so far is a good reason for anyone to use them.

mobile payments

Best Buy remains in MCX group despite move toward Apple Pay

Best Buy said Tuesday that it will support Apple Pay mobile payments while remaining a member of the MCX group of retailers that is pushing an alternate pay system called CurrentC

Apple Watch has Apple Pay

Best Buy to accept Apple Pay, breaks ranks with rival system

Best Buy will let customers use Apple Pay to make purchases on its app through the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, thus appearing to break ranks with a group of leading U.S. merchants backing a rival payment system.


CurrentC mobile pay to kick off in a single market midyear

Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) said Monday it expects to launch an early version of its CurrentC mobile payment app midyear in an unnamed, midsize market.

zen of apple pay

The Zen of Apple Pay

As predicted, Apple Pay is transforming public perception of mobile payments.

apple is transforming air travel2

Apple is also transforming air travel

The International Air Transport Association aims to ensure 80 per cent of all air passengers get self-service options across their journey by 2020. Apple’s technologies are enabling this target to be met.

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Canadian banks play hardball with Apple Pay moving north

Apple Pay is poised to cross the border into Canada this fall, but some Canadian banks are reportedly concerned that Apple wants a bigger cut of each transaction than it takes in the U.S.


Jawbone to have AmEx payments in future fitness band

Fitness-band maker Jawbone and American Express plan to allow cardholders to buy goods using a future fitness band equipped with NFC, according to a report.

Apple Watch and Apple Pay

Apple Pay adoption 'amazing,' says POS chief

Apple Pay adoption has been "amazing," says Revel Systems co-founder and CTO, Christopher Ciabarra.

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Move over, Apple Pay; CurrentC due by mid-2015

The mobile payments space is about to get more crowded with the launch this year of CurrentC, a platform backed by some of the country's biggest retailers.

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