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CIO: Apple’s enterprise credentials continue to grow

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, isn’t just talking the talk when it comes to enterprise sales, his company continues to deliver...

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Samsung: New Galaxy phones are built for enterprise use

The South Korean company company is pitching the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as popular, stylish -- and secure -- alternatives for businesspeople who might otherwise be thinking about iPhones.


Microsoft applies 'freemium' tactic to mobile device management for Office 365

Microsoft today made good on a promise from last fall, adding several basic mobile device management tools to all commercial Office 365 subscriptions.

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Mobile security: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone

Google's Android for Work and Samsung's Knox promise serious security, but how do they stack up against Apple's iOS and the rest?

MDM features and functions compared

Use this comprehensive checklist to compare 10 of the leading mobile device management suites.

Corporate IT: Beware the dating apps on your users' phones

Common vulnerabilities could be putting your company's data up for grabs

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MobileIron seeks to secure corporate data on personal clouds

MobileIron today will release an update to its Content Security Service that seeks to protect corporate data that may have found its way to personal clouds.

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Samsung and Good combine products to boost Android's enterprise cred

Samsung Electronics and Good Technology hope to get more enterprises to use Android-based smartphones and tablets with the help of a joint offering designed to protect the OS, applications and data.

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Good touts smartphone management for $3 per user per month

Good Technology is hoping its cloud-based Management Suite will help IT departments that don't want to rely on multiple vendors' products to manage the various phones and tablets employees bring to work.

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Blackphone super-secure communications app had serious flaw

The SilentText secure messaging application bundled with Blackphone had a serious vulnerability that would have allowed attackers to decrypt messages, read contact information, gather location data and even execute malicious code on...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection drone in its most frequent location -- the ground

Report: Border patrol drone effort spends hundreds of millions on nothing

A scathing report from the DHS accuses the U.S. border patrol of wasting more than $240 million on Predator drones with such bad planning it often lacked places to land, equipment to fix them or bad guys to catch.

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Box unveils a new partner program to boost customer trust

Today Box introduced Box Trust, a partner program to certify solutions that are guaranteed to work with the cloud sync-and-store product.

IBM fixes flaw in Endpoint Manager for mobile device management

A vulnerability in the IBM Endpoint Manager for mobile devices could let attackers execute malicious code on corporate servers used to manage devices.

HP's Elitebook Folio 1020 Special Edition

Thieves may regret stealing HP's Elitebook Folio 1020 laptops

Data from the 12.5-inch Elitebook Folio 1020 models can be wiped in case of theft

Managing BYOD expenses: How to get it right

BYOD programs haven't always saved money. But, handled correctly, they can.

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Okta Developer Edition brings identity to the masses

At this week's Oktane '14 event, Okta CEO Todd McKinnon will introduce expanded features to the company's identity platform, as well as a platform for developers.

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Security bug leaves iPhones open to fake app attack

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in iPhones and iPads that allows attackers to install fake apps that take the place of legitimate ones.

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HP's BYOD service protects mobile devices and PCs

Hewlett-Packard wants to make BYOD easier for small businesses through a new cloud-based service to manage and protect mobile devices and PCs.

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