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cw microsoft office vs google docs

Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs: Which works better for business?

Has Google Docs caught up to Microsoft Word as an enterprise productivity application? We compare the two word processors to see which wins in today's online environment.

amazon go app

Amazon Go aims to change retail by eliminating check-out lines is using technology to try to change the shopping experience, and the retail industry in general, by eliminating check-out lines.

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Researchers work to tame deadly selfies

Researchers hope an app could save people from being killed while taking dangerous selfies.

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Review: Why you need the BBC’s amazing Story of Life app

A perfect expression of the best of tech innovation and wonders of nature from Sir David Attenborough.

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Facebook acquires facial image analysis startup FacioMetrics

Facebook has acquired facial image analysis firm FacioMetrics as it tries to give users new features to add special effects to photos and videos.

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Snapchat parent reportedly headed for an IPO

The company behind the Snapchat messaging app has reportedly filed papers for an initial public offering that could value it at up to $25 billion, according to news reports.

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3 things GrubHub's CEO should've considered before sending an anti-Trump email

Watch what you write in an email.

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5 screen-sharing apps offer easy collaboration

These five apps that will let you video chat, message, share screens and collaborate in real-time with your coworkers.

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Facebook is bringing artsy neural networks to a phone near you

Facebook users will be able to record smartphone videos that ape the style of famous artworks with a new feature unveiled Tuesday. Using a technique called style transfer, the feature takes live video and turns it into something that...


Uber faces lawsuit from courier claiming employee status

Taking a cue from Uber drivers, a "foot and bike" courier has filed a lawsuit against the ride-hailing company and a subsidiary, demanding minimum wages, and reimbursement of tools-of-the-trade expenses and gratuities as would be...

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Race issues emerge as a challenge for tech companies like Uber, Facebook

Lawmakers objected to a Facebook feature that allows advertisers to target housing ads to exclude certain racial and ethnic groups from promotions and marketing.

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Mobile is now mission critical for e-business

Web traffic from smartphones will make up 43% of all web traffic next year and will reach 52% globally in 2019, according to research firm Forrester.

pdf expert 5 by readdle

Review: 7 PDF editing tools for iOS and Android

When you’re on the go, it’s often not enough to just read a PDF on your mobile device -- you have to be able to sign it, copy it or edit it. These iOS and Android apps can help.

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Capriza ups the mobile enterprise ante (again)

In a bid to kick-start the microapp revolution, Capriza releases a set of universal solutions.

Lyft App

Lyft customers face potential hack from recycled phone numbers

Giving up an old cell phone number for a new one may seem harmless. But for Lyft customers, it can potentially expose their accounts to complete strangers.

crystal ball future tech servers

Gartner's top 10 near-term predictions for tech

Among Gartner's 10 predictions for the near term are a fast move to augmented reality, the decline of mobile apps, and a major shift away from web browsing to voice interaction.

travelbank merged

TravelBank uses machine learning to save businesses money on travel

A startup called TravelBank is aiming to help reduce business travel spending by providing a predictive budget for a trip and helping employees file expenses.

arcgisesri florida

Esri and Waze join up to push road condition data in cities

Digital mapping company Esri has partnered with crowdsourcing traffic app maker Waze to help city governments and drivers communicate more efficiently about traffic conditions, including construction delays and accidents.

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