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Microsoft warns of Windows zero-day; hackers serve exploits in PowerPoint files

Microsoft warned users Tuesday that cyber criminals are exploiting a zero-day flaw using malicious PowerPoint documents sent as email attachments.

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Microsoft releases first Windows 10 update, starts testing fast-paced delivery system

Microsoft today issued the first update for Windows 10 Technical Preview, inaugurating its fast-cadence release practice.

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Update: Nadella's 2014 comp package tops $84M

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may have been on the job only eight months, but his compensation package for 2014 topped $84 million, according to regulatory filings Monday.

Microsoft's 'big opportunity' to goose device share stalls before it gets started

Microsoft's push to move its device needle from 14% just got harder. Gartner today forecast that the company's share will be flat this year and climb only slightly in 2015.


Microsoft tackles three critical vulnerabilities with Patch Tuesday updates

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday is back in full force, offering fixes for three zero-day vulnerabilities that administrators should attend to as quickly as possible.

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Microsoft dabbles in per-user Windows licensing

For the first time, Microsoft will offer user-based Windows licenses to enterprises, a change one expert called "substantial" but another downplayed as unlikely to have much of an impact.

Hackers exploit two more Windows zero-day bugs

Microsoft will patch a pair of zero-day Windows vulnerabilities later today that attackers have been exploiting to penetrate major corporations' networks, researchers at FireEye said Tuesday.

Russian hackers use Windows zero-day to attack Ukraine, U.S. organizations

A cyberespionage group operating in Russia has launched malware attacks against the Ukrainian government and at least one U.S.-based organization through a previously unknown vulnerability that affects most versions of Windows.

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Microsoft trumpets 1M Windows 10 preview participants

Microsoft today said that one million people had registered with its Windows Insider program, which provides easy access to the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

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Microsoft hesitates to trumpet Windows 10; fears consumers will delay PC purchases

Microsoft has focused on how businesses will benefit from its next operating system, Windows 10, not only because corporate customers are its bread and butter, but to prevent consumers from balking at buying new PCs, an analyst said...

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Free at last: After Windows 10, consumers won't pay for updates or upgrades

Microsoft will have no choice but to give consumers free Windows upgrades once it launches Windows 10 and kicks off its fast-fast-fast tempo, an analyst asserted.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview deep-dive: A promise of better things to come

Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview offers a first glimpse of the future of its operating system. Our reviewer takes a close look and thinks the upcoming OS could work.

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Microsoft feels the need to pledge Surface Pro is 'here to stay'

Microsoft today promised that it's committed to the Surface Pro is-it-a-tablet-no-it's-a-notebook line, saying "We are here to stay."

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Microsoft slates critical Windows, IE fixes for next week

Microsoft \will release nine security updates next week, with fixes slated for Internet Explorer, Windows, SharePoint Server and Web app developer tools.

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Microsoft tightens integration between Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business

Microsoft wants to promote the use of OneDrive for Business among Office 365 customers, so it's building links between the work cloud storage service and Outlook Web App, the suite's browser-based email interface.

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Microsoft cloud is not all pie in the sky on 10/20

Nadella and Guthrie to tag-team talking up Azure in SFO: Get ready for another Microsoft enterprise event. This month, Redmond will be talking cloud. And they're bringing out the big guns. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers virtualize opinions...


Nadella says Windows 10 will tie everything together in the IoT

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Windows has been re-architected to give it a central role in the Internet of Things. He sees the company's upcoming Windows 10 as integral in managing every aspect of the IoT, from the sensors,...

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Will Windows 10 TP's spooky data collection make the final version?

Windows 10 Technical Preview stealthily collects lots of user data and transmits that information to Microsoft, raising questions about whether the OS will continue the practices after the testing period ends.

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