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After Windows 8 debacle, OEMs wax rhapsodic over Windows 10

With Windows 8 trying the patience of both consumers and enterprises, original equipment manufacturers are hoping Windows 10 will reinvigorate the market for PCs, laptops and all-in-one devices.

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Making Windows 10 was like 'ordering pizza for 1.5 billion people'

When Microsoft set out to build Windows 10, the company had a challenge to face: the operating system needed to appeal to the wide swath of people already using Windows.

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10 things you should know about upgrading to Windows 10 (video)

Here's the inside info on upgrading to Windows 10 on your PC -- because the upgrade is not as simple as you might think.

Windows 10 is for suckers

The press likes to focus on shiny new things and the shiny thing of the moment is Windows 10. It's free (if you already have Windows 7 or 8) and has a bunch of new features. Who could resist? Hopefully, you.


The top 5 features of Windows 10

These five innovative, useful features sell Windows 10 all by themselves.

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10 Windows 10 migration issues you need to consider

While there's no need to rush to Windows 10 just because it’s been released, there are some important things to start thinking about.

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IT hears the siren call of free Windows 10 upgrades

Even enterprise IT professionals are taken with Microsoft's free upgrade offer to Windows 10, according to a recently-released survey by Spiceworks.

Windows 10: Truth and lies

Windows 10: Fact vs. fiction

With Win10 slated to drop July 29, we give you the straight dope on support, upgrades, and the state of the bits.

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Microsoft starts pre-loading Windows 10 upgrade onto PCs

Microsoft has begun downloading the Windows 10 upgrade to some PCs whose owners had previously "reserved" a copy, hinting that they'll be among the first to see the upgrade notice on their Windows 7 and 8.1 devices.


Windows 10: What we like, what we don't like

Computerworld contributing writer/reviewer Preston Gralla summarizes three features of Windows 10 that he likes and two features he doesn't like. The new operating system from Microsoft launches for consumers on Wednesday, July 29.

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Windows 10 roll-out will break Internet traffic records

Microsoft will break Internet traffic records this week as it begins to distribute Windows 10.

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Microsoft fixes crash-bug in Windows 10 just days before launch

A new patch fixed a recently introduced bug that caused Windows Explorer to crash following use of the Control Panel.

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Microsoft updates some Surface tablets ahead of Windows 10's launch

Microsoft pushed out a new firmware update for its Surface tablets that improves how the devices work with Windows 10.

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Deep-dive review: Windows 10 -- worth the wait (video)

Windows 10 is finally out in the wild, and it is a truly integrated and feature-filled operating system. We take a close look at the final product.

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Microsoft pours out the patches as Windows 10 nears release

Microsoft has been pushing out Windows 10 patches almost daily as it preps for this week's launch of the new operating system.

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Patch Tuesday: Not dead yet

Even though Microsoft won't say if it plans to end its 12-year practice of providing security patches on the same day each month to everyone, security experts have concluded that Patch Tuesday isn't going anywhere.

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Final Windows 10 upgrade forecast sees OS on 440M PCs by early '17

Microsoft should have Windows 10 on more than 440 million personal computers by early 2017, according to a new analysis of user share data and upgrade tempo.

New flagship windows phones, Cityman and Talkman

Windows Phone flagship hope kindled: ''Cityman'' and ''Talkman'' rumors

For users sick and tired of being sick and tired of waiting for a new Windows Phone flagship, Daniel Rubino is a hero...

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