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Microsoft updates Windows 10, debuts Project Spartan browser

Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 Technical Preview that included Project Spartan, the code name for the new browser that will be the default in the operating system as the company pushes Internet Explorer (IE) into the...

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First look: Project Spartan, Microsoft's next-generation Web browser

Microsoft’s new browser combines a minimalist look and feel with a rendering engine designed to keep pace with a rapidly evolving Web.


Microsoft applies 'freemium' tactic to mobile device management for Office 365

Microsoft today made good on a promise from last fall, adding several basic mobile device management tools to all commercial Office 365 subscriptions.


Microsoft should forget the Surface, stick to the Pro 2-in-1 line

Microsoft will resuscitate its Surface tablet with a new model powered by Windows 8.1, ditching the flop that was Windows RT for a lower-priced device, according to an online report. But the company would be better served by sticking...

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Microsoft wants to make Powerpoint more Web-friendly, buys LiveLoop

Microsoft has acquired LiveLoop and its technology for sharing PowerPoint presentations online more easily.

Windows app versus Windows desktop application

Microsoft name games continue as 'universal apps' become 'Windows apps'

In the new lingo, Windows apps are those that run on any of the numerous device categories that Windows 10 will support, ranging from smartphones and tablets to personal computers and beyond. Windows desktop applications is what...

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First look: Microsoft's Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview

Microsoft's Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview offers a few new user features and some interesting under-the-hood improvements.


Microsoft to simplify Azure migration with bigger VM drives

Enterprises can now migrate virtual machines whose OS drives size exceed 127GB

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Spartan forecast: Browser of choice for 1 in 7 Windows users within a year

The calculations by Computerworld, based on operating system and browser user share statistics from Net Applications, were conservative estimates that could be exceeded if users end up being more enthusiastic about Spartan than they...

And at 80, standing on your head won't work either

Pilot fish with a side business helping out home users with their IT problems gets a call from a panicked elderly customer: She's trying to set a new new background image and something has gone terribly wrong.

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More than half of all IE users face patch axe in 10 months

The majority of IE users face a support retirement deadline that Microsoft unexpectedly announced last August.

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Microsoft updates Windows 10 preview for 'slow' testers

Microsoft earlier pledged to accelerate the pace of Windows 10 updates, but the firm has not committed to a specific timetable for either the fast or slow "rings."

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Microsoft prepares Windows 10 for panoply of sensors

Windows 10 devices in the future could be measuring temperature, environmental pressure and carbon dioxide levels, as Microsoft provides an interface to support a wide range of sensors.

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Microsoft draws line between Spartan and IE11 browsers

Microsoft on Tuesday said that, contrary to earlier statements, it would not make Project Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10, backward compatible with websites and Web apps designed expressly for Internet Explorer (IE).

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Microsoft packages Azure for Web and mobile developers

The new Azure App Service was designed to streamline the process of building apps and connecting them to back-end data sources

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Microsoft hopes to drum up developer interest in Windows 10 with Visual Studio preview

Developers can start testing Windows 10's adaptive user interface and other features.

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Microsoft to support 8K video resolutions with Windows 10

Microsoft is looking beyond 4K with Windows 10 and bringing 8K support to the operating system, years before TVs, monitors and content for that display resolution become widely available.

Office 2016 for Windows preview not open to all O365 biz subscribers

Microsoft has limited the Office 2016 for Windows preview to customers with subscriptions to the enterprise-grade plans ProPlus, E3 and E4.

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