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Windows 10 vs. OS X: Which gives sys admins more control?

Microsoft is adopting Apple's approach to PC management, while also keeping the familiar Configuration Manager

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U.S. proves to be a stronghold for Windows 10

Windows 10 usage in the U.S. is about 24% higher than worldwide, U.S. government statistics show.

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Is Microsoft making Windows worse to make it better?

Windows 10 is being presented as an OS in continuous development. We’re used to cloud services being a work in progress, but how well does that transfer to the an operating system?

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Windows 10's usage share lead over Windows 7 evaporates

Windows 10's uptake pace has -- at least for now -- lost its lead over the adoption rate of Windows 7 six years ago.

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Microsoft acknowledges bug led to Windows 10 November upgrade stoppage

Microsoft has restored access to Windows 10's November upgrade from its download center after pulling the upgrade because of a bug.

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Microsoft Windows 10 v1511 MCT is back, baby. Here's why it vanished...

Microsoft is sorry for yanking the Windows 10 November update a few days ago. But now the version 1511 download is back via the Media Creation Tool (MCT)...

Windows at 30: Microsoft’s biggest OS missteps

Windows at 30: Microsoft’s biggest blunders

The first three decades of Windows have brought unparalleled frustrations -- and an undying hope that the next version will be the best one yet.

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Microsoft's November Windows 10 update messed up some users' privacy settings

Microsoft revealed Tuesday that an update to Windows 10 changed some users' privacy settings accidentally.

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9 ways Windows 10 just got better

We rank the new features and tweaks to Windows 10 that were included in last week’s update.

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Half of all enterprises to start Windows 10 rollouts in the next year

Half of all enterprises will at least begin their rollouts of Windows 10 by January 2017, according to analyst firm Gartner.


How to buy a productivity tablet

Whether you're opting for an iPad or a Surface, here are five things to consider before you buy a tablet.

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Update: Microsoft yanks Windows 10 November upgrade from download site

Microsoft last week stopped offering Windows 10's November upgrade as a disk image, closing down the route many had used to skip the wait as the company slowly rolls out the refresh via Windows Update.

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HP Enterprise hands Windows 10 a vote of confidence

HP Enterprise's decision to expand its partnership with Microsoft is a vote of confidence in Windows 10, an analyst said today.

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Microsoft Lumia 950: The first Windows 10 smartphone tries hard -- but can it succeed?

Microsoft's Lumia 950, the first Windows 10 phone, has all the right specs, but we've yet to see if it's got what it take to become a preferred corporate device.

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Windows 10 hits another growth spurt

Windows 10's usage share gains have jumped since last week's release of the operating system's first upgrade, part of another "wave" of increases that started at the beginning of the month.

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What you need to know about Windows 10's new upgrade

The latest upgrade to Windows 10, codenamed Threshold 2, adds a variety of fixes and tweaks. But there are still a few features missing.

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Microsoft debuts controls that postpone Windows 10 feature upgrades up to a year

Microsoft last week fulfilled a promise to give businesses the tools to delay Windows 10 feature upgrades for up to a year after consumers begin running the operating system's latest changes.

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How to defer upgrades and updates in Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft has not advertised the fact, but anyone with a copy of Windows 10 Pro can postpone upgrades and defer updates using the Windows Update for Business service.

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