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Windows revenue ticks up slightly in June quarter

Second-quarter revenue for Microsoft's More Personal Computing division was down 4%, even though Windows revenue was up over the prior year.

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Windows 10 personal data collection is excessive, French privacy watchdog warns

Windows 10 breaches French law by collecting too much personal information from users and failing to secure it adequately, according to the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL).

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Microsoft steps up legal pressure against Windows 10 pirates

Microsoft last week filed the fifth lawsuit in as many months accusing unidentified individuals with illegally activating more than 1,000 copies of Windows and Office.


2 ways to get out of Windows 10 Safe Mode

You went into Windows Safe Mode to fix something, and now you can't get out. Luckily, you have two emergency exits. Watch for more details.

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Skype updates its Windows 10 app beta on desktop and mobile

Skype is bringing a new app to smartphones, computers, and tablets running Windows 10 on Monday, ahead of Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update launch.

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HP's Elite X3 smartphone with Windows 10 will ship this month for $699

Not many are using smartphones with Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile, but HP's flagship Elite X3, which ships this month, could boost the sagging fortunes of the OS.

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15 free Modern Windows apps for IT pros

There are countless free app lists out there for traditional Windows applications and mobile OSs, but not as many for the newer Modern Windows apps. Most of these apps are still very basic in their functionality, but nevertheless...


Microsoft disavows 1B-or-bust goal for Windows 10

Microsoft won't make its self-imposed goal of putting Windows 10 on 1 billion devices by mid-2018.

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Windows as a Service: What's it mean?

Microsoft's decision to unveil a subscription licensing model for Windows 10 for enterprises could be a boon for some companies, a bust for others. Here's what to consider.

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Raspberry Pi 3 creator hopes for Windows 10 desktop OS support

Raspberry Pi started off as a hobbyist device and can now function as a Linux computer. If support for the Windows 10 desktop OS is added to the board computer, it could threaten the shipments of conventional PCs.

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Microsoft touts $404 per user savings with Windows 10

Microsoft this week said enterprises and organizations could save up to $404 per employee over three years by moving to Windows 10.

July Patch Tuesday

Critical Updates to IE, Edge and Adobe Flash Player for July Patch Tuesday

I think that we were all hoping for a “boring” Patch Tuesday for this July update cycle. With “only” 11 updates, six rated as critical and the remaining patches rated as important, this month does provide some relief from the very...

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Microsoft fixes critical flaws in IE, Edge, Office and Windows print services

Microsoft's new batch of security patches fixes 47 vulnerabilities across its products, including in Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Windows and the .NET Framework.

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Microsoft amps up Windows-as-a-subscription effort

Beginning this fall, Microsoft partners will start selling subscriptions to Windows 10 Enterprise for $7 per month per user.

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Microsoft and IBM in a deal to push Surface devices to enterprises

Microsoft said its Surface devices generate about $1 billion in revenue every quarter, and the company hopes to raise that number by putting the devices on more corporate desktops.


Hololens explores a jet engine

As part of its push to get businesses using Hololens, Microsoft showed off a Japan Airlines app that lets engineers explore jet engines during training.


How to remove your Windows 10 password

Windows 10 wants you to enter your password all the time. You can remove your password, or reduce how often you have to enter one, but there are security risks to doing so.

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Microsoft pitches Windows 10 upgrade to holdouts with full-screen intrusion

Microsoft has deployed another Windows 10 upgrade weapon from an arsenal once thought empty. The company began serving some Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users with a full-screen notice that reminded them of the July 29 end to the free...

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