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Windows Update is broken on XP

Windows Update has been broken for the last few days on Windows XP. As soon as IE8 loads the web page, it fails with error 0x80248015 before the user can search for fixes. I found a fix that worked on all three of my XP machines.

Windows 10

Double-edged feedback sword nicks Microsoft over OneDrive

The double-edged sword of feedback has drawn some blood from Microsoft's Windows 10 and nicked the company's promise to listen to users.


Product needs, not profit, led to Microsoft layoffs

The biggest headcount reduction in Microsoft's history was driven by a need to invest in new technologies, not to boost the company's bottom line, said Jeff Teper, Microsoft's head of corporate strategy.

Microsoft cloud

Review: Microsoft's hybrid cloud storage -- overpriced, underwhelming

Microsoft's Azure StorSimple backup and DR solution offers compelling Azure integrations, but the high price and absence of local management hold it back

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How to set up 802.1X client settings in Windows

802.1X provides security for wired and Wi-Fi networks

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ISS says Microsoft’s Nadella is paid too much

A prominent advisor to big-time investors has urged clients to vote against Microsoft's pay package for its new CEO, Satya Nadella, saying his compensation is out of whack when compared to competing companies and the firm's track...

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Microsoft releases emergency patch to stymie Windows Server attacks

Microsoft today released an "out-of-band" security update to patch a vulnerability in all versions of its Windows Server software

Microsoft's defense of OneDrive changes fails to silence critics

Microsoft's explanation of why it discarded an advanced feature in OneDrive on Windows 10 failed to curb angry users' criticism.

Microsoft wants antivirus vendors to remember who the bad guys are

Competing antivirus vendors should remember that cooperation is the key to fighting malware, a top Microsoft security official said.

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Microsoft updates Windows 10, gets an earful from users about OneDrive changes

Microsoft yesterday rolled out the next update to its Windows 10 Technical Preview, but an alteration to how OneDrive, the company's cloud-based storage service, synchronizes files got a big thumbs down from users


Windows 10 Start menu secrets every desktop pro should know

We dig deep into the Windows Technical Preview Start menu to fine-tune it so that you don’t have to.

Smartphone and tablets

Top workplace tablet in U.S. runs on Windows

U.S. companies use Windows tablets slightly more than iPads and Android tablets, according to a recent Harris poll of IT decision makers.

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Microsoft open sources .Net server stack

In an effort to broaden its reach beyond Windows developers, Microsoft has released as open source the server-side components of its .Net framework and embarked on a project to port the runtime software to Linux and Mac OS.

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Microsoft fixes critical crypto flaw, strengthens encryption for older systems

Microsoft fixed a critical vulnerability in the Windows cryptographic library that could expose Windows servers to remote attacks

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November Patch Tuesday: A massive update with a few misses

This is a massive update for Microsoft Patch Tuesday with sixteen patches release for November 2014. Comparatively speaking, November has generally been a quiet month with an average five or six security updates over the past 10...

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33 bugs fixed in GIANT Patch Tuesday catch (one is from 1995)

Microsoft's trustworthy computing team has been working overtime this month: 14 patches, four are 'critical'. Among the flaws is the 'ancient' MS14-066, which affects every single supported version of Windows (and several older ones)....

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Microsoft updates EMET security tool to fix compatibility issues, harden exploit mitigations

Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit was updated Monday to harden the exploit mitigations that it adds to other programs and to address compatibility issues with some of them.

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Bill Gates sells $925M in Microsoft stock, still owns $13.6B worth

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates sold 20 million company shares in late October, but thanks to recent market gains, his portfolio was worth more than when he last sold stock.

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Say hi to Windows 8.2 — er, 10

After some weeks of playing with Windows 10, I can say it’s definitely the desktop operating system Microsoft needed to release — in 2012.

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