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As Windows 7 breaks the 1B-device mark, Microsoft's challenge will be to force it back to zero

Windows 7 has approached the user share numbers set by Windows XP six years ago, hinting that Windows 7 could persist on devices long after its 2020 retirement.

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Third build of Windows 10 in one week a sign of OS stability

The new operating system is nearing its final release.

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Microsoft confirms 'waves' roll-out of Windows 10

While at least some Insider participants -- perhaps all -- will get the final build on Wednesday, July 29, others eligible for the free upgrade will have to wait as Microsoft slowly expands distribution.

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Wi-Fi password-sharing feature in Windows 10 raises security concerns

The option would allow anyone with a network's password to share access to it with all their friends.

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Microsoft's Office 2016 preview gets real-time editing in Word and more

New features also include support for hand-written equations and providing information through Bing.

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Latest Windows 10 SDK preview helps developers build cooler photo apps

Microsoft added a handful of image and photography-related features in a new version of the Windows 10 SDK that will become will become generally available, along with the OS itself, at the end of the month.

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With a month to go, Microsoft issues new Windows 10 build with Edge browser brand

Microsoft on Monday released another build of Windows 10, the first with the Edge browser branding.

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Microsoft adds midrange Surface Pro 3 with i7 chip, 128GB storage

The new model is built for people who want more speed and don't mind less storage

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Samsung to stop Windows Update shenanigans

Samsung will stop disabling Windows Update on its PCs and tablets, bowing to complaints that it had interfered with the way users intended the patch service to work.

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Nadella's new mission for Microsoft: Help people 'achieve more'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella laid out his new mission for the company in an email sent out Thursday to all employees.

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Microsoft trumpets value of free Windows 10 upgrade in on-screen nag notice

Microsoft has changed the "Get Windows 10" ad displayed on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices to tout the value of the free upgrade in dollars and cents.

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Samsung acknowledges it changes Windows Update settings on its PCs

Samsung denied it had blocked a Windows update on its hardware but acknowledged that it was manipulating Microsoft's Windows Update, a charge leveled Tuesday by a researcher.

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Upgrading Windows Server 2003: The procrastinator's guide

Yes, this is something you really need to get going on. Here are some factors to consider in your planning.

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Samsung cripples Windows Update on its PCs, putting customers at risk

Samsung has been disabling Microsoft's Windows Update on its desktops and notebooks, leaving customers vulnerable to malware that targets already-patched vulnerabilities.

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Windows 10 reality check: Separating fact from fiction

Licensing, upgrade paths, ‘Windows as a Service’ -- here’s the lowdown on common Win10 misconceptions

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US Navy paid millions to stay on Windows XP

The U.S. Navy is paying Microsoft millions of dollars to keep up to 100,000 computers afloat because it has yet to transition away from Windows XP.

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Microsoft takes yet another shot at defining 'free' for Windows 10 testers

Monday's update was the third or fourth time, depending on how one counted, that the company attempted to kill the confusion it started Friday.

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Clear as mud: Microsoft struggles to define 'free' for Windows 10

Microsoft's Keystone Kops-like revelation that Windows 10 testers would get a free copy of the OS may be confusing compared to Apple's approach with OS X, but it reflects the complicated ecosystem Microsoft maintains.

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