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LA college pays $28,000 ransom demand; new sophisticated Spora ransomware

Los Angeles Valley College paid a $28,000 ransom demand; new 'Spora' ransomware spotted in the wild.

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Disk-wiping malware Shamoon targets virtual desktop infrastructure

A cyber sabotage program that wiped data from 30,000 computers at Saudi Arabia's national oil company in 2012 has returned and is able to target server-hosted virtual desktops.

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KillDisk evolves into ransomware

A malicious program called KillDisk, which has been used in the past to wipe data from computers during cyberespionage attacks, is now encrypting files and asking for an unusually large ransom.

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Ransomware arrives on smart TVs

Over the Christmas holiday week, a user reported the first in-the-wild case of a ransomware attack that infected an Android-based smart TV.

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Trump ‘knows things’ others don’t about Russian hacking

President-elect Donald Trump knows 'things that other people don’t know' about Russian hacking and claimed he will reveal more this week.

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Critical flaw in PHPMailer library puts millions of websites at risk

A critical remote code execution vulnerability in PHPMailer, one of the most widely used PHP email sending libraries, could put millions of websites at risk of hacking.

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Group that hacked the DNC also infiltrated Ukrainian artillery units

The cyberespionage group blamed for hacking into the Democratic National Committee also infiltrated the Ukrainian military through a trojanized Android application used by artillery units.

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Panasonic angrily refutes report about hacking its airplane entertainment systems

Panasonic angrily refutes report about in-flight entertainment system security flaws after report suggested it is theoretically possible to hack airplane entertainment systems which are used by numerous airlines.

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Ransomware became one of the top threats to enterprises this year

Ransomware creators are increasingly targeting companies and other organizations, sometimes using techniques borrowed from cyberespionage attacks, because they're likely to pay more money for their data.

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Ransomware-fighting coalition adds members and decryption tools

The No More Ransom project, a coalition of law enforcement and security companies, has expanded with 30 new members and added 32 new decryption tools for various ransomware variants.


Malvertising campaign targets routers and every device connected to router

Researchers warned that cyber-savvy crooks are using a malvertising campaign that infects routers and Android devices. If a router gets pwned, then all connected devices also get pwned.

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Ransomware may turn victims into attackers, infect 2 others and decryption is free

In the world of ever-evolving ransomware, one recently spotted variant is like doxware -- pay up or your passwords and files are leaked online; another has a 'nasty' option to infect two other people and have your files decrypted for...

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Ransomware attacks against businesses jumped 3X in 2016

The number of ransomware attacks targeting companies increased threefold from January to September, affecting one in every five businesses worldwide.

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Latest Android security update fixes Dirty COW, GPS vulnerabilities

The monthly Android security update released this week fixes the serious Dirty COW privilege escalation attack that could allow malicious apps to take full control of devices.

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Millions of routers allegedly backdoored with malware that can’t be removed

One of the hackers purportedly responsible for a zombie army of Mirai-infected IoT devices, claimed he have infected millions of routers with malicious firmware which can't be removed; a victim's only recourse is to trash the router.

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Backdoor accounts found in 80 Sony IP security camera models

Many network security cameras made by Sony could be taken over by hackers and infected with botnet malware if their firmware is not updated to the latest version.

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Is antivirus software dead at last?

The debate about whether antivirus software is still useful has been going on for a few years now. This technology was once the mainstay of the security efforts for most businesses and home users. The challenge of late is the ability...

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New botnet launching daily massive DDoS attacks

CloudFlare spotted a new botnet in the wild which launched massive DDoS attacks aimed at the US West Coast for 10 days in a row.

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