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Attackers use rogue proxies to hijack HTTPS traffic

A new attack analyzed by malware researchers from Microsoft uses Word documents with malicious code that configures browsers to use a web proxy controlled by attackers.

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New ransomware threat deletes files from Linux web servers

A destructive ransomware program deletes files from web servers and asks administrators for money to return them, though it's not clear if attackers can actually deliver on this promise.

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Two state election systems attacked, FBI suspects ‘foreign hackers’

FBI warned of two state election systems being attacked, Illinois and Arizona, and advised states to search for similar 'foreign hacker' activity in their logs.

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Sophisticated malware possibly tied to recent ATM heists in Thailand

Security researchers have found a sophisticated malware program that may have been used recently by a gang of hackers to steal more than $350,000 from ATMs in Thailand.

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Despite billions spent on cybersecurity, companies aren’t truly safe from hacks

Last year, private-sector companies globally spent more than $75 billion on security software to safeguard their systems and data. Has all that spending made private sector data and systems any safer?


Malware alert: Dump on WikiLeaks contained over 3,000 malicious files

Malware expert Vesselin Bontchev discovered 323 malware instances in his first scan of WikiLeaks' email dump from Turkey’s ruling political party; he listed 3,277 in his second report. WikiLeaks quietly 'neutered' some of the malware....

Malware steals payment card data from PoS

Eddie Bauer is latest retailer to be hit by point-of-sale malware

Sportswear retailer Eddie Bauer informed customers that point-of-sale systems at its stores were hit by malware, enabling the theft of payment card information.

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The NSA's hoard of cyber weapons makes some experts nervous

The disclosure this week of a cache of files supposedly stolen from the National Security Agency has put a spotlight on secret cyber weapons the NSA has been holding -- and whether they should be disclosed.

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Alleged NSA data dump contains hacking tools rarely seen

A stolen cache of files that may belong to the National Security Agency contains genuine hacking tools that not only work, but show a level of sophistication rarely seen.

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1.4 billion Android devices vulnerable to hijacking thanks to Linux TCP bug

8 out of 10 Android devices vulnerable to spying since they are vulnerable to the Linux TCP bug.

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Cerber ransomware rakes in cash by recruiting unskilled hackers

A ransomware strain has been making a pretty penny by opening its doors to unskilled hackers and then sharing the profits.


Hacking group purportedly hacked NSA-linked Equation Group, auctioning cyber weapons

A group going by the Shadow Brokers claim to have hacked the Equation Group, which is believed to be linked to the NSA, and is auctioning off the 'best' cyber weapons.

New features in Windows 10 laptop

Respect: Windows 10's security impresses hackers

Windows is a popular attack target for criminals and researchers alike, but Microsoft has done a good job of making it harder to target security flaws in the OS

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HEI Hotels reports point-of-sale terminals breach

HEI Hotels & Resorts has reported a possible compromise of payment card information at its point-of-sale terminals, the latest in a string of attacks on such systems at hotels, hospitals and retailers.

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Thugs developing cat-themed ransomware for Androids and Hitler ransomware for PCs

Cat-themed ransomware targeting Androids can encrypt files and silently steal text messages; Hitler ransomware targeting PCs demands payment via a gift card; after one hour, the user's files are deleted.

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Adware can turn a profit for those who sneak it into downloads

If you've ever downloaded software, chances are you've experienced an all-too-common surprise: ads or other unwanted programs that tagged along for the ride, only to pop up on your PC uninvited. Turns out there's a highly lucrative...

IoT thermostat ransomware

Hackers demonstrated first ransomware for IoT thermostats at DEF CON

Ransomware-infected smart thermostats, it's no longer hypothetical. An attacker could crank up the heat and lock the IoT device until a ransom was paid to unlock it.

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Researcher hides stealthy malware inside legitimate digitally signed files

A new technique allows attackers to hide malicious code inside digitally signed files without breaking their signatures, and then to load that code directly into the memory of another process.

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