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Fraud gang targeted large European companies

spying eye

Group uses Windows hotpatching method for malware

A cyberespionage group active in Asia has been leveraging a Windows feature known as hotpatching in order to better hide its malware from security products.

Dogspectus ransomware for Android

Dogspectus: Android ransomware silently installs, demands $200 iTunes gift card ransom

Dogspectus is a ransomware that silently installs on Android devices, via malvertising and a Hacking Team exploit, then demands a ransom of $200 in iTunes gift cards.

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Malvertising attack infects old Android devices with ransomware

Attackers are using two known exploits to silently install ransomware on older Android devices when their owners browse to websites that load malicious advertisements.

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This tool can block ransomware on Mac OS X, for now

A security researcher has created a free security tool that can detect attempts by ransomware programs to encrypt files on users' Macs and then block them before they do a lot of damage.

point of sale credit card reader

New point-of-sale malware Multigrain steals card data over DNS

A new memory scraping malware program steals payment card data from point-of-sale (PoS) terminals and sends it back to attackers using the Domain Name System (DNS).

Google partially dangerous safe browsing

FAIL: Google said was 'partially dangerous'

A Google 'Safe Browsing' report said was 'partially dangerous' for more than 24 hours. Yeah, yeah, hilarious fail, but there is a serious side to the story...


Audits: pain or gain?

Why your business needs internal and external safeguards to protect your investment

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Hybrid GozNym malware targets customers of 24 financial institutions

A group of cybercriminals have combined two powerful malware programs to create a new online banking Trojan that has already stolen million dollars from customers of 24 U.S. and Canadian banks.

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Ransomware authors use the bitcoin blockchain to deliver encryption keys

Ransomware authors are using the bitcoin blockchain, which serves as the cryptocurrency's public transaction ledger, to deliver encryption keys to users.


Cryptoworms: The future of ransomware hell

If you think ransomware is growing problem now, then the cryptoworms that are 'right around the corner' and described as the future of ransomware by researchers sound like a living hell.

Apple iPhone FBI San Bernadino

Your taxes paid Apple hackers to crack terror iPhone for FBI, say sources

Updated x2: The Apple iPhone 5c said to contain evidence about San Bernadino terror suspects is on the news agenda yet again. This time around, we're told that the FBI gave money to hackers for help -- can you be serious?

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Experts crack Petya ransomware, enable hard-drive decryption for free

Security experts have devised a method that allows users to recover data from computers infected with the Petya ransomware program without paying money to cybercriminals.

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Petya ransomware cracked: Get password to decrypt hard drive for free

The Petya ransomware lock screen warned that your hard drive was encrypted with a military grade encryption algorithm and the only way to unlock it was to cough up the bitcoins to purchase a decryption key. But that’s no longer true;...

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Malware is getting nastier, but that shouldn’t matter

Sure, cybercriminals are always improving their wares, but nothing has changed about how our machines actually get infected.

Adobe Systems Adobe Flash Player ransomware

Just say NO to Adobe Flash Player -- emergency patch vs. Cerber ransomware

Flash Player gets another emergency patch—this time, Adobe Systems is warning of a ransomware attack, exploiting a bug in the beleaguered software. So should you install the patch, or just uninstall Flash Player? What do you think…

Security online

Adobe fixes 24 vulnerabilities in Flash Player, including an actively exploited one

Adobe Systems released a security update for Flash Player to fix 24 critical vulnerabilities, including one that hackers have been exploiting to infect computers with ransomware over the past week.

adobe flash player v10 icon

The latest Flash zero-day was used to spread Cerber ransomware

The latest zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Systems' Flash player has been used over the past few days to distribute ransomware called Cerber, email security vendor Proofpoint said.

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Your car's computers might soon get malware protection

A start-up company called Karamba Security has developed malware prevention technology for the externally connected electronic control units (ECUs) found in cars.

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