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15 tips every mac user should know

15 tips every Mac user should know

I hope this selection of useful tips will offer most Mac users something they've not seen before.

apple is about to resurrect the dying pc industry

Apple is about to resurrect the dying PC industry

Mac sales aren't slumping. They're just resting.

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Both Apple and Microsoft take tumble in Gartner's latest device forecast

Shipments of devices powered by Apple's and Microsoft's operating systems will end 2016 down from the year before, research firm Gartner said this week.

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Apple to no longer 'trust' Chinese certificate authority

Following a Mozilla-led investigation that found multiple problems in the SSL certificate issuance process of WoSign, a China-based certificate authority, Apple will make modifications to the iOS and macOS to block future certificates...

will next years ipads be faster than macs

Will next year’s iPads be faster than Macs?

Apple chip speculation is creating all kinds of interesting possibilities: ARM-based Macs? macOS on iPad? Something seems to be happening...

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Apple adopts Windows 10 tactic to auto-download Sierra to Macs

Apple today began automatically downloading macOS Sierra to Macs that have yet to upgrade, taking a step that rival Microsoft was criticized for last year.

The Evolution of Mac OS X [cover]

The evolution of Mac OS X

Apple's desktop operating system, Mac OS X, has been the staple crop for its iMacs and MacBooks. Here we go back to where it all began in 2001.


An essential MacBook user battery condition guide

What to do to keep your batteries in the best possible state, and how to tell what state they are in.

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Apple's new macOS Sierra fixes over 60 security flaws

Aside from new and interesting features, macOS Sierra 10.12 has a large number of important security fixes.

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Apple delivers free macOS Sierra upgrade

As expected, Apple today released Sierra, 2016's edition of the Mac's operating system.

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Hands on: ‘Siri, what’s new in macOS Sierra?’

Sierra, the new version of Apple's macOS operating system, offers a number of new features, including its voice-activated assistant Siri.

the essential macos sierra upgrade guide

The essential macOS Sierra upgrade guide

Get ready for the next generation of macOS with this essential upgrade guide

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Apple Pay coming to 200,000-plus websites, not just in-store or in-app

Apple Pay on websites launched on Tuesday with the release of iOS 10 and will hit Mac desktops when macOS Sierra launches next week.


Perhaps it is time Apple set macOS X free

Have we reached the point where it makes sense to license macOS?

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Apple to spring macOS Sierra on Sept. 20

Apple will release Sierra, this year's edition of the Mac's operating system, on Sept. 20.

8 more macos sierra features youll use

8 more macOS Sierra features you’ll use

A taste of what Mac users are looking forward to

Apple security

Apple quashes 3 zero-days with emergency Mac update

Apple on Thursday issued an emergency security update for the Mac, patching the same trio of vulnerabilities the company already fixed on the iPhone.


Expect an Apple ‘Back to the Mac’ event this year

Big news for Mac users as reporter claims big Mac releases soon.

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