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10 steps to improve contacts in os x el capitan

mac app store

Apple apologizes to Mac devs for App Store certificate screw-up

Apple has apologized to developers for the snafu that sent Mac users scrambling last week to reboot and re-enter Mac App Store credentials when their apps refused to launch.

what to do when os x recovery disk doesnt come through

What to do when OS X Recovery Mode lets you down

Different ways to use Recovery Mode to fix a broken OS X Mac

Tim Cook at Apple event

Apple CEO rejects notion of iOS-powered laptops

Apple CEO Tim Cook has again rejected the idea of following in the footsteps of rival Microsoft and building a laptop that runs Apple's iOS.

mac app store

Lapsed Apple certificate triggers massive Mac app fiasco

A lapsed Apple digital certificate today triggered a massive app fiasco that prevented Mac users from running software they'd purchased from the Mac App Store.

OS X El Capitan installation

Mac owners upgrade to OS X El Capitan at record rate

Apple's OS X El Capitan got off to the fastest-ever one-month start for a Mac operating system.

10 things you probably didnt know about apples latest imacs

10 things you probably didn’t know about Apple’s latest iMacs

From the display to the calibration, here are some lesser-known iMac facts.

apple ibm

‘Every Mac we buy is making and saving IBM money’ - IBM

In a large scale enterprise deployment, is the TCO of a Mac becoming lower than that of a PC?

os x disk util main

6 Disk Utility changes in El Capitan

Disk Utility has remained more or less the same for years, but Apple has given the much-loved maintenance tool a big overhaul in El Capitan.

Scam definition

Tech support scammers put Mac owners in crosshairs

Technical support scammers have begun targeting Mac owners, adding them to much larger pool of potential victims running Windows because Apple's operating system has been relatively untouched by malware.

7 key improvements in apples latest os updates

7 key improvements in Apple’s latest OS updates

These are the seven biggest changes in Apple’s latest series of point upgrades

OS X El Capitan installation

Apple updates OS X El Capitan to 10.11.1 with fix for Office 2016 crashes

Apple today released OS X 10.11.1, the first update for El Capitan, and implied that the refresh includes a fix for the problems users of Microsoft's Office 2016 for Mac have reported.

how to use magic trackpad 2 with desktop macs

How to use Magic Trackpad 2 with desktop Macs

Apple's latest user interface enhancement is now available across its iOS and OS X range.

ibm tells us why it support hate macs

Now we know why IT support hate Macs

The latest IBM report is attracting attention because, it pretty much tells any open-minded person that Macs are a better deal, even in the enterprise.

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

Is Apple's security honeymoon on OS X ending?

Apple scored unforgettable hits against Microsoft with its Mac vs. PC ads, which anthropomorphized Windows as a sneezing, miserable office worker.

os x el capitan a quick guide to fixing mail

A quick guide to fixing El Capitan Mail problems

Mail problems got you down? Try these tips to keep the emails going.

iMacs 2015

Apple boosts iMac screen resolution, lowers price of top-end 27-in. machine by 8%

Apple today refreshed its iMac desktop family, adding a higher-resolution display option to its entry-level 21.5-in. all-in-one and making the "Retina 5K" screens standard on all the larger 27-in. models.

10 ways os x el capitan spotlight search

8 El Capitan Spotlight search tips you need

You’ll want to learn these search tips.

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

Apple removes apps from store that could spy on data traffic

Apple on Thursday removed several apps from its store that it said could pose a security risk by exposing a person's Web traffic to untrusted sources.

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