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Apple 9/9 invite
10 apple rumors that never happened

hey siri why cant i use you on a mac

Hey Cortana, why can’t I use Siri on a Mac?

You can use Cortana on a Mac, but not Siri. Why does this make sense?

Windows 10's usage share growth slows

Windows 10's usage share closes in on OS X's

Less than four weeks after its official release, Windows 10 has come close to -- but has yet to surpass -- the global usage share of Apple's OS X.

Screen with a big X, showing OS X being installed.

Italian teen finds two zero-day vulnerabilities in OS X

The exploit he developed yields root access.

5 predictions for the next gen macbook air

7 predictions for the next-gen MacBook Air

With an updated MacBook Air possible fall, speculation is already well under way about what Apple will do.

7 mac migration dangers to avoid

CIO: 7 Mac migration dangers to avoid

Apple’s offer to the enterprise is better than it has ever been, so what should CIOs switching to the OS X platform watch out for when they migrate?

3 less known apple mail features

3 less-known Apple Mail features

Apple's Mail has a variety of features like MailDrop and Markup that even regular users might not realize are available to them.

mackeeper 2

MacKeeper customers can file a claim to get their money back

Customers of the oft-criticized security and performance program MacKeeper have until Nov. 30 to file a claim for reimbursement, the result of a proposed class-action suit settlement.

yosemite el capitan

Crooks exploit public bug to plant adware on Yosemite Macs

The vulnerability installs adware and junkware, but so far hasn't been exploited for more serious attacks.

el capitan public beta installer icon

Apple picks up OS X El Capitan's development pace

Apple's OS X El Capitan has been on a faster tempo of preview releases than its 2014 predecessor, signaling that the upgrade for the Mac could launch later this month or in September.


In a huge move, IBM begins pitching Apple Macs for enterprise IT

The loser now will be later to win. The times they are a-changin'

11 force click tricks for mac users

11 Force Touch commands for Mac users

May the Force (Click) be with you

mac os how to uninstall flash and why we all should

Mac OS: How to uninstall Flash (and why we all should)

Adobe Flash needs to be put to sleep. It's the only kind thing to do.

Apple Music

Downbeat: Apple Music not a hit with watchdogs, senators, and bloggers

Yesterday wasn't a good day for Apple's streaming music service. A consumer watchdog group, a U.S. senator, and a popular blogger weren't praising Apple Music, they were, in effect, burying it...


Reasons behind Apple's growth in the enterprise

Chris Pearson, CEO of JAMF Software, chats with Computerworld at the MacIT Conference about the reasons why Apple is making in-roads into enterprise environments beyond the traditional markets.

el capitan macbook desktop

As Apple desktop use grows, IT adapts

The popularity of iPhones and iPads has yielded more enterprise use of Mac desktops and laptops, particularly among Millennials.

pc data is meaningless

PC market data is meaningless without mobile

The big picture: The computer world has undergone rapid transformation brought about by the increasing use, power and versatility of mobile devices.

Apple beta

Apple goes public with iOS 9, OS X El Capitan betas

Apple today released public betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, giving non-developers a chance to preview a major release of its mobile operating system and replicating the practice of last year for its Mac OS.

el capitan

Apple sticks to schedule, releases second El Capitan beta

Apple today released the second developer preview of OS X 10.11, El Capitan, matching the pace of last year's Yosemite to the day.

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