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Mac sales tumble 12% in second-biggest downturn since '07

Apple sold 4 million Macs in the March quarter, a 12% decline from the same period a year ago and a larger contraction than for the PC business as a whole.

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7 hard to find controls in Apple's Mail

What are the secrets of the apps you use daily?


2016 MacBook review: Portable performance

For a lot of people, the MacBook is the ideal laptop. It’s light, small, easy to carry, and offers good performance for productivity software.

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This tool can block ransomware on Mac OS X, for now

A security researcher has created a free security tool that can detect attempts by ransomware programs to encrypt files on users' Macs and then block them before they do a lot of damage.

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Apple's emphasis on security makes ARM-powered Macs 'inevitable'

Apple's focus on security means it will eventually offer Macs equipped with an ARM processor, Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bavarian said.


Apple slates WWDC for June 13-16

Apple has set June 13-16 as the dates for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, and for the third straight year will draw tickets using a lottery.

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Outdated Git version in OS X puts developers at risk

The OS X command line developer tools include an old version of the Git source code management system that exposes Mac users to remote code execution attacks.

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Apple may rebrand OS X as 'MacOS' this summer

Apple may be preparing to rebrand its OS X operating system as MacOS.

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Chrome abandons XP, Vista and older versions of OS X

Google released Chrome 50, and as promised last year, dropped support for Windows XP and Vista, along with three older editions of Apple's OS X.

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Quicken pilots hosted personal finance, dips toe in subscription waters

Quicken is now soliciting testers for a cloud-hosted edition of its namesake personal finance software.

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The minimalist guide to Back to My Mac

Possibly the most useful feature you’ve never used

the minimalist guide to mac system preferences

The minimalist guide to Mac System Preferences

You’ll dance through preferences with these lesser-known tips

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Quicken aims to restore glory days

The newly-independent Quicken hopes to reverse years of neglect by its former parent Intuit, CEO Eric Dunn said.

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Windows comes up third in OS clash two years early

Microsoft's Windows, which in 2015 fell to third place among the world's operating systems, will continue to lose share this year to Android and Apple's combined OS X and iOS.

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Why I don't subscribe to Apple Music

Armed with a library of more than 30 million songs, a 24-hour radio station and a potential audience of hundreds of millions, Apple Music seemed like a sure thing for music fans. Not me.

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Apple mimics other browser makers, produces Safari developer preview

Apple today released its first developer preview of Safari for OS X that gives website designers and app creators a continuous sneak peek of the browser.


10 more OS X El Capitan tips Mac users will use

These are some of the best Mac tips, if you don’t use them already it's not too late to learn them.

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OS X tips and tricks

These utilities, tricks and tips will make life with El Capitan, also known as OS X 10, much easier. Courtesy of Mac guru Jonny Evans.

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