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Google street view Mont Blanc
Dennis Crowley Foursquare

your apple watch will know where youre sitting before you do

Soon your Apple Watch will know more than you do

Apple quietly launches an indoor positioning app for iOS

sygic gps navigation phone app jan 2014

Why the FCC’s 911 locating mandate was a colossal failure

The FCC is setting itself up for yet another failure. New rules for indoor locating hold operators responsible for things they don’t control.

New Android Maps Your Timeline feature

'Your Timeline' in Android Maps: Google knows EVERYTHING about you

Yikes: Google is rolling out a new Maps feature for Android called Your Timeline -- if for no other reason than to showcase its all-seeing, all-knowing, data gathering omnipotence...

Being stalked

Use Facebook Messenger? Marauders Map app can pinpoint your location to within 3 feet

Stalkers will likely rejoice as a new app can help them do more than creep on Facebook friends as it can pinpoint the precise location of non-friends if they use Messenger to post to the same group and the sender hasn't disabled...

how sir jony ive could use ios 8 to remember his passport

How Sir Jony Ive might use iOS 8 to remember his passport

Geofencing is an iOS feature that’s likely to see significant improvement in iOS 9.

apple coherent navigation maps

iPhone 7 to get iGPS? Apple secretly buys Coherent Navigation, Inc.

New iPhone 7 feature helps you find yourself, precisely. Apple acquisition of Coherent Navigation gets us there...

augmented reality apps

Location-based apps' next frontier: Indoors

Using your smartphone to get around inside will become increasingly popular, analysts say, everywhere from your own home to hospitals, hotels and other types of businesses.

ibm apple

IBM brings location awareness to MobileFirst apps

Enterprise apps built with IBM's MobileFirst management and development platform can now be made more aware of their surroundings.

People working in a call center 131581032

The top 10 U.S. locations for service centers

Outside of China or India, Syracuse, N.Y., may be the top location in the U.S. to establish a service center, according to a new report.

facebook place tips

Facebook tests delivering tips about your location

Facebook is getting closer to territory occupied by Yelp and Foursquare by testing a new service that will provide users with recommendations about their locations.

SpaceCurve rethinks databases for the real-time geospatial era

Seattle startup SpaceCurve on Tuesday will release a new database system aimed at speeding the process of analyzing location-oriented data as it's being generated.

reality mining mit places friends most often meet credit mit media lab

Key to productivity: A good place to gossip

Detailed analysis of office worker activities shows those who hang out and talk are far more productive than loners

copresence a bumped up airdrop

Copresence -- a BUMP up from AirDrop?

Copresence is the name of a technology recently discovered referenced inside Google Play and Chrome APIs. Bloggers know it exists but sure of little else. Is Copresence intended as a way for mobile users to share files and location...

17 ways to hate Microsoft Outlook 2013 less

Few software products draw such universal -- and deserved -- scorn as Outlook 2013. Here’s how to tame the beast.

13 Tools for Web Developers to Use on Android Devices

Android mobile devices, while not typically thought of as places where development work gets done, can offer surprisingly useful apps to help developers get the job done, anywhere.

Zut alors! SEO outlawed in France (so avoid Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret)

Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret gags French blogger Caroline Doudet. A French bar got fed up of its lousy reviews, so it fixed its food and service. No, wait, the other thing: It took a food blogger to court, to shut her up....

17 Siri tips for Apple's iOS 7

While you wait for Apple's iOS 8 Siri improvements it makes sense to make sure we're getting the best from what the voice assistant already offers through these short tips. Ear for Siri Use the Play/Pause button on your earphones...

Katharine the white shark crashes research site's servers

Katharine, a 14-foot electronically tagged white shark, has become so popular with visitors to a shark-tracking site that she's now routinely crashing servers.

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