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Puppet and Chef make way for Docker

Docker’s rapid adoption has resulted in more than 460,000 containerized applications. Does that level of container-based penetration signal the beginning of the end for the Puppet and Chef IT automation platforms? I believe so.

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Skype sets a course for the cloud, ditching some apps on the way

Skype is leaving behind its peer-to-peer roots and going all in on the cloud. While the popular messaging app made it this far by facilitating connections between computers for video calls and other communications, it's moving to a...

Slideshow - Can You Name these Linux Distributions? [cover]

Can you name these Linux distributions?

Linux has over 250 distributions. Here are 25 of them -- can you ID them given a couple clues?


Unix tip: Arranging data and running commands with xargs

Useful things that you can do on the command line with xargs

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Save Hundreds On The Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle - Deal Alert

Packed with over 100 hours of instruction, this bundle will help you dive into Linux, the popular open-source operating system, and is currently on sale over 90% off its typical price.

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Microsoft launches new Skype for Linux and Chrome

Linux and Chromebook users now have new versions of Skype to play with. Microsoft launched an alpha version of a new client for Linux on Wednesday morning, in a push to get users of the open source operating system video calling and...


Happy Birthday! Linux turns 25

Linux reaches the age of 25 with more than ten times that number of distributions to date. Can any of us wrap our brains around where it has gone and what it has become?

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Review: Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS shines

Latest Ubuntu Server lays the foundation for higher speeds and greater density with Snap packages, LXD containers and ZFS storage.

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A career in Unix: The best and the worst

Attributes of jobs that are worth loving

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Microsoft's open sourcing of .NET hits a major milestone

Microsoft's open source programming language push reached a new milestone as the company announced the general availability of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0.

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Chomping down on bash's brace expansion

Brace expansion is one of the features of bash that is either never used or is one of its users favorite commands. The difference likely lies in unraveling the syntax just enough to understand how it works.

Fedora GNOME Workstation

Say hello to Fedora 24, a Linux OS for a containerized world

Fedora 24 is the first 2016 release from the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project, and it made its debut on Tuesday. Included in the software are several key new features for enterprises. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

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Unix aliases for good and evil

Unix aliases are generally extremely helpful, but watch out -- they can be used for mischievous ends.

Shipping containers

ContainerX introduces new enterprise container platform

Enterprises interested in tapping container technology now have a brand-new option for managing it: ContainerX, a multitenant container-as-a-service platform for both Linux and Windows.

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Unix history your way

You can't change history, but you can change the way it's displayed

Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming in the next Linux Mint

The beta version of Linux Mint 18 'Sarah' made its debut this week, and a final release won't be far behind. Here's a look at what's coming to this popular free and open-source operating system.

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Text for Linux users who just happen to be standing on their heads

Have you ever wanted to display messages on your screen so that you could read them standing on your head? Of course not, but you can!

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EZ conversions on Unix

Converting numbers to different numeric bases is easy on the Unix command line. Just learn a little syntax or stash your conversion commands in a script.

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