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book of r

Book review -- The Book of R: A First Course in Programming and Statistics

A hefty book that's going to teach you both programming and statistical analysis in less than 800 pages

linus torvalds

Why Linux pioneer Linus Torvalds prefers x86 over ARM

At last week's Linaro Connect conference, Linus Torvalds said he preferred x86 because of the supporting ecosystem and infrastructure, something ARM lacks.

Linux Tux

Today's another milestone day for Linux

Aug. 25 may be Linux's official birthday, but Oct. 5 is in many ways the day it began to make a real mark on the world.


Unix tips: Saving time by repeating history

Clever use of history commands to help you move faster on the Unix command line.


How NOT to manage passwords

Managing password resets without making headlines


Unix tips: Making troubleshooting with lsof easier

The lsof command has so many options that you may not be making good use of it. Let's look at ways that you can make it work better for you.

dell xps13

Windows 10 haters: Try Linux on Kaby Lake chips with Dell's new XPS 13

Rejoice Linux fans; the OS will work on laptops with Intel's Kaby Lake chips.


Unix commands: Troubleshooting with lsof

There's more to the lsof command than you might imagine. Check out all the ways that it can be used to help you with your troubleshooting.

100515 microsoft linux

Azure Service Fabric enters public beta for Linux workloads

Developers who want help running Linux- and Java-based microservice applications will have a new Microsoft service to take for a spin, starting later this month.

open source alternatives routing firewall 1

Review: 5 open-source alternatives for routers/firewalls

These open-source products deliver simple routing and networking features, like DHCP and DNS. Plus, they have security functionality, starting with a basic firewall and possibly including antivirus, antispam and Web filtering.

future of .NET apps

What should you do with your .NET apps?

'The .NET Core has brought a renaissance in .NET,' says Scott Hunter, a member of the .NET engineering team. But that doesn’t mean you should port your existing apps.


Dealing with Unix arguments

Just about all you need to know about arguments in scripts and on the command line

malware attack cyberespionage code hacker

Stealthy, sneaky rootkit targets Linux systems on ARM and x86

Security researchers have identified a new family of Linux rootkits that despite running from user mode, can be hard to detect and remove.

Linux Tux

Suspect arrested in 5-year-old breach

Five years after a security breach forced the Linux Foundation to take offline and to rebuild several of its servers, police have arrested a suspect in the case.

openSUSE Linux

A new OpenSUSE Linux is coming to town, and it's all about stability

The first beta version of OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 is now available, giving enterprises and other stability-minded users the chance to check it out and get a taste of what's coming.


Linux's brilliant career, in pictures

Aug. 25 marks the 25th anniversary of Linux, the free and open source operating system that's used around the globe in smarphones, tablets, desktop PCs, servers, supercomputers and more.

Linux kernel development

Another day, another 4,600 lines of Linux kernel code

The Linux kernel is improving faster than ever, gaining 7.8 patches per hour and 4,600 lines of new code every day.


EZ file extraction on Unix

Put all the commands you need for extracting from archives in a script and you'll never find yourself scrambling for the right syntax

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