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shell settings

Making your command line more helpful and fun!

You can do a lot more with your command line font colors than turn them on and off. How about picking your own colors? How about customizing your prompt so that it balks when you make a mistake?

ubuntu 16.04 canonical

Meet the new Ubuntu: A Linux release tailor-made for enterprises

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS is out, and its extended support makes it particularly suitable for businesses. Here's an overview of what you can expect to find.


Getting the most from ifconfig

If you haven't examined all the lines in the ifconfig output, you might find that there's more data there than you expected.

bash windows 10

How to get Bash running on Windows

Microsoft released a beta build of Windows 10 with support for running the popular Bash shell. Here's how to get it set up.


How to Set Up Bash in Windows 10

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a version of its operating system that lets users try out Linux on Windows 10. Here's how to get it set up.

relativity abhinaba basu

Filename arguments passed to scripts: Are they absolute or relative?

When a script is passed a file name as an argument, how can you tell if it's relative or absolute?


Looking into system performance: The artistry of top

The top command's many options allow you to be creative when you're looking into system performance

ubuntu tablet convergence

First Ubuntu tablet available for pre-order

Canonical's first convergence device is here with the ability to switch between a desktop and mobile device, similar to Microsoft's Lumia 950 and 950XL.


Ad hoc logging with logger

Logger makes it easy to add custom messages to your system log files.

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Here's a look Inside Dell's strategy for Linux PCs

In a world of PCs dominated by Windows and Macs, Dell's line of "Project Sputnik" laptops with Ubuntu Linux have secured a cult following.

pi day

A Postlude on Pi Day

One simple command on a Linux system lets you calculate pi to as many digits as you have the patience to wait for

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Red Hat Linux to run on Qualcomm server chips

In an effort to exploit advanced features on its server chips and appeal to as many developers as possible, Qualcomm is working with Red Hat to port a version of the Enterprise Linux Server for ARM Development Preview.

mirror image shannon kringen

Having your way with rsync

With the right group of options, you can get rsync to do just what you want and nothing more

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Microsoft is bringing SQL Server to Linux

SQL Server, one of the most popular pieces of database server software, and a crown jewel of Microsoft's enterprise software empire, is coming to Linux. Seriously.

synch wires theilr

Sinking your teeth into rsync

Rsync is a lot more versatile than you might imagine and is a super tool for synchronizing your systems

coreos alex polvi ceo

CoreOS CEO sees containers as just the beginning

Containers are revolutionizing enterprise IT in much the way smartphones have transformed the world of consumer technology, but there's still much more to come.

figlet shs

9 really odd Linux commands

Nine commands that do some very unusual things on Linux systems. Some could actually prove useful.

linux ransom

That Linux flaw may be fixed, but what about your containers?

Countless patching efforts are now under way for the years-old bug discovered in the GNU C Library this week, but organizations that use container technology shouldn't relax just yet.

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