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processes peter morville

Half a dozen ways to look at Unix processes

Gain insights into the processes running on your Unix servers with familiar and unusual commands.

Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM processors

Linaro touts go-to Linux-based software stack for ARM servers

Linaro is pushing a new open-source Software Reference Platform that will provide easy access to firmware and common software tools for easy integration of ARM servers in data centers.

digging dog deb

Digging into your Linux system's hardware

The dmidecode command can tell you a lot more about your Linux server's hardware than you'd ever want to know

IBM's new S822LC Linux Power server

IBM's Power systems biz is growing again

A few years ago, you wouldn't have bet on IBM Power systems having much of a future. But a new strategy to embrace Linux and open up the platform is starting to pay off.

leap into the void macinate

Sending data into the void with /dev/null

The inside scoop on the infamous "bit bucket". Maybe even something you don't already know.

Linux tux penguin

Linux kernel flaw endangers millions of PCs, servers and Android devices

A three-year-old vulnerability in the Linux kernel could allow attackers to take full control over Linux-based PCs, servers, Android phones and other embedded devices. Patches will be available this week.

Digital Key

Third time is no charm for failed Linux ransomware creators

Researchers found a flaw that allows them to decrypt files affected by a new version of Linux.Encoder, a file-encrypting ransomware program that infects Linux Web servers.

IoT data challenges

Review: 7 data recovery tools for every data disaster

From resurrecting lost photos to recovering RAID arrays, these utilities can bring your data back from the dead.


The Endless Mini $79 PC: A desktop for the masses

The $79 Endless Mini is a Linux desktop that assumes you don't have an Internet connection -- so it tries to store as much of it as it can on the box itself.

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10 offbeat, odd, and downright weird places you'll find Linux

Why worry about the desktop when you've conquered everything else?

GNU Linux GRUB backspace 28

Linux Grub massive flaw: Was it made by NSA in 2009?

GNU/Linux has a massive flaw in Grub, its ubiquitous bootloader. Just by hitting a few keys, you can completely pwn a Linux box—including many embedded devices...

hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Grub2 bootloader flaw leaves locked-down Linux computers at risk

Pressing the backspace key 28 times can bypass the Grub2 bootloader's password protection and allow a hacker to install malware on a locked-down Linux system.

options sasquatch i

Changing how bash behaves

Using the shopt built-in, you can change the nature of bash

100515 microsoft linux

Microsoft continues to embrace Linux with new Azure certification

Microsoft and the Linux Foundation have teamed up to offer a certification for managing Linux systems in the Azure cloud.

A businessman connects two power cords.

Red Hat pursuing Java-Node.js connection

Red Hat envisions a world in which the two environments co-exist, and the company wants to drive the integration


What's so special about 2147483648?

We might just run out of time!

penguinadmin 2400px

Review: 5 memory debuggers for Linux coding

When you're working in Linux, manually debugging memory-related errors can be difficult and time consuming. These five tools can help.

20151027 red hat logo

Red Hat delivers more container love in its latest Linux update

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 is now generally available, with new additions focusing on containers, security, networking and system administration.

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