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Sadly, we're pretty sure she HAS done this before

This IT pilot fish gets a new user set up with email, then asks if she needs help learning how to use it. Her response: 'Oh no, I've done this before.'

Drawing a blank

This organization has several laptops available for employees to borrow as needed for meetings and other uses, and has used the same instructions for ten years. Guess who has a problem with that?

Just like it says on the screen

This company has rolled out thin clients for its users, and mostly that's worked fine -- but for one power user it's a problem.

Alternate workaround: Turn up the heat

It's the depths of a particularly frigid midwestern winter when this executive approaches an IT support tech complaining that there's something wrong with her smartphone, reports a pilot fish on the scene. "This was not a...

We DO trust users -- that's why we have failsafes

This company decides to give its board members iPads so they can receive and review reports and requests prior to each monthly meeting, says a pilot fish who's part of the project. "The information emailed to each board member...

2014's hottest IT certification

In the world of technology, the certifications and skills that organizations need to keep pace is constantly shifting. To help you find the most valuable certifications to advance your tech career, we spoke with David Foote, Chief...

Business mentoring

IT puts millennials to work, as mentors

Reverse mentoring helps seasoned IT execs get comfortable with new technologies like social media while gaining insight into what makes millennials tick.

Unclear on SEVERAL concepts

This IT department is facing major storage issues -- and they're going to turn critical before a bigger storage-area network comes on line, reports a pilot fish on the scene. "I was tasked to lead in a housekeeping exercise...

Whatever works

Staff member at a county senior center calls this pilot fish, complaining that her printer won't work. "I knew her well," says fish. "She called frequently, because computers just got in the way of doing her work. I talked with...

Career advice: A plan for battling organizational politics

Premier 100 IT Leader Karen Sullivan also answers questions on the value of undergraduate degrees and MBAs.

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Tips for recent college grads looking to advance in IT

When Cathy Lee started working at New York startup Faith Street last year, she quickly learned a lesson that could benefit other recent college graduates who want to advance their IT careers -- soft skills like being flexible, taking...

10 cool makerspaces to explore now

Got an itch to get your hands on a welding machine, laser cutter or 3D printer? We highlight intriguing public spaces around the country where you can tinker to your heart's content.

For half, STEM degrees lead to other jobs

The truth, when it comes to computer employment data, is almost always ugly.

Sounds like a training issue

This medical supply company has a number of older, less tech-savvy users, reports a help desk pilot fish on the low end of the totem pole. "While I was in training, my trainer was troubleshooting a machine at one of our remote...

Boost your security training with gamification -- really!

Getting employees to take security seriously can be a game that everyone wins.

How to get started in IT without a degree

Who says you need a college degree to land an IT job? Out of 21 categories of IT careers, it's possible to land jobs in three without a college degree. A great place to get started is as a help desk analyst, network technician or...

Python bumps off Java as top learning language

Python has surpassed Java as the top language used to introduce U.S. students to programming and computer science, according to a recent survey posted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

And that's the SECOND reason we can't help

As this pilot fish arrives for his shift on the help desk at an Internet service provider, he's told about a user who's been calling all day with a printer problem. "It was obviously not an ISP-related question, so our first-line...

Why You Should Invest in Training Your IT Team

"The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them." -- Zig Ziglar

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