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Big Data

Looking to land 2016's 'hottest job'? Here's what you need to be a data scientist

Now that "data scientist" has been named this year's hottest job, it's only natural to wonder if you've got what it takes to fill it.

tech resume makeover

IT resume makeover: Avoid a list of job descriptions

When writing your resume, make sure you sell yourself, rather than present a long list of job responsibilities. Read how career expert Andrew Ysasi helped this month’s resume makeover candidate overcome the job description issue.

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MIT offers Internet of Things training for professionals

Students will leave the course with an understanding of the foundational principals, architectures, applications, security and protocols that underpin the IoT, an MIT dean says.

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Data scientists have the hottest job in America

A report released by Glassdoor says that data scientists have the best jobs in the U.S., according to that company’s analysis of its outsized database of job information.

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IT careers: How to put your career on the fast track

Many IT professionals say they would go all-out to land the best jobs, with the best benefits at the best companies. All it takes is up-to-the-minute skills and a whole lot of drive.

Computer and email usage policy

Sample computer and e-mail usage policy

A one-page computer and email usage policy of a manufacturing company with fewer than 50 employees. Covers unauthorized access, software licenses, harassment and pornography issues; establishes right to monitor.

performance evaluation review inspect manage teamwork

IT careers: How to get a fair performance review

You’re killing it at work, but does anyone notice? A large percentage of IT professionals say the answer is no. Here’s why.

Password entry

Sample password protection policy

The password protection policy of a large financial services institution with more than 5,000 employees.

Pablo Ciano, CIO, DHL [2015]

CIO says community service builds team bonds

Pablo Ciano, CIO of DHL Express Americas, led an effort to implement and maintain a global process standard, delivering 120 core global applications and decommissioning 1,500 applications around the world.

career work stability direction growth future looking foward telescope

IT careers: How long should you stay in your job?

As paychecks grow, tenure shrinks among today’s top techies. And that trend is leaving many to wonder whether loyalty still pays.


IT pro's revitalization guide 2016

Happy New Year, techies! Before you jump back into the grind, take a moment to refresh your personal and professional goals via our most insightful tech-management articles and videos.

tech internships

7 reasons tech internships pay off

In today's competitive market, college students need to make sure they have a leg up on the competition when it comes time for their job search. Here are seven reasons to get an internship in tech before graduation.

performance reviews

How to make your performance review meaningful

Just because companies like Microsoft or Dell have realized that the traditional performance review is outdated doesn't mean your company is that progressive. If you're up against a ranked performance review, here are some tips on how...

security 2016 1

5 information security trends that will dominate in 2016

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year. To combat the threat in 2016, information security professionals must understand these five trends.

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10 affordable cities that offer good IT jobs

IT is everywhere, not just Silicon Valley. Here are the top 10 'off metro' regions for IT workers, based on median salary and unemployment rate.

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2016 [slideshow cover]

Forecast 2016: Essential data points for the tech year ahead

All the facts worth knowing about IT leaders' tech budgets, spending plans, hiring priorities and strategic initiatives for 2016.

hipster standing against concrete wall holding photo of self in front of face

How to boost your LinkedIn profile with keywords

IT managers, are you highlighting the right words and phrases to set yourself apart from the crowd and make your profile rise to the top of LinkedIn searches?

legacy skills in action

5 legacy technologies still in high demand today

Hadoop, Ruby on Rails, Python and JavaScript are the new hot. But that doesn't mean older technologies are any less important. Chances are you've got one or more of these golden oldies running behind the scenes. Here are the top 5...

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