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STEM skills and female information technology (IT) professionals

How automation could take your skills -- and your job

Nicholas Carr's new book, The Glass Cage, examines the idea that businesses are moving too fast to automate white collar jobs, sophisticated tasks and mental work, effectively dumbing down workers.

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Free and cheap ways to learn about network administration

These nine self-taught labs give you hands-on experience with various networking tasks -- and most don't cost anything.

01 title reenergize

11 ways to re-energize your IT career

Mid-career blues, begone. Here are 11 actionable items tech pros can tackle to keep moving on up in IT.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella backs off 'karma' advice to women about pay

140 characters weren't enough space for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to backpedal from comments he made at a women-in-computing conference today, so he took to his company's website.

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Millennials choose enterprise IT -- really!

Millennials forgo startups to work in corporate IT.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak: Engineering matters

Steve Wozniak's love of engineering appears to be as bright today as it was when he built Apple's first systems.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence: Will computers take your job?

Intelligent machines will increasingly replace knowledge workers in the near future, a group of AI experts predicted.

silicon valley

Career advice: Young and willing to move for a good job

Premier 100 IT Leader Fernando Gonzalez also answers questions on updating the job hunt and moving into project management.

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States worry about ability to hire IT security pros

The biggest challenges are money -- and not enough people in the pool.

hot certifications

IT skills that are in demand, and those that will be

IT professionals seeking certifications in the coming months may get their best return with cloud and security-related certifications. Agile-related training won’t hurt, either.

winhec bill gates

What the WinHEC? Microsoft revives Windows engineering event

Microsoft, which recently announced the consolidation of several of its conferences, is now going in the opposite direction and resurrecting WinHEC, which was last held in 2008.

Windows 8.1 Start menu; motherboard detail

Predicting the next CompTIA A+ Exam

With the next generation of CompTIA A+ Certification exams expected in late 2015 or early 2016, veteran CompTIA A+ Certification trainer and author Mark Soper predicts what might show up on the next round of tests.

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Growing startup scene, employer loyalty lure tech talent to Midwest

While the central part of the U.S. may lack the technology cachet of its coastal counterparts, IT professionals are attracted to the region's burgeoning startup movement, its abundance of top-tier companies, sense of employer loyalty...

Unclear on the concept, but she WAS thinking ahead

Flashback to the late 1990s, when this company is finally making the move to PCs -- and a panicky user who has to borrow a monitor to run payroll isn't clear on how this stuff works.

job interview

Career advice: ‘Retired’ just looks wrong on a résumé

Premier 100 IT Leader Michael Macrie also answers questions on the merits of getting a bachelor’s degree later in life and the pros and cons of working for the government.

5 questions to ask before you take a tech job

IT positions don't always match up to their interview hype. Ask these questions to ensure you know what you're getting into before saying "yes" to your next job offer.

Sadly, we're pretty sure she HAS done this before

This IT pilot fish gets a new user set up with email, then asks if she needs help learning how to use it. Her response: 'Oh no, I've done this before.'

Drawing a blank

This organization has several laptops available for employees to borrow as needed for meetings and other uses, and has used the same instructions for ten years. Guess who has a problem with that?

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