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How to break into Salesforce development

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Use our Digital Downloads library to Get Smart!

Whether you’re looking for top-level IT management strategies, insider info to boost your career, or hands-on tutorials for everything from R to Windows PowerShell, you’ll find it in our collection of free downloads.

crm research scientist

IT career roadmap: Research scientist

Amanda Stent's interest in music has helped advance her career as a research scientist as much as her mathematics and computer science background has.

most wanted tech skills

16 in-demand jobs for digital and creative pros

Staffing firm Onward Search lists the 16 most in-demand digital roles of 2016, along with median salary and the top three U.S. geographical markets for each position.

moocs and the enterprise

MOOCs put a new spin on professional development

MOOCs can bring agility and efficiency to enterprise IT training and skills development.

Beach Reads for Techies

Beach reads for techies 2016

IT pros share their reading plans for the summer and recommend their all-time favorite books for technologists.

it resume makeover

IT Resume Makeover: How to show employers the real you

In this installment of our Resume Makeover series, Andrew Ysasi took a senior security system administrator's resume and reworked it to show his qualifications for a career in security or cloud management.

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2016 college grads: Prepare for a cutthroat job market

The quarterly U.S. Hiring Trends Report from talent acquisition solutions provider iCIMS reveals that new graduates should prepare for some serious competition in the job market.

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Clinton’s tech plan defers student loans for risk takers

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's tech policy agenda includes a proposal to make it easier for recent college graduates to start businesses.

hillary clinton

Clinton wants to ‘staple’ green cards on STEM grads' diplomas

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, wants the U.S. to "staple" green cards to the diplomas of foreign students who earn master's or Ph.D. degrees in STEM fields.

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

Venturing into machine learning? These tools do the heavy lifting for you.

free online tech courses

5 ways to beef up your resume over the summer

Want to land that dream job before autumn? Here are five in-demand skills and courses you can add to your resume over the summer.

Sage career tips from the programming masters

Don't just code: Career advice from the programming masters

Dev tech founders Eich, van Rossum, Johnson, Hickey, and Schleuter offer advice to programming newcomers

Best Tech MBA Programs

10 top-ranked tech-focused MBA programs

Here are the top 10 technology MBA programs in America as ranked by US News & World Report.

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How to combat recent college grads' lack of security awareness

New graduates aren’t just bringing their skills and experience to the workplace – they’re also bringing poor cybersecurity habits.

lazy developers

7 habits of highly effective developers

Writing good code doesn’t take as many hours as you may think. Here’s how the best get it done. (Hint: Being lazy is a good start.)

iot skills

10 most in-demand Internet of Things skills

The Internet of Things is ramping up into a multi-billion dollar industry, and with it goes demand for employees with IoT skills. Here we look at the skills that employers most need for their IoT initiatives.

career roadmap tech evangelist

IT career profile: Technology evangelist

Do you love technology? Is there a programming language, platform or application you can't stop talking about? Perhaps a career as a technology evangelist is in your future.

Tech camps for girls: Don't let your daughter miss out

Check out these summer STEM programs for your budding female technologist.

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