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layoffs laid off downsize job cuts
flags in protest

flags in protest

Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

IT workers in the U.S. are challenging their replacement by foreign visa holders. Lawsuits are on the rise. Lawmakers are being called. And yet many of those most directly affected by outsourcing aren't allowed to fully tell their...

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Disney IT workers allege conspiracy in layoffs, file lawsuits

Disney IT workers laid off a year ago are accusing the company and the outsourcing firms it hired of engaging in a "conspiracy to displace U.S. workers."


Bloomberg champions limitless H-1B visas

As a third-party presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could become a tech industry favorite.

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Alan Greenspan renews call for H-1B expansion

For more than 15 years, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has been a part of the H-1B debate. Yesterday, he weighed in again.

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A $2,000 H-1B fee on Indian firms may return

A special $2,000 H-1B fee imposed on large Indian offshore firms but allowed to lapse may return in the spending bill being negotiated by Congress.

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In Disney’s backyard, Sen. Nelson proposes big H-1B reduction

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), a vocal critic of the use of H-1B workers at Disney, introduced legislation this week to reduce the H-1B visa cap by nearly 25%.

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A fight brews over U.S. worker protections

The U.S. worker protections included in a federal rule that lets STEM grads work on a student visa for up to three years is stirring controversy.

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Smithsonian exhibit explores the H-1B visa

Did you know there are temples in India where you can pray for an H-1B visa?

Outsourcing crowd moving toward the United States

Is the IT offshore industry’s business model illegal?

Among the questions that the IEEE-USA is asking the DOJ to answer is whether employers can use contractual terms "to shield themselves from knowledge of the immigration status of contract workers."

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'Sold Out' offers a new look at the H-1B debate

The 2016 presidential contest may the first ever to focus on the impact of the H-1B visa program on U.S. workers, which makes the arrival of a new book about the issue especially timely.

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Sen. Ted Cruz changes his tone on H-1Bs

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) established himself as a champion of the H-1B visa program two years ago. But his views may be changing now that he's running for president.

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Fury and fear in Ohio as IT jobs go to India

The IT workers at Cengage Learning in the company's Mason, Ohio offices learned of their fates last month game-show style.

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IT worker, fighting two tough battles, files discrimination lawsuit

The Screen Actors Guild is being sued by an IT worker who says she is not only fighting national origin discrimination, but breast cancer.

What a deal -- and guess who pays for it?

This big Silicon Valley data center specializes in outsourcing -- and in unbelievable deals.

GOP debate

At GOP debate, Rubio says he’s against H-1B abuses, Trump has memory lapse

In what may have been a first for a presidential debate, GOP candidates talked about the H-1B visa at their debate Wednesday, but offered little clarity about their plans.

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Comments about new STEM rule flood federal inbox

After one week, the U.S. government has received nearly 3,000 comments about its proposal to expand the amount of time a foreign STEM student can work on a student visa. Not surprisingly, most comments are supporting the changes...

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In turnabout, SunTrust removes contentious severance clause

A controversial severance clause by SunTrust Banks requiring laid-off employees to be available to help without pay has been removed.

layoffs laid off downsize job cuts

Bank’s severance deal requires IT workers to be on call for two years

Many of the 100 affected IT employees, who are now training replacements, have years of experience and provide the highest levels of technical support, according to sources.

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