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[SINGLE USE] Richard Borge illustration for Computerworld: 5 Fast-Track Trends to Tackle Now

Forecast 2016: 5 fast-track trends to tackle now (and one to ignore)

IT will drive business change in 2016 thanks to key tech developments like cloud computing, security, the Internet of Things, analytics, and the emergence of IT as a change agent. 

resume makeover multimedia

Resume makeover: How to add multimedia

In today’s multimedia world, some job seekers are creating elaborate video game resumes, or adding infographics, video, audio or design-intensive documents to their traditional resumes. So, is your old-fashioned text-based document...

Deutsche Post DHL

SAP: Don't blame us for DHL's logistics woes

A languishing software upgrade project at Deutsche Post DHL Group has forced the German mail and courier company to take a write-off of €345 million, but software provider SAP is taking pains to make it clear that it's not to blame.

Privacy (4)

BlackBerry to quit Pakistan over government surveillance demands

BlackBerry has decided not to operate in Pakistan after Dec. 30, rather than let the local government intercept communications on its enterprise services.

O'Reilly Black Friday sale

Best Black Friday tech books & video sales

Want to bruh up on a tech skill or learn a new one? Now's a good time to buy a how-to ebook, video class or even paper book thanks to Thanksgiving holiday weekend sales.

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders wants to raise wages of H-1B workers

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a critic of the H-1B program, also opposes the current system of 'binding workers to a specific employer.'

fluctuat nec mergitur

Criminalize websites that won't delete terrorist content, say European legislators

Website operators should be held criminally liable if they fail to remove content that incites terrorism, Members of the European Parliament voted Wednesday. But they also want these companies to voluntarily cooperate with governments...

bomb exploding

Ways $460 million military contract for cyber bombs could attack targets

Defense contractors will compete for a $460 million contract to develop critical infrastructure cyber bombs which also have been called 'computer code capable of killing adversaries' and cyber weapons capable of forcing 'an enemy’s...

goddess of visas edited primary

Smithsonian exhibit explores the H-1B visa

Did you know there are temples in India where you can pray for an H-1B visa?

There's book-smart and then there's phone-smart

This IT pilot fish and his boss are working on a project to replace the aging administrative systems for a state university system -- but one day the university's president needs their project room for a meeting.

Generic snap for court issues

Lawsuit against Microsoft over worker no-poaching deals dismissed

A lawsuit against Microsoft that charged it with entering into restrictive hiring agreements with other companies has been dismissed by a court in California, with the judge declaring that the employees had waited too long to file...

stethoscope with pills and healthcare items

Healthcare security and HIPAA: Why compliance and security are still lacking

A number of healthcare data breaches have made the news of late, particularly involving large insurance companies and data clearinghouses. Often overlooked in press reports are the smaller practices, which are, from my experience,...


What CSOs should do in their first days

In today’s corporate setting, if a CSO enters the building with the intent of doing a gut job in the first few weeks, he most likely will find himself out the door in short order.

word magnets

Infosec jobs: Use keywords to boost your LinkedIn ranking

Hiring experts share the keywords you must use to rise to the top of LinkedIn searches for security professionals.

man in suit holding out huge fan of money

Tech shuttle drivers in Silicon Valley negotiate wage hike

Shuttle drivers for some key Silicon Valley companies will have their first paid holiday on Thanksgiving this week, under new terms negotiated by a workers' union.


Court tosses out Oracle's bid to disqualify Java expert

A court in San Francisco has declined Oracle's bid to disqualify an expert in its copyright dispute with Google over the use of Java code in the Android mobile operating system.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft blames layoffs for drop in gender diversity

Microsoft has blamed a drop in its workforce's gender diversity on the thousands of layoffs it made to restructure its phone hardware business.

it and engineering jobs

10 best jobs in IT and engineering

IT and engineering are two industries that continue to grow and thrive regardless of economic conditions. These are the 10 best jobs in those fields, according to data from CareerCast, PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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