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New Year's predictions

Airline cabin

U.S. mulls rules for airlines that plan in-flight Wi-Fi voice calls

The U.S. Department of Transportation may require airlines to inform passengers before purchasing tickets if they will allow voice calls on board their aircraft, thus hoping to placate customers who could object to having...

silly putty graphene

Graphene and Silly Putty mix to create powerful sensors

And we thought Silly Putty's most important practical application was its ability to pick up newspaper ink.

Atlanta Georgia

Georgia says it's traced an attempted voter hack to DHS

Georgia's secretary of state says the state was hit with an attempted hack of its voter registration system from an IP address linked to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

outsourcing tablet

IEEE-USA wants Trump to end H-1B lottery

The IEEE-USA intends to urge President-elect Donald Trump to quickly replace the random H-1B lottery with a system that gives priority to companies that pay the best wages.

windows 10 creators update 3d paint

Microsoft outlines IT tools in Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft details the IT-oriented functions in Redstone 2, aka Creator's Update

steps success leadership training

Mobility's rise pulls value of HTML5, project management and CRM skills right along with it

The second of a two-part series on the 5 IT certifications with the most worth examines how HTML5, project management certification and CRM software expertise triumph in a mobile, intertwined world.

hottest it skills arrows look business man future

20 fastest growing tech skills -- no certification required

Market values of these noncertified skills have increased the most in the past three months.

As usual, everything we know is wrong

During a job interview, this IT pilot fish is surprised to be told that one reason he made the short list was the excellent cover letter with his resume. But he's puzzled -- WHAT was so great about that letter?

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Hot tech skills for 2017

Research from our exclusive Tech Forecast 2017 shows what IT skills will be most in demand in the year ahead. But the picture isn't necessarily rosy for everyone.


Mingis on Tech: Hot tech skills 2017

What IT skills are hiring managers most looking for in the new year? We run down the list of what's hot and why.

donald trump president elect

How the tech industry helped elect Donald Trump

To some extent, blue-collar workers gave back to Silicon Valley a bit of the disruption it has long given them.

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son

SoftBank gives more details on $50B U.S. investment

Masayoshi Son, CEO of Japanese telecom firm SoftBank, plans to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 jobs in the U.S. by pumping money into startups, he said after a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

best tech companies to work for

Top 10 most popular companies for job seekers

Job search site analyzed click-through rate for its IT job listings to determine the most popular companies among IT job seekers.

samsung apple

Supreme Court leaves gap in Samsung-Apple patent ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its ruling in favor of Samsung Electronics in a design patent dispute with Apple, did not provide guidance on how the damages Samsung has to pay Apple for the infringement of smartphone design patents will...

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

10 hottest tech skills for 2017

Are your assets bankable in 2017? Hiring managers say they'll seek out these skills most in the New Year.

linkedin microsoft logo

EU approves LinkedIn deal after Microsoft makes concessions

EU regulators approved Microsoft's acquisition of social network LinkedIn on the condition that the U.S. company abide by several minor concessions.


Trump’s plan for protecting IT jobs raises hopes, fears

President-elect Trump is threatening tariffs and promising H-1B visa reform, but may be offering carrots as well, namely tax incentives.

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