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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook's 2014 pay package dwarfed by new hire Ahrendts'

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total 2014 compensation of $9.2 million, while more than double his pay package the year before, was dwarfed by the $73.4 million awarded to a subordinate, retail chief Angela Ahrendts.

business strategy

CIO's Guide to Becoming a Business Strategist

You're already an IT strategist, but the CEO needs you to help guide the business to new heights (and avoid being on the wrong end of digital disruption). These advice columns will put you on the right path.

parental leave retention
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Now on CIO: How to improve employee retention

In a recovering economy, retaining talent has again become a top priority for businesses. Here's how to hang onto your superstars.

smart workplace

How IT is creating the 'smart' workplace

By deploying technologies like Wi-Fi, wikis and WebEx, IT is leading the charge as enterprises restructure for maximum collaboration.

managing business process cycle rotate phases

4 ways for IT to connect better with customers

A look at how top IT shops model their workflow and business processes to incorporate communication and interaction between IT and its customers, and how the setup benefits the business, and IT workers' careers

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Read CW's January Digital Magazine!

Inside this edition: Computerworld's IT Careers 2015 Special Report, with features on how to connect better with customers, the embedded IT worker, sharpening vendor-management skills and more.

soc 2015 ss intro
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Now on CIO: IT execs need to snap out of complacency

Your business colleagues aren't as impressed with you as you are.'s 14th annual State of the CIO research rewrites your priorities for 2015.

sony ceo kazuo hirai

Sony CEO praises staff in hack, hails freedom of speech

Sony's CEO finally broke his weeks-long silence on the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment, saying he's proud of its staff and partners for standing up to "extortionist efforts of criminals" and for getting "The Interview" to...

hazy lujiazui pudong shanghai china

10 lessons U.S. tech managers can learn from their counterparts in China

China’s tech star is rising rapidly. Global companies -- and their savvy IT leaders -- should keep a close eye on the country’s technological transformation.

businessman field cloud sun open arms

IT pro's revitalization guide 2015

Happy New Year, tech pros! Why not take a moment to recalibrate your personal and professional goals with some of our most insightful IT management articles?

white house

White House plans to leave IT in better shape than it found it

Alissa Johnson, the White House deputy CIO, wants to make the sure the worst aspects of a presidential IT transition won't repeat themselves at the end of the Obama administration in 2016.

122214 luminaries intro

Tech luminaries we lost in 2014

These 23 men and women helped shape the tech industry as we know it.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Twitter stock jumps on report that CEO is on way out

After reporting slowing growth and getting passed by Instagram in number of users, Twitter's stock price jumped Tuesday on speculation that CEO Dick Costolo might be leaving the company.

remembering names
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Now on CIO: Today’s tech managers need to know what’s in a name

More than ever, CIOs need to be out among the people. But your networking strategy will backfire if you can't remember anyone's name. Here are some pointers to help you master this underrated leadership skill.

silicon valley title

In Silicon Valley, do the jerks always win?

We’ve seen a lot of bad-boy behavior out of Silicon Valley, but investors and customers just might say enough already.

nadella window

The party's over for Microsoft CEO Nadella

The approval rating of Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella, once in the stratosphere, dropped by 20 percentage points this year before recovering slightly last month.

free advice cyclists outdoors people

Silicon dinner table: Teaching entrepreneurship family style

Not everyone can grow up with a parent who launches new tech companies, but those who do have some lessons to share with the rest of us.

Businessman attracts money with a large magnet 164176162

3 ways for CIOs to understand their company’s bottom line

Plenty of CIOs pay lip service to 'aligning with the business,' but to truly succeed, they need a deep knowledge of how their companies make money.

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