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winged flying iphone 6

Microsoft hints at impending write-off of Nokia acquisition that could total billions

Microsoft has signaled that it may take a massive write-off of its 2013 Nokia acquisition, perhaps as early as July.

aws cloud storage

Amazon says its cloud is 'a $5 billion business'

Amazon has finally shared some numbers about its cloud business, and not surprisingly, they show that it's thriving and profitable.

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Google sales hit a speed bump in Q1

Google's sales rose 12 percent during the first quarter, the slowest rate of revenue growth since 2013, while the amount it charges for ad clicks continued to drop.

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Microsoft's Q3 results get a lift from Office 365 and Azure

Microsoft reported better-than-expected financial results for its third quarter, helped by strong sales of cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.

Comcast abandons Time Warner merger plan

Comcast has apparently abandoned plans to merge with Time Warner Cable.

hp headquarters palo alto

What does HP think it’s doing?

The recent confusion over whether HP would remain a public cloud provider illustrates how cloudy its strategic planning has been.

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Mobile ads now generate almost 75% of Facebook's revenue

Facebook grew its business last quarter with ads placed on small screens; 73% of its sales from mobile ads.

Robotic Process Automation: IT Job Killer?

Think your management job is safe? Beware the 'iCEO'

The prospect of automation has long sparked fears of jobs lost to robotic replacements, though not for upper echelon workers. That may soon change.

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Google, Apple and Amazon spent record amounts on lobbying in Q1

Google, already the biggest tech lobbyist in Washington, D.C., spent $5.47 million in the first three months of the year.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at CES

Yahoo, still reliant on PCs, posts disappointing earnings

Although mobile is a crucial element in Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's turnaround plan, the company is still heavily dependant on PCs for its revenues.

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Mobile worker guilt hits most young workers

Most younger mobile workers feel guilty about using smartphones and smartwatches to do personal tasks at work and work duties while at home.

IBM's z13 mainframe

IBM sales dip 12% despite lift from new mainframe

IBM reported a 12% drop in revenue for the last quarter despite a big boost from its new z13 mainframe, which went on sale last month.

Moores law turns 50

Moore's Law turns 50 (and it's still good for a few more years)

Yesterday, Moore's Law turned 50. The 'law' -- more like an astute observation -- provides the best way to guess the number of transistors you can expect to find in computer chips of the future...


Meet the new leader of Debian open source project

Neil McGovern is the new leader of the Debian open source/free software project after defeating two rival contenders in a vote held among developers that closed on Wednesday. He takes over from Lucas Nussbaum, who did not seek...

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AMD withdraws from high-density server business

The company is ditching a business it formed by acquiring SeaMicro three years ago.

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Size matters in mobile, but Nokia may find bigger isn't better

Size is power in the mobile networks business, but it's only one of the reasons Nokia is acquiring Alcatel-Lucent.

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Pure Storage CEO promises huge savings with flash

Scott Dietzen, CEO of Pure Storage, promises customers a savings of $500,000 -- and that's per storage appliance, per year.

Yahoo may be close to purchasing Foursquare

Yahoo is reportedly finishing up a deal to buy Foursquare.

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