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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins

New Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins heads into “hyper-connected” mode

When Cisco Systems employees head into work today they’ll encounter something they haven’t seen in two decades: A new boss. Chuck Robbins -- formerly senior vice president of worldwide operations -- takes over from John Chambers, one...

apple watch 3up

Apple expands Watch sales into Best Buy

Best Buy will sell 16 configurations -- about half the number Apple sells online -- of the low- and mid-range Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch, as well as bands and other accessories.

Stock crash 2008

The worst thing about tech bubbles isn't what you may think

Sure, stock prices dive, but the longer-term problem is what the bubble does to computer science college enrollments.

Facebook prevails in shareholder lawsuit over IPO

An appeals court has ruled that shareholders cannot sue Facebook or CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a case that accused the company of withholding key financial information from the public until after its IPO. The shareholders alleged...

werner vogels aws amazon

Amazon posts a $92M profit as AWS sales nearly double

Amazon Web Services generated $1.8 billion in sales for Amazon in the second quarter, up about 80 percent from the $1 billion it brought in a year earlier.

internet of things abstract

Cisco quits set-top box market, sells business to Technicolor

Cisco is selling its Connected Devices business -- yet at the same time counting on connecting billions of devices

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Oracle tries to beef up copyright case against Android

Google's mobile OS has come to 'permeate the fabric of our society,' Oracle says.

Update: Qualcomm plans cuts, may spin off assets

Qualcomm will cut costs of about $1.4 billion per year and consider selling assets as part of a company realignment.

sony drone zmp

Sony enters drone business with winged vertical takeoff craft

Sony is getting into the drone business with winged machines that take off vertically and could be used in everything from agriculture to construction.

tom wheeler fcc

AT&T-DirecTV deal headed for FCC approval with conditions

AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV appears headed for approval, with Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, circulating to commissioners an order recommending approval, although with some conditions.

Office 365 migration path

The more customers Microsoft adds to Office 365, the less it makes from each subscriber

The more consumers that Microsoft puts on its Office 365 subscription rolls, the less it makes from each customer, data the company disclosed Tuesday showed.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

In Q2, Yahoo spent and spent to achieve unusual growth

Yahoo reported an uncharacteristic rise in revenue for the second quarter, but it came after the company spent heavily to boost its search traffic.

satya nadella

Microsoft reports $3.2B quarterly loss after Nokia write-down

Microsoft reported its first quarterly loss in three years, largely as a result of a $7.5 billion write-down for its acquisition last year of Nokia's devices and services business.

An iPhone 6 Plus in hand

Apple device sales: iPhone soars, iPad slips, Watch data unclear

Rolling four-quarter averages offer a better look at overall trends for iPhone, iPad and Mac -- although not for the new Apple Watch.

legal issues

Woman recruited by Google four times and rejected, joins suit

There was something about Cheryl Fillekes that Google really liked. Over a seven-year period, Fillekes was contacted by Google recruiters four different times for jobs. In each case, she did well enough in the phone interviews to get...

chevrolet apple carplay may 27 2015

Apple hires Chrysler executive, furthering speculation of its automotive ambitions

Apple has hired an automotive industry veteran, increasing speculation that the company is working on an electric car.

legal gavel

Big tech companies back Samsung in Apple patent fight

Samsung is whittling away at a four-year-old $1B damages award, and has asked the court to cut another $399M.

startup thinkstock

Traction Watch: A look at why 5 tech startups failed

Startups often shine brightly for a brief moment only to be snuffed out by competing technologies or market conditions. Here’s your chance to learn from their mistakes as we look back at memorable tech startups and why they failed to...

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