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Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: 4D printing -- really? And mystery gadget guy arrives

You've likely heard of 3D printing, but some in the industry are now talking up 4D. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis explores the topic with Senior Writer Lucas Mearian and both puzzle over the mystery gadget guy's mystery gadget.


This autonomous boat is attempting to cross an ocean using only solar power

The "Seacharger" hopes to become the first unmanned vehicle to cross an ocean using only solar energy during its month-long voyage from California to Hawaii.

HPE Antonio Neri

Update: HPE to spin out its huge services business, merge it with CSC

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is spinning off its enterprise services business and merging it with IT services corporation CSC, the company announced Tuesday.

Tech camps for girls: Don't let your daughter miss out

Check out these summer STEM programs for your budding female technologist.

160412 facebook zuckerberg 1

Facebook denies bias in Trending Topics, but still promises changes

Facebook on Monday once again denied any evidence of ‘systematic political bias’ in the selection or prominence of stories included in its Trending Topics feature, but promised changes in its processes in any case to minimize errors...

closeup of man holding magnifying glass in front of face

7 traits to look for in a vendor

You're managing countless tasks to run the business; you want expertise to fill in the gaps to meet deadlines. You also require integrity from a trusted firm or individual. Get the best resource by being diligent in the process to...

Trainerbot play

This ping pong robot can be programmed to be the perfect partner

The Trainerbot is a smart ping pong robot that aims to take your skills to the next level.

click fraud

Angry advertisers hope to seal fate of online ad fraud

Certified Against Fraud is the brainchild of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), of which the ANA is one of the founders. It plans to award seals to advertising buyers, sellers, and intermediaries that meet its anti-fraud...

160425 rakuten drone 2

US releases privacy 'best practices' for drone use

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration released a list of voluntary privacy best practices for commercial and non-commercial drone users in the wake of concerns that drones could encroach on individual privacy...

Wind farm

Microsoft to boost renewable energy use in its data centers

It's goal is to use 50 percent wind, solar, and hydropower by the end of 2018


Only the government knows what this top-secret Shuttle look-a-like is doing

It's been a year since the Air Force launched the secret X-37B. There are many theories about why it's up there, but the government isn't saying much.

apple just put maps development on the fast track

Apple’s expansion in India accelerates Maps development

Expect more features and more city views in Maps soon as Apple launches dedicated offices in India

disrupt floor2

10 hopeful startups strut their stuff at TechCrunch Disrupt

At Disrupt NY 2016, we talked to 10 entrepreneurs who were introducing their emerging companies and technologies. Here's what they are working on, in their own words.

Microsoft's Fifth Avenue store

Microsoft is joining the tech cry for Britain to stay in the EU

Microsoft has come out against a proposal for the U.K. to leave the European Union, joining other tech giants that oppose the controversial measure.

michael lopp

Slack has hired away a new engineering chief from Pinterest

Slack, the fast-growing workplace collaboration startup that has captured wide attention, has hired Michael Lopp to be its new vice president of engineering.

20160121 ep 030801a mcu 016

Tim Cook’s visit to China may help build bridges with consumers, developers, others

Apple, however, faces a number of challenges in China, including regulatory.


A solar powered plane has gone halfway across the US as it flies around the world

Solar Impulse 2 surprised Oklahoma residents when it made an unscheduled stop on Thursday.


Google exec Amit Singh moves to the company's VR division

Google for Work President Amit Singh is leaving the company's business-focused division to tackle new challenges on the virtual reality side of the house.

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