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microsoft campus building

Microsoft blames layoffs for drop in gender diversity

Microsoft has blamed a drop in its workforce's gender diversity on the thousands of layoffs it made to restructure its phone hardware business.

jack dorsey

Square IPO priced at $9, seen as test of whether tech startups are still hot

Payments processor Square priced its initial public offering at a level far lower than expected. The price was seen as a test of how public markets will evaluate new, high-flying startups some of which have seen valuations of more...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

The architectural foundation for the next 20 years? Microsoft aims (very, very) high...

There's confidence, and then there's hyperbole. When Microsoft suggests that its latest release is a 20 year paradigm-creator, which one is it?

20151118 vinod khosla structure

Sun co-founder Vinod Khosla thinks Dell-EMC deal will 'set back innovation'

While he thinks Dell buying EMC makes sense financially, Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla has little faith in the merged company's ability to innovate.

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Think your IT project is a disaster? These'll make you feel better

There are many ways to gauge satisfaction with a new computer system, but when the people who have to use it show up for work wearing red and declare it "Code Red" day, you probably don't need to bother with a survey.

Atlassian San Francisco

After 10 years of profitability, Atlassian steps up for an IPO

It was late September when reports first suggested that Atlassian was planning a U.S. IPO, and on Monday, the Australian software maker followed through by filing its papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce users: Early contracts might get you discounts, but after that watch out

Volume discounts are nothing unusual in the world of enterprise software, but over the last year or so Salesforce has reportedly been approaching customers early about upcoming renewals and wooing them with considerable extra...

crystal ball future tech

The pace of innovation is accelerating, says bank

There is no conclusive finding whether the shift to automation will be a net plus for humanity. One in three U.S. jobs is in administrative support jobs, retail sales or food services. But jobs will be created as well.

downsized layoffs profit loss

Sprint owner confirms job cuts will be 'in the thousands'

Sprint reported it gained 237,000 postpaid phone customers in its second fiscal quarter, which ended Sept. 30 -- the first time the company had showed gains on that measure in two years.

Employee experience matters.

Employees are the force that enables customer success

In today’s customer-driven market, it’s easy to overlook the employee experience. But if companies allow customer focus to override their care for their employees, they will lose the very force that enables customer success.

smartphones mobile devices

Smartphones hit second-highest quarter record

Total shipments in the third quarter reached 355.2 million, up 6.8% from 332.6 million in the third quarter of 2014, IDC said.

larry ellison

Where technology value lies for those who sometimes can't see the wood for the trees

Some people don't understand that the promise of technology is about helping organizations innovate. That's a sad fact.

ipad pro apple pencil demo

Apple sales, profit surge on iPhone strength

Apple logged another healthy rise in sales and profits for its most recent quarter on the strength of record iPhone sales and strong results for Macs.

MacBook Air

iPhone, Mac sales surge

You may have heard by now that it was a strong quarter for Apple device sales, especially iPhones and Macs. However, seasonality can sometimes mask longer-term trends, which is why I also like to look at 4-quarter rolling...

mark hurd keynote oracle openworld

Can Oracle lead in the cloud? Only if customers follow

If there was just one take-away from Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd at the company's OpenWorld show this week, it was that Oracle has now fully arrived at the cloud party and is ready to take a leading role. Whether that can happen, however,...

innovation digital transformation ts

Innovation and large-scale IT, with Mark Sunday, CIO, Oracle

Mark Sunday, Oracle CIO, discusses how the rise of digital technologies are creating opportunities for CIOs to assert new importance in the enterprise.

Microsoft's flagship Fifth Avenue New York store sports a two-story video tower.

Microsoft plunges deeper into retail with flagship New York store

Six years after stepping into the retail market with smaller mall outlets, Microsoft is literally taking the wraps off its flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on Monday, the same day as the general release of its Surface Pro 4...

microsoft campus building

Cloud growth buoys Microsoft even as revenue shrinks

Microsoft's cloud successes buoyed the company through its last quarter, which was otherwise a mixed financial bag.

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