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Generic snap for court issues
Generic snap for court issues


In setback for Uber, judge says drivers can pursue lawsuit as a group

A California judge has decided to allow Uber drivers in California to sue the company as a group on key legal matters relating to their employment.

US salaries

IT salaries in the U.S. rose more than 4% last year

U.S. IT salaries were up by 4.25% in 2014, the highest increase in years, according to an IEEE-USA survey.

Wikipedia blocks 381 user accounts for dishonest editing

Editors of the English version of Wikipedia have blocked 381 user accounts for editing articles on the online encyclopedia despite being secretly paid to do so by various interests.

Former Secret Service agent admits $820K Silk Road theft

A former Secret Service agent admitted Monday to stealing $820,000 worth of bitcoins from Silk Road vendors during the investigation of the online contraband market.


This lawyer is building a platform for companies to seek antitrust redress from Google

The lawyers behind GRIP (Google Redress and Integrity Platform) want to offer companies that think they have been hurt by Google's business practices a way to evaluate potential claims for antitrust damages in European courts.

In front of the European Commission's Charlemagne building (2)

Google calls European Union antitrust charges 'unfounded'

Google is fighting charges brought against it by the European Commission over how it presents online shopping services, potentially setting up a lengthy legal battle between the company and the regulator.

Vinton Cerf Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Tech nightmares that keep Turing Award winners up at night

"What about the tech world today keeps you up at night?" was the question. RSA encryption algorithm co-inventor Leonard Adleman, "father of the Internet" Vint Cerf and cryptography innovator Manuel Blum all shared their biggest fears....


TSMC wins case in trade secret battle with Samsung

Taiwan's Supreme Court ruled in favor of TSMC in its lawsuit against Liang Mong-song, an executive who left the company back in 2009, and allegedly gave trade secrets to Samsung.

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

Server growth remains healthy in Q2, despite drop in midrange systems

During the period, vendors together saw their server revenue grow by 6.1 percent year over year, to $13.5 billion. Meanwhile, server shipments increased 3.2 percent from a year ago.

Ashley Madison hack

Ashley Madison hauled to court in class action suits over data breach

Legal pressure on Ashley Madison and its parent company is picking up with more class-action lawsuits filed this week against the extramarital hookup site in the U.S., alleging negligence by the site in protecting confidential user...

Investment group settles FTC complaint in Yahoo takeover bid

Three investment companies have settled a U.S. Federal Trade Commission complaint that they failed to disclose their larger intentions while acquiring Yahoo stock.

wooden roller coaster ride amusement park rise fall

Up, down, and out: 20 years of Internet Explorer

On IE's 20th anniversary, the story of the Web browser that had it all and lost its way.

battle war fight

Despite U.S. law, your tech may still be supporting wars

A U.S. regulation requiring companies to disclose whether they get minerals from war zones is turning out to be difficult to follow.

Meg Whitman, HP CEO

HP profit slides 13% as split nears

Hewlett-Packard has reported another quarter of declining profits and revenue, with its massive corporate split now less than three months away.

social media 3

Instagram and Pinterest usage soar, but Facebook and LinkedIn growth wane

That's one of the reasons Facebook is pushing so hard to increase Internet connectivity in parts of the world -- newer markets.

Toshiba execs resign in $1 billion accounting scandal

Toshiba adds outsiders to board amid accounting scandal

Reeling from a $1 billion accounting scandal, Toshiba said it expects a loss for the year that ended in March.

www dns

U.S. end of oversight of ICANN delayed to late next year

U.S. oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the coordinator of the Internet’s domain name system, will continue through September next year and perhaps even beyond.

windows 10 logo blue

Free Windows 10 upgrade will have 'no financial impact' on Microsoft

Letting consumers get the latest version of its operating system won't mean much in terms of the tech giant's finances.

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