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Outsourcing crowd moving toward the United States
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Donald Trump

Tech groups want Trump to actually notice their industry

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has antagonized much of the tech industry by opposing free trade and immigration but has otherwise nearly ignored the vital segment of the nation's economy, critics say.


How ARM set itself up for a $32B acquisition

The TV you watch may have an ARM processor chip in it. So does the Amazon Echo that helps switch on the light and air conditioner through voice commands.

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Rep. Pascrell's H-1B bill is a message to Democrats

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) introduced an H-1B reform bill that, he said, has little chance of being enacted this year. He said he proposed the bill to make the case for reform of the controversial visa.


3 things to know about Softbank's plan to acquire ARM

Since the release of the iPhone, ARM's chip designs have driven a mobile revolution. The small chip company has kept giants like Intel on their knees, and now it's on the verge of being acquired by Softbank for a stunning $32 billion....

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Chinese $1.2B deal for Opera crumples

The planned sale of Opera Software to a group of Chinese companies for $1.2 billion has foundered.

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Samsung may place a $450m bet on electric cars and batteries

Samsung Electronics is on the verge of making a substantial investment in BYD, a Chinese manufacturer of electric cars and batteries.

cloud integration biggest challenge

Q&A: SnapLogic tackles app integration in cloud era

CEO Gaurav Dhillon talks about challenges of integrating legacy and SaaS apps, building the new fabric of IT

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European Commission files third suit against Google

The European Union's European Commission has brought charges against Google. Again.

cloud integration biggest challenge

Q&A: SnapLogic tackles app integration in cloud era

CEO Gaurav Dhillon talks about challenges of integrating legacy and SaaS apps, building the new fabric of IT

speed of innovation

What Silicon Valley doesn’t say in its Trump attack

Though Silicon Valley leaders say Donald Trump would be bad for innovation, the disaster they fear is already ongoing in America.

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$29.99 for the IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training ($1,895 value) - Deal Alert

For a limited time, the bundle of courses is only $29.99 and jam-packed with over 48 hours of courses and 50 hours of advanced training.

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Silicon Valley execs see Trump as a 'disaster for innovation'

A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, company founders, engineers and investors have signed an open letter regarding Donald Trump. The gist: they don't like him and think he would be a disaster for the business of innovation.

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FAA compromise bill drops key drone privacy provisions

A Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that was passed by the Senate on Wednesday excludes key privacy provisions, including a requirement that commercial and government users of drones disclose whether they collect...

Hey, how hard could training be?

Flashback to the 1980s, when this big electronics chain has discovered there's big money to be made in everything that has to do with PCs -- including user training.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Sierra, Siri and Pokemon, oh my!

With the public beta of macOS Sierra out, it's time for a closer look at Apple's newest OS. But our tech trio -- Executive News Editor Ken Mingis, Apple guru Michael deAgonia and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw -- can't avoid the Pokemon...


Solar Impulse 2 is one flight away from circling the globe on no fuel

The amazing solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 is in Cairo, ahead of its final flight on a round-the-world trip.

Google Spaces

Google acqui-hires Kifi team to improve Google Spaces

Another day, another Google acquisition. This time, Google is acqui-hiring the small team at Kifi to work on Google Spaces.

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Microsoft to partners: Make more money

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today touted "digital transformation" at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference.

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