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Have you tried...oh, you did

This IT shop has had system administrator vacancies for a while, and thus far no applicants have made it through the phone screening -- so management takes matters into its own hands.

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Now on CIO: 16 of the hottest IT skills for 2015

What specific skills will add the most value to your career advancement in the new year?

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Coder, sell thyself

But don’t think your success as an independent contractor will require you to become anything like a used-car salesperson. It’s still your skills at the keyboard that will make all the difference.

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Wanted for hire: Engineers with ideas of their own

Cambridge Consultants depends on the creativity of its engineers to solve problems for its clients.


The workplace will never be a democracy

People in IT keep saying that they want democracy at work. But when you probe that idea, it completely falls apart.


AT&T's Thaddeus Arroyo: Tech will transform customer engagement

As president of technology development at AT&T, Thaddeus Arroyo has a big job: He oversees about 15,000 IT employees and 10,000 contractors, manages systems supporting all of AT&T's business segments and is responsible for AT&T's...

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5 myths and 5 mistakes job-hunting coders must know about

The things you need to know after you’ve made it through coding boot camp.

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Full-time IT hiring is gaining ground, finally

As 2014 winds down, the odds of success in the job hunt appear to be improving for IT pros with certain skills.

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Most workers in developed countries worry about tech of the future

Workers believe that smartphones, tablets and other computing devices have made them more productive, but they have a nagging worry about the increasing role of technology in their lives.

Intel to host Jesse Jackson at tech worker diversity forum

Intel is hosting a meeting organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition, which is pushing for higher employment for blacks, Latinos and women at tech firms.

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Displaced IT workers are being silenced

A major problem with the ongoing H-1B debate is the absence of displaced IT workers in news stories. Much of the reporting is one-sided -- and there's a reason.

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Silicon Valley's H-1B immigration position has some holes

As Silicon Valley lobbies for reforms to H-1B visa policies, it's time to ask: Is there really a tech worker shortage?

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IT resume makeover: Top 11 tips from 2014

Over the past year, our resume experts and career consultants have helped numerous IT professionals put their best foot forward. Here are the top 11 tips from 2014's IT Resume Makeover series.

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Now on CIO: 11 job search mistakes that can kill your chances

Even the most savvy job seekers can fall prey to a fatal error or two that can cost them their dream job. Our experts identify the top 11 mistakes and offer advice on how to avoid making them.

How to pick the right MOOC

Hundreds of free online classes from the world's leading instructors are at your fingertips. Here's what you need to get started.

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Court OKs IT worker lawsuit over student visa work program

A federal court gave a green light last week to a lawsuit by a union and IT workers challenging a student visa work program.

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Now on CIO: 5 top-paying IT jobs for every stage of your tech career

Whether you're entry level, mid-level or C-level, here are the highest-paying IT roles in each of these categories.

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Obama immigration plan called vague, frustrating

The immigration reforms that President Obama announced have left people on all sides of the tech immigration issue uncertain and frustrated.

Obama H-1B FAIL

Obama H-1B immigration FAIL

How is this going to fix the tech-worker shortage? Obama is going it alone on immigration policy. But what about the H-1B issue? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers greet gridlock in DC.

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