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See, people CAN change!

IT pilot fish finds himself once again working with a former boss who's philosophy was all work, all the time -- and fish isn't exactly delighted at the prospect of working with him again.


With Fiorina pick, Cruz’s H-1B stance now in question

Sen. Ted Cruz's decision Wednesday to tap former HP CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate raises questions about his stance on the H-1B visa program.

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The Texas woman on fire about H-1B visa use

Jennifer Wedel, whose husband was unemployed at the time she asked President Obama about the issue, is now an H-1B activist.

tech industry salaries increase

IT salaries increase across 12 tech job categories

It's a great time to be in tech, as nearly every industry grows more reliant on technology every year. And Mondo's salary survey shows that for tech workers, the average annual compensation is only increasing for these in-demand jobs....

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Check out IT Salary Watch for the latest info on tech compensation

Get up-to-date IT salary and careers info, including results from Computerworld's annual IT Salary Survey. Find out who's in demand, get advice for boosting your pay and use our interactive Smart Salary Finder to see what your peers...

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Got cloud skills? Now you can get certified by the OpenStack Foundation

The new Certified OpenStack Administrator exam is designed to give cloud professionals a way to prove their worth while also helping employers identify qualified candidates.

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25 highest paying companies: Which tech co outranks Google, Facebook and Microsoft?

Tech companies snag 20 spots on Glassdoor's ranking of 25 highest paying companies in America

Now THAT'S the way to wind down a job!

This IT consultant pilot fish is ready to wind down his years-long gig at a particular client, and that should be uneventful. But at the consulting firm he works for, the drama is just ramping up.

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Get ready for your new co-worker – the robot

Robots may not be coming for your job, but they are expected to move into the workforce over the next 10 to 20 years.

EmblemHealth protest April 20 2016

Feeling angry and betrayed, IT workers mount protest

On the sidewalks next to EmblemHealth’s midtown offices, protesters yelled "Protect U.S. jobs," "Keep jobs in the U.S.A." and, to the people passing by: "It’s our jobs now, your jobs next."

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Career advice: Setting limits with a boss

Premier 100 IT Leader Stephen Gold also answers questions on job interviews with nontechnical people and making a move into mobile.

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Rejecting employees' pleas, EmblemHealth CEO sets major IT layoff

"Several hundred" IT and operations workers will be laid off, EmblemHealth CEO says.

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Verizon is offshoring jobs, records say

Verizon has been moving call center work overseas, and IT jobs may be shifting as well.

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8 project management skills in high demand

By 2020, reports estimate that there will 700,000 new project management jobs in the United States. Do you have what employers will be looking for?

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IT employees at EmblemHealth fight to save jobs

Their immediate goal is to prevent the contract being signed with the offshore outsourcer, but they may be too late.

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The pain of training your replacement

At New York Life, IT employees are training overseas workers to do their jobs. It takes an emotional toll, and there are odd rules and processes to follow.

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From freakout to slow burn, Zika has potential to impact business

The arrival of the Zika virus in the U.S. is raising questions. Will it affect business travel? Will it hurt recruiting in affected regions? Does it pose supply chain problems? The answer may be yes to all those questions.

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How to save your job from the intelligent robots

In the future the most effective IT staff will have empathy as well as technical skills.

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