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But then they could reuse the business cards!

After a lot of staff turnover, this organization gets a much-needed addition to its sysadmin ranks -- but something still seems not quite right.

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Gee, why IS it so hard to find IT people nowadays?

This project manager pilot fish has been working freelance, but when a regular, full-time PM position opens up at a well-established manufacturer, she decides to apply -- and it looks like a done deal.

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9 programming languages and the women who created them

From the dawn of mainframes through today, women have designed and developed programming languages that have had significant, lasting impact on software development.

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Saying yes to no college

From students to corporations, many are questioning the future relevance that higher education degrees will bring to job opportunities and earning potential. For those young people who are choosing not to go to college, what impact...


H-1B employees crowd out other workers, says study

A new paper found that winning additional H-1B visas has "an insignificant effect on patenting," and that "H-1Bs substantially crowd out employment of other workers."

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Common resume mistakes that could cost you the job

It's hard enough getting a hiring manager or recruiter to read your resume in the first place -- but making one of these six mistakes guarantees it'll never get past an initial glance.

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How not to ask for a raise

You may have heard the inspirational phrase, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” But what if you do ask, and the answer is still no? Particularly when it comes to asking for a raise, that is not the desired outcome,...

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Tech's highest paid CEOs

Analysis of 50 tech CEO pay packages shows Apple chief Tim Cook getting one of the biggest raises and newcomers John Chen of Blackberry and Satya Nadella of Microsoft earning the most.

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10 apps to take your job search mobile

Pressed for time but need to find a new job? Take your tech career search mobile with these 10 job search apps.

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Is IT work getting more stressful, or is it the Millennials?

IT work can be stressful, which has always been true. But a new survey says the stress level in IT may be rising. But why? Are IT managers demanding more? Are users increasingly impatient? Are IT workers expecting a better work-life...

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6 examples of effective IT resumes

Anyone can write a resume. However, creating one that impresses potential employers often requires help from career-development professionals. With that in mind, assembled this collection of IT resumes – all hand-crafted by...

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All hail the next big job, the Chief IoT Officer

IT may not be selected to handle the task because of its traditional inward focus.

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Moms in tech: Tales and tips from the IT trenches

Mothers who work in technology share their best stories of work + children collisions -- and their go-to gadgets and apps for balancing the two.

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Intel increases its hiring among women, minorities

Intel's also investing $5 million in an education program in Oakland, Calif.

Stressing out over the health risks of excessive sitting only makes it worse.

Research shows sysadmins may outlive IT execs

The small amount of activity it still takes to run a datacenter or support end users is enough to cut the risk of death from sitting by more than a third.

Computerworld Salary Survey 2015

Computerworld's IT Salary Survey 2015: Free research on dozens of tech titles

Download our 29th annual IT Salary Survey special report in a handy PDF format and find out the latest trends in pay, the state of the job market and the hottest skills today.

Career Watch: Where the gender pay gap is narrowest

Two IT-related careers make the list of 25 occupations where the pay gap between men and women is narrowest.

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Fury rises at Disney over use of foreign workers

At the end of last October, IT employees at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts were called one by one into conference rooms to receive notice of their layoffs.

Computerworld Salary Survey 2015
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IT Salary Survey 2015: Read the full report

After years of tight budgets, employers are boosting pay to attract and retain hot IT talent. Computerworld's survey of more than 4,800 tech workers reveals who's getting the cash — and how you can too.

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