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Take that byte right out of your mouth

Even the most brilliant tech professional risks losing out to a more articulate and persuasive competitor for a bigger budget, a promotion, a new job, a funding round or a new business. To beat the odds, become a better presenter with...

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Woman recruited by Google four times and rejected, joins suit

There was something about Cheryl Fillekes that Google really liked. Over a seven-year period, Fillekes was contacted by Google recruiters four different times for jobs. In each case, she did well enough in the phone interviews to get...

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IT Resume Makeover: How to use charts and graphs

Let's get visual. Charts and graphs can bring an eye-catching edge to your resume, especially if you're an IT sales or marketing pro looking to highlight your revenue-generating skills. Here, expert resume writer Jennifer Hay explains...


Opening up to self-invention, opportunity creation and even golf

In a Q&A, David Nichols, a top professional services executive, discusses how his view of himself, his job and his opportunities changed over time.

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The the 'I' in CIO has evolved

As Ginna Raahauge, a veteran of Riverbed and Cisco, steps into the CIO position at data integration software specialist Informatica, she reflects on the changing responsibilities of the CIO.

The White House

Will the White House disappoint on H-1B displacements?

Signals are mixed on whether the Obama administration will take action or wait for Congress to change the law.

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Job outlook: Starting salaries for recent computer science graduates

This infographic based on a survey of recent college graduates demonstrates just how much the job market loves computer science majors.

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LinkedIn makeover: How to polish your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is more than just an online résumé. Here's how experts revamped one IT professional's page — and what you can learn from it.

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To Hillary Clinton, Uber is a double-edged sword

In a speech Monday focused on economic policy, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton spoke out on what she saw as the double-edged sword that characterizes startups like Uber, Airbnb or Instacart.


Uber argues in court that drivers want independence, flexibility

Uber Technologies gathered the support of more than 400 drivers across California and a law professor to back its argument in court that its platform gives its contractors the flexibility and independence they want.

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IT departments may be losing their bad reputation

Respondents to a new survey see security, virtualization and cloud architecture as vital to the business.

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Update: Microsoft pulls back from phone business, announces 7,800 layoffs

Microsoft will write off the entire value of the smartphone business it acquired from Nokia.

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Are benefits for IT workers disappearing?

Benefits are an important part of any IT worker's compensation package, and while base salaries have risen over the last year, more organizations have eliminated some benefits from their compensation packages.


After Uber ruling, pressure mounts on companies to reclassify contractors

New suits claim the contract workers are in effect employees

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Theory, practice, and fighting for terminal time: How computer science education has changed

When it comes to learning programming, some things have changed -- but not everything.

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A California backlash rises over foreign IT worker replacements

California lawmakers are moving to attack the use of foreign labor to replace U.S. workers.

Which way to management?

The programmer's guide to breaking into management

The transition from command line to line-of-command requires a new mind-set -- and a thick skin

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Welcome to the workforce: Advice for new programmers

Veteran software developers share the lessons they’ve learned over the years about how to successfully navigate the professional coding business.

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