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US salaries

IT salaries in the U.S. rose more than 4% last year

U.S. IT salaries were up by 4.25% in 2014, the highest increase in years, according to an IEEE-USA survey.


Job hunting tips for the IT pro

Martha Heller, an IT executive recruiter, offers up career advice for IT professionals at the IT Roadmap event in Boston. Should executives job jump or build tenure? How much social media should they do? Heller offers up her...

computer science degree

Top 25 computer science colleges, ranked by alumni earnings

Payscale uses alumni post-grad pay to rank 187 colleges and universities with computer science programs.

linkedin job recruiters

3 expert tips for LinkedIn power users

LinkedIn-savvy networkers might feel like their profiles are already polished, but there’s always room for improvement. These three tips, from LinkedIn’s resident career expert, can help even the savviest users take their profiles to...

computer science degree

Top 25 computer science colleges, ranked by alumni earnings

Payscale uses alumni post-grad pay to rank 187 colleges and universities with computer science programs.

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Computerworld's IT Salary Survey 2016 is open!

IT pros, take our annual IT salary survey for a chance to win one of three $500 AMEX gift cheques. You'll find out how your pay stacks up in our IT Salary Survey 2016 special report next spring.

White House

Petition on OPT program ruling draws thousands of names

A petition on the White House's "We the People" site urging a quick response to a court ruling affecting STEM students on student visas is fast gaining signatures.

career overworked

Silicon Valley's 'pressure cooker:' Thrive or get out

People working in Silicon Valley may cry at their desks and may be expected to respond to emails in the middle of the night, but that's the price to work for some of the most successful and innovative tech companies in the world,...

Leaflets that say Now Hiring lie on a table at a job fair

Cracking the code: 5 tips for hiring software developers

Hiring programmers is hard, but these tips from companies trying to improve the process just might help you to better identify, recruit and evaluate coding talent.

Millennials in the workplace

Millennials in the workplace: 3 tips for making a lasting hire and 5 ways to make them stay

Millennials are known for job-hopping, making them risky hires. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 8 ways to cultivate a dedicated workforce.

linkedin job recruiters

7 tips to get recruiters to look at your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn profiles are a visual representation of your professional brand, but what makes a recruiter click on your LinkedIn profile over another? Here are a few simple tricks you can use to make sure you get noticed by recruiters and...

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Working STEM students may be forced to leave U.S. next year, says court

A federal judge made a ruling this week that could force tens of thousands of foreign workers, many of whom are employed at tech companies on student visas, to return to their home countries early next year.

it workforce hiring trends

Apple, Intel cite gains in hiring women and minorities

Apple and Intel are both making progress in their efforts to hire more women and minorities, according to figures released by the companies this week.

hottest cities by salary

Top 10 cities for IT pros looking to make a move

Business is booming in 2015, and across the country IT organizations are loosening the purse strings and shelling out big bucks for critical IT talent. Here's a look at the 10 hottest cities for IT pay based on percent increase in...

outsourcing blue glow

As it sets IT layoffs, Citizens Bank shifts work to India via Web

Citizens Bank in Rhode Island has offered its IT employees solid middle-class wages and good benefits, but this slice of the America Dream is ending for many of them. Bank IT employees are training replacements in India to take over...

Star Power: Lessons in recruiting from the world of sports

You can’t attract the real stars without a personal approach.

Graffiti that says You were meant for greatness

Up your coding game with these 7 habits of great programmers

Experienced software engineers share their thoughts on what differentiates great programmers from good programmers and what it takes to up your coding game.

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Top 10 job boards on Facebook

Today’s job search has gone social, with job boards now reaching out to job seekers on popular social media sites like Facebook. Here are the 10 job boards that are using Facebook better than the competition.

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