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computer science blackboard

Theory, practice, and fighting for terminal time: How computer science education has changed

When it comes to learning programming, some things have changed -- but not everything.

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A California backlash rises over foreign IT worker replacements

California lawmakers are moving to attack the use of foreign labor to replace U.S. workers.

Which way to management?

The programmer's guide to breaking into management

The transition from command line to line-of-command requires a new mind-set -- and a thick skin

A sign that says Advice

Welcome to the workforce: Advice for new programmers

Veteran software developers share the lessons they’ve learned over the years about how to successfully navigate the professional coding business.

jesse jackson mark zuckerberg sheryl sandberg at shareholder meeting in june

Facebook, like Google, makes scant progress in hiring blacks, women

Facebook and other tech companies aren't making much progress in their efforts to increase the percentages of women and minorities they employ, and that's a matter of concern for civil rights activists.

man covered in post-it notes

Can't disconnect on vacation? These IT pros offer their hard-earned tips

More IT professionals are reducing work activity and enjoying their vacation time. But it takes planning and resolve to completely unplug.

coal plant to data center

Coal plant fires, Google hires

Google is building a $600 million data center on the grounds of a soon-to-close coal-fired power plant in northeastern Alabama. The project may create an iconic image of the shifts in the economy.

011215 president barack obama

Obama’s trade win brings H-1B unease

President Barack Obama's successful push for authority to negotiate new trade agreements is causing concerns among those who support changes to the nation's H-1B visa program.


Morale boosters: 5 proven ways to motivate your IT team

Disengaged teams foster a toxic and unproductive work environment. When motivation slips, here’s what you can do to get staff back on track.

summer moocs

12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds and more.

U.S. Congress Washington DC

IT workers replaced by foreign labor may regain federal benefit

The White House is trying to get Congress to restore coverage for service workers, and that may, once again, make displaced IT workers eligible for benefits.

Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT 2015

Read CW's new July digital magazine!

Our 22nd annual "Best Places to Work in IT" report highlights top organizations across the country that offer technology pros challenging projects, robust salaries and flexible work/life options.

jumpstart jumper cables

8 ways to jumpstart your career

We’ve collected advice from experts on the tweaks IT professionals can make to improve their career prospects.

About Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT

Find out about Computerworld's annual Best Places to Work in IT program, including eligibility, survey contents, deadlines and more.

Yes, these days even exit interviews require prep

Pilot fish who has spent the last couple decades as IT director at a community college retires, and that means it's time for a string of exit interviews -- including one that leaves him speechless.

Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT 2015
external url

Best Places to Work in IT 2015: Read the full report

Computerworld's 22nd annual roundup of places where tech pros are challenged, rewarded and nurtured.

eu commission building

EU faces IT staff shortfall of 825,000, redoubles training

The European Union faces a huge shortfall of qualified IT staff in Europe by 2020, prompting EU countries to redouble efforts to offer technology training.

elop 6 build 2014

Microsoft rented Elop for 14 months at $1.3M per month

Microsoft's 14-month use of former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop cost the firm at least $18 million, or about $1.3 million each month.

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