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Facebook in the zone: 5 things it’s doing right

With all the positive news that came out of Facebook's earnings call, the social networking giant has hit the zone.

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Snapchat speed filter just the latest sign of the distracted driving problem

Driver distraction is becoming a major problem. What can we do?

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Facebook proposal will keep Zuckerberg in control for many years to come

Facebook is taking steps to ensure that founder Mark Zuckerberg stays connected and in control at the social network even as he pursues other goals related to charity and research.


PCWorld Show Episode 14: Web Pages Are Doomed

What the heck? The average web page is larger than the original Doom installer?

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Despite growth, Twitter still disappoints

Twitter is a company doing really cool things, but it continues to disappoint investors.

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Google’s EU antitrust problems could get compounded by Getty Images' complaint

Getty Images, a long-time critic of Google’s image search functionality, plans to file a competition law complaint against the search giant with the European Commission.

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Is Facebook playing catch-up with possible camera app?

Facebook may be developing a stand-alone camera app, but industry analysts say it's likely too late for the company to displace Snapchat, the highly popular photo-messaging app.

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It's about communicating -- KLM uses Nexmo to get into the customer groove

It may just be plumbing, but it's plumbing that delivers better customer service for KLM customers.

Spotify hack accounts leak

Spotify hacked? Angry users fight to regain accounts

News reports report news of Spotify hack -- there seem to have been many users' account details leaked on Pastebin. But the Swedish streaming service says all is safe, rather implying it's users are the ones at fault...


How to create your own Google Analytics dashboards

The Google Analytics suite can be overwhelming to new or inexperienced users. This jump-start video guide to GA details how to use one of its most important features: dashboards.


Uber wins a major coup for the gig economy

Uber can keep on trucking.

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Facebook bug hunter finds a back door left by hackers on corporate server

A researcher found a PHP-based back door installed by hackers on one of Facebook's corporate servers.

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Chinese gov't shuts down Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies

A Chinese regulator is said to have ordered Apple to shut down its iBooks Store and iTunes Movies only six months after the services were launched in the country.

Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2015 (3)

Google's CEO sees A.I. as the next wave in computing

"In the long run we will evolve in computing from a mobile-first to an A.I.-first world," said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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Yahoo's Firefox deal risks dropping into the red

Yahoo's deal with Mozilla making the search provider Firefox's default in the U.S. increasingly looks like a bad deal for Yahoo.

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Opera browser bakes in free VPN

Opera Software today released a developer preview of its namesake browser that includes a full-featured VPN for free.

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Why the Facebook chatbots are totally underwhelming

So far, the chatbots are not that helpful unless you stay on script.

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Is Zuckerberg selling his soul for Facebook access to China?

Even a mega-philanthropist can look craven when lusting after the world’s largest market.

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