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Bad (internet of) things

What we can do to keep all those clever devices from causing harm.

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HPE rolls out products to enable IoT adoption

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced several software and hardware products to more securely manage the exploding universe of Internet of Things devices.


How industrial IoT is making steel production smarter

Productivity increases and reduced maintenance costs have been the direct benefits of a new IoT project between General Electric and a Brazilian steel manufacturer.

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Upgraded Mirai botnet disrupts Deutsche Telekom by infecting routers

A new version of Mirai -- a malware that’s been enslaving poorly secured IoT devices -- has found a new victim: vulnerable internet routers from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom.


Preview: Computerworld's smart cities video tour, coming soon!

Launching in Dec. 2016, Computerworld's smart cities video tour takes you to Singapore, New York and Montreal, as senior editor Matt Hamblen seeks out the latest innovations that boost urban efficiency and improve citizens' lives....

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How to make IoT in the home more secure: Assume the worst

A report by the internet advisory group BITAG on Tuesday identified common security problems in home IoT products and recommended steps vendors should take from now on.

5g faq

What we talk about when we talk about 5G wireless

An FAQ on the next big thing in wireless technology: 5G.

ibm iot

IBM pushes to offer IoT from development to production

The internet of things is so complex that some enterprises would rather turn to one vendor to determine the business case for an IoT deployment, design the system, roll it out and operate it as a service. At least that’s what IBM...

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Verizon IoT, Swiftmile pilot smart bike-sharing in Santa Clara

Verizon will provide 4G LTE connections to the bikes and the solar charging stations where they are parked, among other tech.

us iphone factories

U.S. iPhone factories: Designed in California, made by machines

What is most likely to happen if Apple decides to make iPhones in the USA? Jobs? Or robots?

20161116 ge minds and machines 2016 wide overview

Look what GE can do with industrial IoT

General Electric showcased its industrial internet of things solutions and partnerships this week at its annual Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco this week.

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IoT gear will need better security to win a Z-Wave badge

Starting in April, the Z-Wave Alliance will require all products to include its S2 (Security 2) framework before devices can be certified as Z-Wave compliant.

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U.S. lawmakers balk at call for IoT security regulations

The U.S. government needs to pass regulations mandating internet of things security measures before device vulnerabilities start killing people, one security expert told lawmakers.

machine learning ai

Machine learning: The deplorable state of deployment

A failed standard, complex alternatives -- and a way forward.

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GE is on an IoT buying spree

It turns out GE Digital’s acquisition of ServiceMax on Monday wasn’t its only recent move to expand its industrial IoT expertise. Two deals for small startups, completed recently and announced on Tuesday, add other interesting...

Bill Ruh GE Digital

GE buys ServiceMax for $915M to boost its IoT power

General Electric’s $915 million acquisition of field service management company ServiceMax on Monday should help enterprises combine what GE does for industrial products and assets with more tools for those who work on them.

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Cisco names 10 cities using its cloud-based smart service

Cisco, which has promoted its smart city technologies for more than two years, announced that 10 cities, including Paris and Copenhagen, are using its cloud-based service to connect to traffic, parking and environmental sensors in...

harman connected vehicle components

Samsung boosts audio, connected car businesses with $8B Harman buy

Samsung Electronics wants to buy its way into the connected car market, with a plan to acquire Harman for $8 billion.

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