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Facebook apologizes to LGBT community, clarifies names policy

Profiles can be under users' 'authentic' name, not necessarily their legal name

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What you need to know about social-network upstart Ello

The company is hoping that simplicity and privacy will win the day -- and more customers.

Social Media

Twitter invests in MIT lab focused on online social movements

Twitter will also provide access to its archives and real-time, public stream of tweets

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Intel saves $9 million in factory IoT

Intel's hoping that its increased equipment uptime and productivity may help convince other manufacturers to sign on for IoT.


Global Internet speeds up, DDoS attacks down

The average global Internet connection speed rose above 4Mbps for the first time.

Oracle rolls out analytics cloud services

Its Exalytics in-memory appliance also gets an upgrade.

Cloud computing circuits

Oracle expands depth of its cloud development platform

Oracle is giving its entry into the platform-as-a-service market an injection of new services in hopes of differentiating it from the likes of Windows Azure and's Salesforce1.

larry ellison openworld 2014

Oracle's Larry Ellison throws down the cloud gauntlet

Oracle CTO and executive chairman Larry Ellison, who just a few years ago famously mocked the notion of cloud computing, has positioned the company to become the industry's largest cloud player, with something to offer customers at...

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China blocks Instagram, mentions of 'tear gas' amid Hong Kong protests

China started blocking the popular photo-sharing app Instagram on Sunday, as part of its moves to squelch any mention of the use of tear gas on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Russia orders Facebook, Twitter and Google to register as social networks -- or be blocked

Russia's communications regulator has ordered Facebook, Twitter and Google to join a register of social networks or face being blocked in Russia.

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Yahoo will ring in the new year by killing its website directory

Yahoo, which got its start as a digital phone book of websites, is closing that book.

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Google gets privacy lesson from EU data protection authorities

European Union privacy regulators want Google to make its privacy policies easier to find and understand.

Online guinea pig

Was Facebook & OKCupid’s research treating users like guinea pigs illegal?

Is it illegal to be guinea pigs for online research without our consent? A Maryland law professor says Facebook and OKCupid's psychological experiments were unethical and also illegal.


How to Use Facebook’s New Privacy Checkup Tool

Facebook’s privacy checkup tool aims to simplify how you control and manage your content. Here’s how to make the most of the new tool in just a few minutes.

earthlink norton

Scammed by EarthLink

Out of the blue, EarthLink starts charging a customer for Norton 360 software.

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Without mandatory signups, is Google+ adrift?

Now that Google has backed away from requiring new Gmail users to automatically sign up for Google+, analysts wonder whether the company is giving up on its social network.

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GoogleX to circle the Earth with Internet-connected balloons

Google is looking to launch a fleet of high-altitude balloons that will circle the planet, providing Internet connectivity to remote areas -- and it wants to do so within a year.

Microsoft streamlines free Office for students deal

Microsoft yesterday made it easier for school and university students to obtain a free subscription to Office 365 by sidestepping institutional IT and going to the self-serve line.

google antitrust

EU tells Google to make more concessions or face charges in antitrust dispute

Google has to improve its settlement terms in an antitrust investigation over its search practices or face charges, following opposition from some quarters to the deal, the European Commission's competition chief Joaquin Almunia said....

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