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Facebook gives away homebrewed OS monitoring tool

Facebook released an open-source tool for monitoring operating system state changes across very large infrastructures, which could help engineers quickly diagnose performance and security issues.

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The Charge of the Troll Brigade: What to know about #GamerGate

As #GamerGate reaches a fever pitch, you should probably know what this online movement is -- and what it isn't.

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Twitter and IBM team up on analytics apps

IBM and Twitter today announced a partnership that allows them to collaborate in a variety of ways to join social media data with enterprise apps and analytics.


Verizon bans domestic surveillance and net neutrality articles from tech news site

Know where you won't hear about Verizon injecting a privacy-decimating 'perma-cookie' in consumers' HTTP connections so advertisers can track Verizon customers across the web? SugarString, Verizon's tech news site, where writers are...

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Google working on nanoparticles to detect cancer

Google is developing tiny magnetic particles that could help detect cancer and other health problems by coursing through a patient's bloodstream.

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Facebook: $15B of WhatsApp's price is based on what the service could be

Facebook has revealed a little more about what compelled it to spend close to $19 billion this year to buy mobile messaging service WhatsApp.

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Backbone business deals blamed for broadband congestion

M-Lab found frequent traffic congestion problems when specific broadband providers were connected with specific backbone providers.

Facebook sales, driven by mobile, shoot up nearly 60%

Facebook continues to reap rewards in mobile, growing its crucial ad business in large part due to ads placed on smaller screens.

Update: Microsoft slates Office 16 for second half of 2015

Microsoft will launch its next version of Office for Windows in the second half of 2015, according to an online report.

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Airline pilots group concerned with Amazon drone safety

An organization representing thousands of commercial pilots in the U.S. and Canada says it's concerned about the safety implications of Amazon flying drones at a site near Seattle.

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Google enlists PwC to push Apps, Android, cloud computing to businesses

Google has struck a partnership with PwC in which the global provider of consulting services will recommend to its customers the Apps suite, Android devices and the Google cloud computing platform.

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Bing lets you dig into the poo pile with emoji search

Bing now supports searches with emoji, meaning you can insert or paste a range of emoji icons like hearts, smiley faces, food graphics, or any combination thereof, for some interesting, though not always useful, results. It's a...

Twitter's user growth stalls in Q3

Twitter's stock price fell after it reported weak user growth in its Monday earnings report

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Office 365 consumer revenue lags behind subscription growth

Microsoft's Office 365 "rent-not-buy" consumer software service gained 1.5 million subscribers in the September quarter, but revenues failed to follow suit.

Twitter keeps alive Twitpic domain and photo archive

Twitter will keep alive the domain and photo archive of Twitpic, which was set to shut down on Saturday, the failed image-sharing website said.

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Why Google wants to replace Gmail

Gmail represents a dying class of products that, like Google Reader, puts control in the hands of users, not signal-harvesting algorithms.

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One missed email and Google Inbox will be in trouble

People may feel overwhelmed by the deluge of email arriving in their inboxes, but will they trust Google to show them the most important messages?

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Hands on with Inbox, Google's new way to experience Gmail

Google's Inbox is a fresh and modern approach to email -- but does it make managing your messages easier or more complex?

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