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ISP argues net neutrality rules violate its right to block content

Broadband provider Alamo tells court it has a free-speech right to exercise editorial discretion over the Web.

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Ad group urges FTC to reject "right to be forgotten"

Enforcing the European regulation in the U.S. could open the door to other rules, the group is arguing.

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Mozilla Firefox vs. Microsoft Windows 10 — FIGHT!

Mozilla Firefox honcho castigates Microsoft chief: CEO Chris Beard is lambasting his opposite number for Windows 10's inability to remember browser-choice settings. It feels like the good old days: Is Satya's Microsoft going back to...

Firefox's Windows 10 design specs

Update: Mozilla slams Microsoft over Windows 10's default browser switcheroo

In a letter from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, Beard criticized the way Windows 10 setup changed the default browser.

facebook drone

Facebook aims to launch unmanned drone by year-end

The aircraft is designed to provide Internet access to people in underserved areas.

google hits misses google right to be forgotten

Google rejects French request to expand right to be forgotten

Google won't comply with an order from France's privacy watchdog group to apply the right to be forgotten to all its search results around the world.

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Critical BIND denial-of-service flaw could disrupt large portions of the Internet

The flaw could be exploited remotely to crash DNS servers by sending them a single packet.

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Windows 10 picks up good vibrations, user excitations

Windows 10 is buzz-worthy, Adobe said as it cited data from its social media metrics platform that showed positive vibes about the new OS.

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Zuckerberg: Video today, virtual reality tomorrow

When people grow tired of posting photos and videos on social media, what then? Virtual-reality posts, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Yahoo unveils app for texting with silent video

Yahoo is releasing a mobile messaging app that combines texting with live one-on-one video.

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Twitter mulls big changes to how you view tweets

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For Twitter, that could mean a new approach to the way it displays tweets.

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Twitter surprises with a sales gain, but user growth lags

Twitter on Tuesday reported a higher than expected increase in revenue in the second quarter, suggesting progress in the company's efforts to grow.

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It's time for a Digital Customer Experience Bill of Rights

Many organizations are harming their customer’s digital experience – and in some cases their safety – on a regular basis, as evidenced by the recent issues around limited access to personal data and the ability to digitally sabotage...

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Windows 10 roll-out will break Internet traffic records

Microsoft will break Internet traffic records this week as it begins to distribute Windows 10.

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Facebook opens to more mobile operators

A new online portal will make it easier for carriers to adopt the app, Facebook says.

Picking up groceries at Amazon's drive thru

Attention Amazon shoppers: ''Thank you, drive through''

Kiss your local grocery store goodbye, reports suggest Amazon is entering the perishable food business, planning to marry online shopping with the efficiency of a fast food burger joint. If traditional grocers aren't worried, they...

google plus

Google severs Google+ from some of its sites

Google is severing the ties between its social network and its other services, so that users won't need to log in to other sites like YouTube using a Google+ account.

mac os how to uninstall flash and why we all should

Mac OS: How to uninstall Flash (and why we all should)

Adobe Flash needs to be put to sleep. It's the only kind thing to do.

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