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comcast time warner

Comcast's $45B Time Warner Cable deal is dead

Comcast is officially walking away from plans to acquire Time Warner Cable.

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Google sales hit a speed bump in Q1

Google's sales rose 12 percent during the first quarter, the slowest rate of revenue growth since 2013, while the amount it charges for ad clicks continued to drop.

Facebook video is booming, with 4B views per day

Facebook is fast becoming the place to watch videos. Billions of videos.

facebook thinkstock

Mobile ads now generate almost 75% of Facebook's revenue

Facebook grew its business last quarter with ads placed on small screens; 73% of its sales from mobile ads.

Windows bugs

Microsoft kicks off two-month Spartan bug bounty program

Microsoft today launched a short-term bug bounty program for its new Project Spartan browser, saying entries would be accepted until June 22.

121615 chrome ex primary

Chrome users roast Google on spit of hate over revamped bookmarks manager

Google's redesign of the Chrome bookmarks manager has begun rolling out to users running the most polished version of the browser. And those users are very unhappy

facebook login screen

Facebook gives priority to friends in News Feed change

Facebook announced that it is changing the algorithm that handles what posts, photos and videos users are shown on their News Feeds. The change is geared to giving users more information from their favorite friends.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at CES

Yahoo, still reliant on PCs, posts disappointing earnings

Although mobile is a crucial element in Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's turnaround plan, the company is still heavily dependant on PCs for its revenues.

htc desire 826

Today's the day: Be mobile friendly or get lost in search

If your website isn't mobile friendly, prepare to get lost in Google's mobile search rankings.

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Google makes mobile websites more app-like with Chrome push notifications

Google has taken a big step in its efforts to make mobile websites act more like native applications on Android smartphones by adding notifications to its browser.

Yahoo sign

Microsoft, Yahoo amend their search deal

A 10-year search deal between Yahoo and Microsoft has a new opt-out provision that allows either company to terminate the agreement on or after Oct. 1.

Google's mobile friendly #mobilegeddon

Google's 'phone friendly' #mobilegeddon causes SEO mass HYSTERIA

Today's the day Google's new 'mobile friendly' search algorithm goes into effect. Simply put, from now on web pages easily viewed by mobiles get placed higher in search results, the others...

Facebook on window

Appeals court rejects man's claim he owns half of Facebook

Paul Ceglia, who for years has claimed to own 50 percent of Facebook, was denied a bid to revive his case against the company in a U.S. appeals court on Monday.

social media misfires hp2

5 ways your company can defuse a social media crisis

When an employee is caught in the crosshairs of a social media mishap, businesses need to tread carefully. Here’s how to prevent a crisis and defuse one that's already occurred.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Is your site ready for Google's 'Mobilegeddon' on Tuesday?

Google on Tuesday will begin making mobile-friendliness matter more to its search-engine rankings.

Periscope's app

Live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope pose legal risks

Live video is messy, raw, unedited and with new mobile apps, it's can capture people who don't know they're being recorded. In some cases, that can add up to legal problems,

ARIN IPv6 sticker

Why the journey to IPv6 is the road less traveled

Though IPv6 is finished technology that works, rolling it out may be either a simple process or a complicated and risky one, depending on what role you play on the Internet

mozilla firefox san francisco

Mozilla to debut Firefox for iPhone 'soon'

Mozilla will introduce Firefox for Apple's iPhone "soon," according to a company announcement of an open marketing position.

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