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Aquila Facebook Drone

Facebook completes first test flights of its solar-powered Aquila internet drone

Up in the sky, look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a solar-powered internet drone!


Apple and Facebook helped to take down KickassTorrents

It turns out a couple purchases on iTunes helped bring down the mastermind behind KickassTorrents, a popular file-sharing site.

FB aquila solar plane

Facebook takes a step forward with its Net-connectivity plane

Facebook's Connectivity Lab completed the first full test of Aquila, a solar-powered, unmanned aircraft that would beam Internet connectivity to remote, underserved areas of the world.

firefox intro

Firefox sets kill-Flash schedule

Mozilla will follow other browser markers by curtailing use of Flash in Firefox next month.


U.S. seizes KickassTorrents domains, site owner arrested

The U.S. has seized domains belonging to KickassTorrents, one of the most popular sites for illegal file sharing, and its alleged owner has been arrested.


Facebook Messenger has a billion users, but now there's a new problem

Chatbots will save Messenger, as long as we learn to love them and are OK with seeing ads to support them.

HTTP Internet website

For SEO, links are even more important than you think

It's a rare business today that doesn't take at least some steps to optimize its website for search-engine rankings, but how best to do that remains an open question. A new study suggests that inbound links are even more critical than...

The Windows 10 Start screen.

Windows 10 personal data collection is excessive, French privacy watchdog warns

Windows 10 breaches French law by collecting too much personal information from users and failing to secure it adequately, according to the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL).

Bruised by past mistakes, tech firms brace for 'leap second'

Latest leap-second plan poses a dilemma for conscientious sysadmins

Conscientious sysadmins face a dilemma on Dec. 31, when a new leap second will threaten the stability of computer systems and networks.

linux chat

Skype sets a course for the cloud, ditching some apps on the way

Skype is leaving behind its peer-to-peer roots and going all in on the cloud. While the popular messaging app made it this far by facilitating connections between computers for video calls and other communications, it's moving to a...

twitter ios app

Twitter finally offers verified accounts to the masses

Twitter is finally offering verified accounts -- you know, those little blue check marks next to the name of someone famous on Twitter -- to the non-celebrities among us. But what exactly does having a verified account mean? And why...

151027 facebook headquarters 2

Facebook brings high-speed laser communications into focus

Facebook says it has developed a laser detector that could open airwaves to new high-speed data communications systems that don't require dedicated spectrum or licenses.

data privacy

Google says government requests for user data at all-time high

Google's semi-annual "Transparency Report" shows that in the second half of 2015, U.S. government agencies made more than 40,000 requests for access to user data.

Swift vs. Objective-C: 10 reasons the future favors Swift

Facebook SDK gives Apple's Swift devs access to platform services

The SDK enables integration of iOS mobile apps with services on the social network

Taking screenshot on Android phone

Attackers could steal millions using online phone verification systems

A researcher finds he could earn millions of dollars by abusing the online phone verification systems used by Google, Microsoft, and Instagram.

microsoft stream signup

Microsoft's new service is like YouTube for the enterprise

Microsoft may have YouTube for the enterprise on its hands with the beta launch of a new service on Monday.

opera browser primary

Chinese $1.2B deal for Opera crumples

The planned sale of Opera Software to a group of Chinese companies for $1.2 billion has foundered.

Ubuntu China

Ubuntu Forums database breached

Ubuntu support forums users should be on the lookout for dodgy emails after the website's database of 2 million email addresses has been stolen.

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