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Yahoo loses some U.S. share gained from Firefox deal

Four months after Yahoo closed a deal with Mozilla to make its search engine the default in Firefox in the U.S., Yahoo has managed to hold onto most of the share it grabbed from Google.

Yahoo and Bing's search deal

Renewing vows, Yahoo and Bing renegotiate terms of search deal

A little over a year ago, bloggers were chin-wagging about a rumored Yahoo-Bing breakup. Fast forward to yesterday...

Whistleblowers are at risk using U.S. gov't sites to report fraud

More than two dozen U.S. government websites should be urgently upgraded to use encryption to protect whistleblowers, the ACLU said.

Windows XP

Google to pull Chrome plug on Windows XP at year's end

Google on Thursday announced it will shut down support for Chrome on Windows XP at the end of the year.

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Where did I leave my Android phone? Google it

Wish there was a way to easily find your smartphone when you've dropped it under a sofa cushion or the dog ran off with it? If you have an Android-based phone, Google may be able to help.

Microsoft and Yahoo shake up their search deal

Nearly six years after Microsoft and Yahoo signed a search partnership, the companies are extending their agreement -- with a few changes.

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With EU challenging Google, this time 'stakes are high'

With the European Commission leveling antitrust charges against Google, the company should be bracing itself for a big – and potentially costly – fight over its dominant search business.

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Facebook-backed loses some Indian partners over net neutrality

A project by Facebook-backed to offer people access to select online services without data charges has run into trouble in India, after the program was criticized by net neutrality activists.

How not to make money in IT, RFID edition

This IT pilot fish is working for an e-commerce startup on the ERP team, and trying to avoid problems for a vendor bidding on a project to use RF scanners throughout a warehouse. Guess who's not listening?

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Twitter turns its home page into a news and information hub

In a bid to draw in new users, Twitter is turning its home page into a portal for news and content around dozens of topics.

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Microsoft makes debugging PHP less painful with new Azure tool

Microsoft is equipping its Azure cloud service with a tool to debug PHP-based Web apps running on the platform.

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EU may have a tough time proving Google abuse

The European Commission might have a hard time proving Google abused its market power in the European search market.

EU slaps Google with antitrust charges

The battle begins: Google vs. EU... FIGHT!

In Brussels, at high noon today, the EU fired the first hail of anti-trust charges towards internet giant Google...

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Update: EU files antitrust charges against Google over search, launches Android probe

The European Commission has charged Google with abusing its dominant position in Internet search services in Europe by favoring its own comparison shopping product, Google Shopping. It also opened an antitrust probe into Google's...

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EU poised to file antitrust charges against Google

Europe's top antitrust chief is reportedly ready to file formal charges against Google accusing the company of violating the EU's antitrust laws.


The future is here: You may already be using IPv6

You've probably heard about the looming shortage of Internet addresses and the need for IPv6. What surfers may not realize is that in many places on the Web, it's already in use.

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FCC net neutrality rule published in Federal Register

The new net neutrality rule was published over the weekend in the Federal Register, the daily journal of U.S. government actions, raising the possibility of a spate of lawsuits from broadband companies that oppose the rule.

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Macy's mobile app tackles local store search — and demonstrates why it's so difficult

When Macy's this month upgraded its mobile app to allow shoppers to theoretically limit searches to a particular store, it illustrated how different such efforts can be. When we tried to use the service, it blew up at almost every...

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