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DirecTV won't show 'The Interview'; others won't say

Sony says video-on-demand providers are unwilling to carry the movie.

North Korean Internet connection hit by outages

Connectivity became unstable on Monday, leading to websites being unavailable.

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How-to: Get started with Nginx

Follow these steps to install Nginx on Linux and configure PHP support, virtual hosts, HTTP authentication, SSL support, URL rewrites and load balancing.

chrome proposal encryption

Google wants to turn browser signals of Web encryption upside down

Chrome security engineers have proposed that all websites that don't encrypt traffic be marked as insecure by browsers.

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Sony looks for ways to distribute 'The Interview' online

Sony Pictures says it hasn't bowed to threats to pull "The Interview" and audiences will get a chance to see it -- it's just not sure how at present.

DPRK parody account on Twitter

Twitter parody of North Korea's mouthpiece not afraid to crow over Sony's capitulation

A Twitter account that parodies pronouncements from North Korea's DPRK News Service is gaining followers with its spot-on tweets.

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Amazon promises one-hour delivery in Manhattan

With Prime Now, Amazon's customers in parts of Manhattan will be able to have toys and books shipped to their door in one hour or less via a new mobile app. Perfect when you've forgotten that important birthday present.

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Microsoft nixes EU browser ballot screen

Microsoft has pulled the plug on the browser ballot screen it was forced to display in the aftermath of a threat by the European Union's antitrust agency five years ago.

Members of the Cuban Revolutionary Army

U.S.-Cuba breakthrough is no slam dunk for Internet

The Obama administration's historic move to restore ties between the U.S. and Cuba may eventually put more Cubans online, but the future of the Internet there is likely to depend more on domestic policies than on imported goods...

ICANN data compromised in spearphishing attack

A spearphishing attack on ICANN has compromised the email credentials of several ICANN staff members and allowed the attacker to access user information, including email and postal addresses.

Google encryption concept

Google's full encryption efforts chug along, with Yahoo's help

Google is making progress developing a user-friendly tool for fully encrypting people's messages on their computers.

Update: Firefox pleads for cash with in-browser fundraiser

Mozilla has been running a fundraiser from within its Firefox browser, a program that will run through the end of the year.

The Forbidden City in Beijing

China was tough on U.S. tech firms in 2014

This was a lousy year for U.S. tech firms doing business in China, and 2015 may be no better.

U.S. Congress Washington DC

Internet tax moratorium extended in Cromnibus spending bill

A one-year extension to a U.S moratorium on Internet access taxes was buried in a $1.1 trillion government spending bill passed by the Senate on Saturday.

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Google says adiós to Spain, dasvidaniya to Russia

Google, fresh on the heels of shuttering its doors in Russia, announced it will shortly do the same to its Google News service in Spain. Why? Bloggers (try) to explain a recent law passed in Spain that chased Google away.

google hits misses google logo

Why Google should leave Europe

The company is under attack by European authorities who won't stop until they do real damage. The solution? Leave.

google privacy

Google moved to lock down data after NSA revelations

Google has worked hard to lock down the personal data it collects since revelations in the last year and a half about mass surveillance programs at the NSA, company Chairman Eric Schmidt said.

surveillance protest

Intelligence community must get its own house in order

If governments want private-sector cooperation for their lawful investigations, they should first examine their own operations, goals and assumptions.

dislike facebook mark zuckerberg

Zuck despises Dislike button (but does Facebook HATE you?)

Updated: We dislike this. Town Hall meeting exposes 'social' company's greed and disdain for users: Mark Zuckerberg -- currently worth $34 billion -- continues to brush off user suggestions. The best he could say was that Facebook...

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Facebook offers thumbs down on 'dislike' button, mulls other options

For those times on Facebook when a "like" won't work, the company is eyeing more options, though probably not a "dislike" button.

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