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Uber grabs mapping tech, employees from Microsoft

Uber is adding to its mapping smarts by acquiring technology used by Microsoft's Bing Maps, and has hired roughly 100 Microsoft employees who work on image collection and data analysis.

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Oracle seeks to simplify e-store creation, management with new Commerce Cloud

Continuing its effort to catch up in the cloud, Oracle unveiled a new software-as-a-service product aimed at e-commerce providers.

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Malwarebytes offers pirates amnesty, free license keys for premium MBAM product

If you used a keygen or crack to activate a license for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware premium product protection, then hurry up and jump on Malwarebytes Amnesty program to get a legit key for MBAM premium as it's only being offered for a...

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Is facial recognition a threat on Facebook and Google?

Photo recognition is so good on Facebook and Google that they don't even need to see your face to ID you. Now what?

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Yahoo growth stalls months after Mozilla deal

Yahoo's share gains since November from a deal with Mozilla may be a clue about whether the search company can attract more users through a just-announced contract to change Internet Explorer's and Chrome's default search through...

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Tech throws its weight behind marriage ruling with rainbows, emojis and software

When the Supreme Court issued its historic ruling on Friday legalizing same-sex marriage across the U.S., many of the biggest technology companies embraced the decision with characteristic flair through social media, on their...

mobile social collaboration faces heads

New Salesforce line helps enterprises deliver in-app customer support

An offering for SMBs is also on the way.

mob programming

Introducing Mob programming: The best team technique you've (probably) never heard of

Adopting a mob mentality may give your development team a productivity boost and improve software quality to boot. The reason, proponents say, is that working as a team allows for faster feedback loops and avoids problems associated...

Microsoft Sway

Why you should try the Microsoft Sway presentation app right now

This is a good example of a multiplatform app that just works.

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Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

Yahoo is updating its search service on mobile devices, taking a leaf out of Google's book and highlighting content such as images, videos and reviews ahead of regular search results.

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Facebook, like Google, makes scant progress in hiring blacks, women

Facebook and other tech companies aren't making much progress in their efforts to increase the percentages of women and minorities they employ, and that's a matter of concern for civil rights activists.

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Why the Gmail ‘Undo Send’ feature spent six years in beta hell

Google kept Undo Send in beta for way too long. Here's why.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

How the next Java update could make Yahoo your default search provider

Next time you're prompted to update the Java software on your computer, pay attention or you might become a Yahoo user without realizing it.


Proposal to limit anonymous domain registration ignites furor

ICANN seeks comment on proposal that would prevent anonymized registrations for online stores.

A Facebook account is no longer needed for Messenger

Facebook wants to squeeze as much growth as it can out of its popular Messenger app, even if that means foregoing Facebook.

Pressure mounts in EU to treat Facebook and Twitter as critical infrastructure

Pressure is mounting in the European Union to subject companies including Google, Twitter, eBay and Facebook to the same critical IT infrastructure security requirements as banks or energy networks.

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House votes to slow ICANN transition away from US oversight

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to require ICANN, which coordinates the Internet's domain name system, to jump through several hoops before a government agency ends its oversight of the organization.

Vertical Google Street View ascending Yosemite's El Capitan

Google's first vertical Street View lets you ascend 3,000 feet up Yosemite's El Capitan

Forget Apple's El Capitan for moment as Google's first vertical Street View takes you 3,000 feet up Yosemite National Park's El Capitan granite monolith.

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