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But we're betting you DID label that line, right?

It's back in the days before this sheriff's department went to VoIP, and a pilot fish there has a nifty device for the times when he needs to figure out exactly what line a phone is connected to.

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5 tricks to improve poor TCP performance

If your system back-up is to a remote site that is a considerable distance away, you might be using only a small percentage of the bandwidth that you’re paying for.

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4 free network monitoring tools to keep you in the know

Zabbix edges Icinga in test of open source network monitoring software packages.

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How network admins can survive SDN

With the advent of SDN, there’s been a lot of speculation about the future of the network administrator.

Google’s new open-source PerfKit framework watches cloud application performance

Google’s latest foray into the open-source realm is a framework it’s calling “PerfKit,” which is designed to measure application performance in the cloud.

Amazon offers troubleshooting tool to Web services users

For a couple of dollars per month, Amazon adds better tracking of configuration changes.

Dell, EMC, VMware and others dust it up over converged infrastructure

What started as a small niche market has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar business with many of technology’s biggest players involved.

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PowerShell for beginners: Scripts and loops

With the advent of Windows Server 10, PowerShell is becoming more important for admins to master, or at least learn. Here's how to get started.

See? I SAID it was intermittent!

This coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico has a hurricane-proof (and cell-signal-proof) police headquarters, so when the femtocell that serves the building gets flaky, it's a problem.

So THAT'S why they think it's "their" printer

It's more than a few years ago, this pilot fish is the first network administrator at a small private college, and his users were just getting used to the idea of network-attached printers.

lan down outage

Our bullet-proof LAN failed; here’s what we learned

Three risks and three remedies to help ensure this doesn't happen to you.

wifi mistakes

8 Wi-Fi mistakes to avoid

Wi-Fi is great when it works right -- and when it’s secure. Although setting up Wi-Fi can seem straightforward, there are many complexities.

Sometimes a demo works just like it's supposed to

It's a few decades back, and this pilot fish works as an installer for a minicomputer vendor -- with one customer who's just very unclear on a key computer-room concept.

Whatever works

This company's phone system keeps having intermittent issues, but when IT calls the phone company's support line, the techs there insist no one else is complaining and there's nothing they can do.

Your new IT TLA is ATM: Always Talk to Maintenance

This pilot fish works in maintenance at a major airport, and he gets word that the networking group will be installing a new link from one end of a runway to the other in order. But they know what they're doing, right?

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Review: Mirantis takes the sting out of OpenStack deployments

Mirantis' wizardly discovery, configuration, deployment and pre-flight testing tool takes you from zero to OpenStack in a matter of hours.


Which cloud providers had the best uptime last year?

Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform recorded impressive statistics for how reliable their public IaaS clouds were in 2014, with both providers approaching what some consider the holy grail of availability: five nines.

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Uptime simplifies system and server monitoring

Server and systems management tools have long been too expensive and too complex to actually use without spending thousands of dollars on consultants. Uptime Software has been trying to change that with a product that can be installed...

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Compuware preps the mainframe for younger IT pros

Compuware's Topaz platform will provide graphical interfaces for mainframe management.

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