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hybrid cloud

How to make hybrid cloud work

What enterprises are doing now with hybrid cloud is more sophisticated than you might think.

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How Dyn is rising to the cloud challenge

Trying to capture an end-to-end picture of application performance across an enterprise is challenging enough. Providing that level of visibility for hybrid- and public-cloud-enabled applications presents a whole new level of...

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HPE: I really want to believe, but you make it so hard

I've had a tenuous relationship with the company now known as HPE over the years. This week's news of a spin-off and merge doesn't make that any easier.

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Snapdeal gives OpenStack a much-needed pre-summit fillip

A much-needed story of broad OpenStack adoption

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VMworld and VMware's continued attempts to maintain relevance

That 'VM' in VMware's name is increasingly becoming irrelevant as the company struggles to adapt.

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Kubernetes rolls out its latest version

Always interesting to watch just how fast the Kuberenetes initiative is growing.

Shipping containers

DockerCon announcement roundup: Sysdig, Datadog, AppFormix, Splunk, Weaveworks

It's DockerCon week, and with an ecosystem of close to 500 partners, that means the announcements are coming thick and fast.

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Checking in on HPE: A 2016 report card

It's always interesting to revisit a vendor after a few years out in the cold. So how is HPE's transformation coming along?


Egnyte moves beyond file sharing and sync

Egnyte is one of the quintessential anti-unicorns. But that hasn't stopped it scaling, innovating and building a strong business.

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Canonical lines up more partnerships -- positive Juju abounds

Naming a product after West African witchcraft isn't the normal course of events in the technology industry. But then again, Canonical is far from normal.

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Apple cloud future: Amazon, Google, Microsoft living on borrowed time?

Amazon loses Apple, which is moving most of its S3 storage to the Google Cloud Platform. Should Jeff Bezos be worried?

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Dropbox mostly quits Amazon cloud, takes back 500 PB of data

Dropbox moves 90% of its data off Amazon AWS, in favor of its own private cloud. Dropbox built its own, custom storage servers, to store half an exabyte or more, mirrored across three regions...

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Alfresco uses FUD to gain attention, misses the real point

Every time a vendor criticizes the opposition for being "consumer-grade," a little kitten dies. And so it is with Alfresco.

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And CliQr makes two: Following the Oracle/Ravello tie up, Cisco stumps up $260M to move workloads

Close to $1 billion worth of workload portability acquisitions in one week. So what's up?

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Apprenda pulls another Hail Mary, pivots to Kubernetes

The technology world moves fast. Apprenda shows, yet again, that it can roll with the punches and quickly move to where the puck is heading.

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Egnyte offers flexible key management

Encryption has been, ever since the Snowden revelations, the topic du jour. Egnyte is giving customers ultimate flexibility over encryption keys.

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IBM and VMware cuddle up to service the enterprise

While the world gets all excited about new applications and the public cloud, enterprises have more pressing concerns.

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'State of the Cloud' report: Vendors make inroads on dominant players

Every year cloud management vendor RightScale runs a survey of cloud adoption. The results are always interesting reading.

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