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Total chooses Linux for its supercomputer

Oil giant using enterprise Linux from SUSE to run its high-performance computing environment.

IBM uses Watson as part of new cloud service

IBM is making its artificially intelligent computer system, Watson, available to researchers as a cloud service

Oracle adds some backward compatibility to Exadata

Oracle has made it possible to run a much older but still widely used version of its database software on Exadata, in a move that could make heretofore reluctant buyers pull the trigger on a purchase of the data-processing appliance.

Atos' $830M bid for Bull is approved

Atos's offer to acquire servers and services specialist Bull has been approved, making it possible for the company to beef up its security and cloud computing offerings.

IBM aims to disrupt supercomputing market with cloud enticements

IBM is offering a potentially powerful incentive in its attempts to entice organizations to move supercomputing jobs to the cloud: a high-speed network communications link called InfiniBand.

Money talks, and that's all quantum maker D-Wave has to say

The quantum computing technology developed by D-Wave gets ongoing scientific debate, but it's also getting money, $28 million last week, bringing its total funding to about $150 million.

Not the ticket-handling efficiency we had in mind

This group of climate modelers wants to work with a government weather model -- and that requires acquiring both the model and the recommended hardware to run it on, reports an IT pilot fish on the scene. "Acquiring the government...

China has the fastest supercomputer, but the U.S. still rules

China continues to hold the top spot in the Top500 supercomputer list, but the U.S. still dominates, with 90% of the systems on the list made by U.S. vendors.

Unisys replacing decades-old mainframe processor with x86 chips


Chatbot passes Turing Test? Some aren't so sure

A computer-powered chatbot that supposedly passed the Turing Test for artificial intelligence may not be all it's cracked up to be.

U.S. research lab focuses on building computers of the future

Computer scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have launched an effort to develop whole new types of computers that will be used 10, 25 or even 50 years from now.

Need to crunch 150 teraflops per second? Meet first-of-a-kind supercomputer Catalyst

Although we can’t “see” unstructured data or the treasures hidden in it, in ten years we could be drowning in it as big data experts predict the global data volume will exceed 35 trillion gigabytes. How is anyone supposed to make...

Quantum rewrites the rules of computing

Quantum computing holds huge promise, and scientists say it could eventually surpass classic supercomputers for tackling enormous calculations, like cryptography and finding planets. But there's debate over whether quantum computers...

Faster computer performance targeted by memory consortium

Faster memory is a focal point in the race to boost application performance, and an industry consortium aims to make computers zippy with a new specification released on Tuesday.

IBM's new business unit aims to make Watson a moneymaker

IBM continues to commercialize its Watson-branded cognitive computing technology, setting up a new Watson business unit and unveiling two new Watson-derived services.

Thanks to the NSA, quantum computing may some day be in the cloud

The NSA is spending some $80 million in basic research on quantum computing, money that may ultimately help commercialize quantum computing for the private sector.

Twisted qubits: NSA quantum computer gonna take your sister's crypto

This is Edward's life. This is Snowden's song. OMG NSA! In an (ahem) astounding report, the Washington Post breathlessly 'reveals' that the National Security Agency is researching quantum computers, so they can decrypt all our...

Calxeda dead: ARM in servers not such a great idea?

ARM servers: A great idea whose time hasn't come. Calxeda has ceased to be. Not great timing for its employees, sadly. Nor for HP, which was about to launch the ARM-based version of its Project Moonshot hyperscale servers -- looks...

D-Wave pitches quantum co-acceleration to supercomputing set

Controversial quantum device maker D-Wave is hoping to find a home for its cutting-edge technology in the high-performance computing (HPC) market.

Why the U.S. may lose the race to exascale

In the global race to build the next generation of supercomputers -- exascale -- there is no guarantee the U.S. will finish first.

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