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The 20-petaflop Titan supercomputer

rmit quantum

Quantum computing, here we come: A qubit data bus may soon be possible

Transporting information from one place to another is a key part of any computing platform, and now researchers have figured out a way to make it possible in the quantum world.

intel knights landing xeon phi

Ninja desktops zoom with Intel's 72-core Knights Landing chip

Colfax's new Ninja desktops are anything but invisible; the workstations can roar with the unprecedented computing power of Intel's latest 72-core supercomputing chips.

quantum moves game scienceathome

A.I. still needs us -- to build quantum computers

We humans may still be licking our wounds following A.I.'s victory at the ancient game of Go, but it turns out we still have something to be proud of.

Atos Bull sequana

Atos aims to deliver an exaflop supercomputer to French government by 2020

Computer manufacturer Atos has named its first customer for Bull sequana, a supercomputer design it hopes will reach exaflop levels of performance by 2020.

mit quantum qubits diamond

Diamonds may be quantum computing's best friend

MIT researchers have announced a new approach that uses diamonds to solve a tricky problem with quantum computers.

nvidia tesla p100 gpu front4

Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU will power one of the world's fastest computers

It didn't take long for Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU to make its mark in an ongoing race to build the world's fastest computers.


Nvidia's DGX-1 supercomputer packs the power of 250 servers

Your electric bills could soar if you kept Nvidia's monster DGX-1 computer running continuously for one month.

Network servers

Supercomputing shifts from power to purpose

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is now producing high performance computing systems for specific needs.

FirePro S9300 X2 graphics card

AMD's new FirePro S9300 X2 is its latest monster GPU

AMD is releasing one monster graphics card after another as the GPU speed battle with Nvidia heats up.

ibm truenorth Dharmendra Modha

This 'brain-inspired' supercomputer will explore deep learning for the U.S. nuclear program

A new low-power, "brain-inspired" supercomputing platform based on IBM chip technology will soon start exploring deep learning for the U.S. nuclear program.

sunset oil rigdsc 4701

Total cranks up computing power to better see below earth's surface

Oil company Total has almost tripled the performance of Pangea, a supercomputer it uses for analyzing subsurface imaging in search of new oilfields.

fredkin gate quantum

Breakthrough brings quantum computing a big step closer

Quantum computing is now within closer reach thanks to a major breakthrough in which scientists have demonstrated for the first time that a key building block can be assembled.

Quantum Computing MagLab

This new discovery could put quantum computers within closer reach

Quantum bits are prone to magnetic disturbances, but on Wednesday scientists announced a new discovery that could help solve the problem.

mit quantum factor

MIT's new 5-atom quantum computer could make today's encryption obsolete

Much of the encryption world today depends on the challenge of factoring large numbers, but this week scientists said they've created the first five-atom quantum computer with the potential to crack the security of traditional...

big data

Enterprise to SMB: 6 storage trends to watch

The storage landscape has been continually shifting over the last five years, and the next year should prove no different. With the transformation of proprietary-based storage systems taking the lead, technology advancements that...

U.S. offers supercomputing help to manufacturers

The Department of Energy's program initially includes 10 industry projects as diverse as helping to reduce paper pulp and optimizing transistor design.

ibm watson on jeopardy

IBM dangles $5M prize for major breakthroughs using Watson

IBM has been encouraging developers to build apps using its Watson artificial intelligence system, which it hopes will be a big money maker for the company in the future. It kicked off the latest effort by pledging $5 million in prize...

AWS re:Invent

Amazon Web Services acquires Italian SaaS vendor

Amazon Web Services has agreed to buy Nice, an Italian vendor of high-performance computing software and services, to extend its as-a-service offering.

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