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What Silicon Valley doesn’t say in its Trump attack

Though Silicon Valley leaders say Donald Trump would be bad for innovation, the disaster they fear is already ongoing in America.

knights landing intel chip

Intel tunes its mega-chip for machine learning

Intel wants to take on Google's Tensor Processing Unit and Nvidia's GPUs in machine learning computing with improvements to its Xeon Phi mega-chips.

Quantum array Penn State

This new model for quantum circuits is like a 5-decker sandwich

One of the challenges to realizing the benefits of quantum computing is finding a way to compactly assemble and then precisely control enough quantum bits, or "qubits," to deliver on the technology's enormous processing potential....

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Battle lines are drawn: IBM prepares Power9 to take on Intel and ARM

IBM has many goals with its upcoming Power9 chip, and one is to challenge the dominance of Intel's x86 chips in the data center.

knights landing intel chip

Intel's megachips will take on Nvidia's GPUs and Google's TPUs

In 2018, Intel will likely release a faster and more power-efficient Xeon Phi, a supercomputing chip that is already in some of the world's fastest computers. Intel is also looking beyond CPUs to FPGAs (field programmable gate...

U.S. to have 200-petaflop supercomputer by early 2018

The Department of Energy is gearing up for an IBM system, named Summit, in its Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


Fujitsu turns to ARM for Post-K supercomputer

Alternative chip architectures are taking some thunder away from Intel's x86 at this week's International Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt. The ARM architecture, which dominates mobile-device chips, will appear in Fujitsu's next...

intel knights landing xeon phi

Intel pits monster 72-core Xeon Phi chip against GPUs

When introducing its new monster 72-core Xeon Phi chip, Intel couldn't help but take a swipe at graphics processors being sluggish for some tasks.

nvidia teslap100 forpcie backangleright 01 2000px

Nvidia's new Pascal GPU to supercharge deep learning

Some of the world's fastest computers use Nvidia's graphics processor for computer vision and complex calculations, and a new GPU will supercharge these applications.

China's Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer

China builds world’s fastest supercomputer without U.S. chips

China's Sunway TaihuLight theoretical peak performance is 124.5 petaflops.


HPE looks to move data between computers at the speed of light

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is turning to lights and lasers in thin fiber optics as a way to move data at blazing speeds between computers, replacing thicker and slower copper wires.

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China claims exascale by 2020, three years before U.S.

Raw power aside, what might matter most in next-gen systems is how efficiently apps run.

google quantum qubit

Google just made a leap for quantum computing

Many approaches are being tried in the race to develop a working quantum computer, but Google this week reported using a combination of techniques with particularly promising results.

data center storage

HPE invites open-source developers to pitch in on 'The Machine'

Hewlett Packard Enterprise on Tuesday stepped up its efforts to develop a brand-new computer architecture by inviting open-source developers to collaborate on the futuristic device it calls "The Machine."

D-Wave Vern Brownell

The quantum era has begun, this CEO says

Quantum computing's full potential may still be years away, but there are plenty of benefits to be realized right now, says Vern Brownell, president and CEO of D-Wave Systems, whose namesake quantum system is already in its second...

xeon e7v4 on wafer white

Intel's next monster 24-core chip is made for high-performance computers

Intel continues to pump more horsepower into its chips, by releasing a 24-core processor for high-performance computers.

Texas' Stampede supercomputer

Texas goes big with 18-petaflop supercomputer

It will help reduce the research backlog. Although the current supercomputer has run seven million jobs representing the work of some 10,000 researchers, the Texas center still fields five times as many requests for time on the system...

Diane Bryant

Intel's data center chief talks about machine learning without GPUs

Diane Bryant, the head of Intel’s data center group, was at Computex in Taipei this week, in part to explain how the company's latest Xeon Phi processor is a good fit for machine learning.

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