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Intel's Xeon E5-2600 v3 chip

U.S. chip block may delay China's 100 petaflop supercomputer

The U.S.'s recent denial of Intel chips for China's fastest supercomputer could derail an upgrade to double the machine's processing power.

U.S. issues bogus, unenforceable ban of supercomputer chips for China

U.S. Department of Commerce uses bogus excuse to ban sale of Xeons for Tianhe-2 supercomputer, impacting nothing except Intel's sales.

U.S. stops Intel from selling Xeon chips to Chinese supercomputer projects

U.S. government agencies have stopped Intel from selling microprocessors for China's supercomputers, reflecting concern about their use in nuclear tests.

US challenges China in supercomputing race with 180-petaflop system

To get an edge over China in the supercomputing arms race, the U.S. plans to build a 180-petaflop supercomputer that will be used mainly for scientific research.

time clock

Why computers still struggle to tell the time

While computers manage many things with extreme precision, they have surprising difficulty keeping track of time.

GFS on Jan. 31

NOAA’s next supercomputer will be a Cray-IBM hybrid system

The National Weather Service recently updated one of the models it uses to forecast the weather, and is testing a more powerful Cray-IBM hybrid supercomputer to help with its predictions.

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Ellison sings a new tune: Oracle hardware is cheapest

Larry Ellison has opened a new front in his battle with Cisco Systems and EMC, launching new Oracle hardware on Wednesday that he claims will be the cheapest on the market.

IBM's z13 mainframe

IBM's new z13 mainframe eats mobile app data for lunch

IBM new mainframe computer should help customers detect more fraud in real time and plow through billions of transactions generated daily by mobile devices.

Windows 10, Chrome OS battle royale to benefit PCs this year

IDC is projecting PC shipments will stabilize this year, and get better in 2016.

A particle may be a wave, or you may simply underestimate how little you know about where it is.

Strangest things about quantum physics may stem from overconfidence

Some of the strangest aspects of quantum mechanics, like particles that are also waves, or exist in two places at once, may result from our overestimation of how much it is possible to know about some things.

Betcha the prof can blow hard for longer than that

Pilot fish is performing routine IT maintenance at a university research facility that studies the Chesapeake Bay when a professor storms into the lab -- with a very specific demand.

Well, he DIDN'T open a ticket that time, did he?

This research group uses a high-performance computing cluster, and when the compute jobs oversubscribe the resources, the monitoring system lights up like a Christmas tree. Is that so hard to get used to?

Does being first in supercomputing still matter?

The European forecast of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was so far ahead of U.S. models in predicting the storm's path that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was called before Congress to explain how it happened.

The fate of NASA’s supercomputer may depend on Sen. Ted Cruz

Republican control of the Senate means that one the most fanatical climate change deniers in Congress, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), is now in line to head the Senate subcommittee that oversees science funding. This is not good news for...

Wide-angle view of the ALMA correlator, one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Coming by 2023, an exascale supercomputer in the U.S.

The U.S. has set 2023 as the target date for producing the next great leap in supercomputing, if its plans aren't thwarted by two presidential and four Congressional elections between now and then.

Top500 Supercomputer race loses momentum

The twice-yearly Top500 listing of the world's most powerful supercomputers has grown nearly stagnant of late.

Nvidia reaches high on graphics performance with Tesla K80

Nvidia's PC graphics chips may draw all the attention, but supercomputing chips are driving the company's GPU technology ahead.

intel cpu socket3

Intel says its supercomputing chips won't suffer Larrabee's fate

Intel introduced its latest Xeon Phi chip Monday, in what seems to be an effort to prove that its supercomputing chips aren't just a flash in the pan.

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