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AlphaGo first game in Seoul

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Google teams with UK eye hospital on A.I.-based disease diagnosis

Google's DeepMind AI business unit is hoping to teach computers to diagnose eye disease, using patient data from a U.K. hospital.

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Hackers are coming for your healthcare records -- here’s why

Because patient information can be so lucrative, healthcare organizations and insurance companies are being targeted by hackers and should expect to eventually suffer a security breach.

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WWDC: Why you’ll use Apple’s Breathe app

There's plenty of evidence to show Apple's Breathe app for Apple Watch may be good for your health.

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Update: Hacker puts 9.3M U.S. patient records up for sale

A hacker has stolen databases from three U.S. healthcare organizations and has advertised more than 9.3 million patient records as up for sale.

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Top 10 emerging technologies from the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum has compiled a list of the top 10 emerging technologies for 2016. The list includes nanosensors that will circulate through the human body, a battery that will be able to power an entire town and socially...

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Hacker selling 655,000 patient records from 3 hacked healthcare organizations

A hacker is reportedly trying to sell more than half a million patient records, allegedly obtained from exploiting RDP, on a dark web marketplace.

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This IS your grandma’s Internet: Samsung plans to invest in IoT

In the future, everything will be connected -- even your grandparents. That's what Samsung Electronics is counting on as it draws up a four-year plan to invest $1.2 billion in U.S. IoT startups and research.


Nokia wants to hide the gadgetry in health IT

With its $191 million acquisition of French health IT company Withings, Nokia says it wants to take the digital health focus away from gadgets and focus on what the data means.

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Belgian hospitals turn to robots to receive patients

Robots have already invaded the operating room in some hospitals, but in Belgium they will soon be taking on the potentially more difficult task -- for robots, at least -- of greeting patients and giving them directions.

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Microsoft analyzes web searches, finds clues for early cancer detection

Microsoft researchers have shown that analyzing millions of web queries can help provide early detection of pancreatic cancer -- and possibly other diseases -- and likely increase survival rates.

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HTC pushes commercial virtual reality with packaged offer

HTC announced a Vive Virtual Reality package focused on business users for $1,200 that includes dedicated customer support.

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Closing the loop -- Intel, Precor and EXOS partner to deliver athlete benefits

Data is useless without actionable insights and feedback loops. EXOS hopes to deliver just that.

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Master Class (with video): To deliver more personalized healthcare, ditch the manuals

Digital technologies are enriching the patient experience, but self-service access to health data is a bust if it’s not fast and easy.


Digital Disruption: 3 ways to transform patient care

At the recent Agenda 16 conference, David Baker, VP of IT at St. Joseph Health, gives a preview of his work on telehealth initiatives.

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Apixio scoops up cash to drive uptake of healthcare cognitive computing

Wow, that's a lot of buzzwords right there. So what does it all mean, and what is Apixio up to?


Rapid review: Uno Noteband wearable

In this quick video review, Managing Editor Al Sacco goes hands-on with the Uno Noteband wearable notification monitor and fitness tracker.

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How 4D printing is now saving lives

Physicians and 3D printing manufacturers are successfully using biomaterials to print splints, tissue scaffolds and other devices that grow and bend with a patient, and in some cases are even saving lives.

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DARPA demos mind-controlled robotic arm

The U.S. military has developed a mind-controlled prosthetic arm that is surgically implanted into the user's body.

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