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How 4D printing is now saving lives

Physicians and 3D printing manufacturers are successfully using biomaterials to print splints, tissue scaffolds and other devices that grow and bend with a patient, and in some cases are even saving lives.

robotic arm darpa

DARPA demos mind-controlled robotic arm

The U.S. military has developed a mind-controlled prosthetic arm that is surgically implanted into the user's body.

ingestible robot - MIT

Origami robot may operate from the inside the body

The tiny robot would be swallowed inside a capsule and then, once inside a patient's stomach, it would unfold itself and then repair a wound.

150820 google contact lens

Why a smart contact lens is the ultimate wearable

Systems will shrink so small that they can be embedded into an electronic contact lens. Talk about a vision for the future.

this new iphone app is going to help 20 million americans keep their sight

IBM's iPhone app will help 20 million Americans keep their sight

Bausch + Lomb, IBM and Apple iOS solution will improve cataract surgery provision

apples carekit and the future of medical care

Apple’s CareKit and the AI future of medical care

Will your robot doctor be Apple or Android?

digital doctor dr virtual health

New CMS initiative a pivotal point in primary care market

New Comprehensive Primary Care model to drive demand for patient communications/coaching solutions.

healthcare it security jobs

Intacct partners with athenahealth to offer health industry ERP

As competition heats up, verticals are increasingly the way for cloud vendors to differentiate.

e skin composite

New electronic display is 10 times thinner than human skin

Japanese researchers have created an e-skin electronic display for human bio feedback that's transparent and flexible enough to distort and crumple in response to body movement.


Fitbit likely helped doctors save a man’s life

A Fitbit worn by a 42-year-old man who arrived in a Camden, N.J., emergency room with an irregular heartbeat, supplied critical data that allowed doctors to shock the man's heart back into a normal rhythm without risking a stroke.

zika mosquito

From freakout to slow burn, Zika has potential to impact business

The arrival of the Zika virus in the U.S. is raising questions. Will it affect business travel? Will it hurt recruiting in affected regions? Does it pose supply chain problems? The answer may be yes to all those questions.

IBM Watson Web San Francisco

IBM puts Watson to work on cancer with new patient-adviser tool

IBM announced a new weapon in the battle against cancer that will put Watson to work in a new way.

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1,418 remotely exploitable flaws found in automated medical supply system

There are over 1,400 remotely exploitable flaws in Pyxis SupplyStation systems; many of those vulnerabilities, ICS-CERT warned, "an attacker with low skill would be able to exploit." The vulnerabilities are in seven third-party...

petya ransomware logo

MedStar Health's network shut down by malware

A large health care provider in the Washington, D.C., area said it has resorted to using paper transactions after malware crippled part of its network early Monday.

EMR for pets

Pets' electronic medical records can fetch health data

A new mobile app provides pet owners and vets with access to medical records and ID information on both iOS and Android devices.

duke health nicolelis primate brain machine interface1

Monkeys control a wheelchair with just their thoughts, via wireless tech

New wireless technology makes it possible for monkeys to control a robotic wheelchair using just their thoughts -- without the need to be hooked up via EEG electrodes on the scalp to a connected computer.

da vinci robotic surgical system

A robot will likely assist in your future surgery

Robots that can minimize damage to tissue with sub-millimeter accuracy and allow surgeons to operate on patients remotely are expected to be a $6.4 billion industry by 2020.

peter nichol

An IT leader who believes in the impossible

Inspiring a team to make a difference is what drives success, says Peter B. Nichol, one of the the IT leaders behind Connecticut's Health Insurance Exchange.

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