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With MacPractice, every doctor can get a Mac

MacPractice sets the bar for doctor's seeking medical practice solutions for Mac, iPad or iPhone.

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Tech trains more powerful athletes

Helped by laser arrays, breathing systems and other high tech tools, Northeastern University athletes are improving their game and their fitness


Tech trains more powerful athletes

Northeastern University has invested heavily in technology to reduce injuries in its athletics program. The suite of high tech gadgets have helped in eliminating costly ACL injuries. Reporter: Nick Barber, IDG News Service,...

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Google Alphabet play unshackles Sundar Pichai in ''alpha bet''

Larry Page will transform Google into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet. In a corporate structure some are comparing to GE or Berkshire Hathaway, Google is ringfencing its stick-to-the-knitting business of targeted ads...

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Nanotech delivers clot-busting drugs to heart attack, stroke patients

Researchers are using nanotechnology to treat heart attack and stroke victims -- a capsule containing nanoparticles that ferry what scientists call a "clot-busting" drug to the right spot for treatment.

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Big Blue bets a billion bucks; health tech to the fore

The stakes have been upped. It now takes a billion dollars to move the needle for an M&A story. Today it's IBM's turn.

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IBM's new $1B acquisition will help Watson 'see,' analyze health data

IBM plans to buy Merge Healthcare in a $1 billion deal that promises to bring new image-focused capabilities to its Watson Health platform.


Oh, joy. NeuroMetrix's forthcoming app may require FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration has said it doesn’t want to get involved with health-related apps. A forthcoming product from NeuroMetrix, the maker of the Quell device, might change that.

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IBM aims Watson's cognitive computer power at CVS customers

IBM announced a partnership with drugstore chain CVS that will have the super computer compiling pharmacy customer data with the latest research in order to detect the potential onset of chronic illness early on.

Hacking stealing password data

Symantec: Well-heeled hacking group Black Vine behind Anthem breach

Black Vine has been active since 2012 and is behind several hacks targeting different industries.

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Feds look to bolster security for mobile devices used in health care

Healthcare providers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to access and transfer medical records and submit prescriptions, but these devices may not be secure enough to protect sensitive medical information from hackers.

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Researchers to use Google cloud to aid in genome analysis

Researchers at MIT and Harvard are partnering with Google to use its cloud platform to take genomic data and use it to find cures to diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

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Google wristband could give doctors constant stream of patient data

Google has created a health-tracking wristband that could give health care professionals real-time information on the well-being of their patients.


Wearables for workplace wellness face federal scrutiny

Federal regulators are weighing reforms to widespread workplace wellness programs that could affect how personal data from consumer-grade fitness bands and smartwatches is kept confidential.

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AMA wants protection for doctors rolling out new medical coding system

The AMA today voted for a two-year grace period to protect physicians from penalties they may be hit with after rolling out the ICD-10 medical coding system, which is currently federally mandated for Oct. 1, 2015.

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Healthcare IT makes improved customer service an urgent priority

The healthcare industry's seismic shift to a consumer-focused model is giving patients easier access to care and more control over their health information. And IT is at the very heart of that change.

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MEDJACK: Hackers hijacking medical devices to create backdoors in hospital networks

Attackers are infecting medical devices with malware and then moving laterally through hospital networks to steal confidential data, according to TrapX’s MEDJACK report.

apple has an eye on holistic health for apple watch

Apple Watch will help you meditate as mHealth goes holistic

Sleep and breathing monitors, relaxation tools and other holistic health solutions seem likely focuses of future health apps from Apple as the company continue to explore ways to augment health.

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