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Head of this research group at a large non-profit medical center returns from a trip, and complains that her laptop won't turn on.

Ebola virus and electronic medical records

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Why Google wants to save your life

Google is working on a nanoparticle-covered pill that could cure a lot of health woes. Here's why.

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Google includes traditional official data for tracking flu

Finding that aggregate Web searches alone cannot provide an accurate assessment of where the flu has struck and its severity, Google will take into account data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its Google...

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IBM joins Tencent for enterprise cloud push in China

IBM is partnering in China with local Internet giant Tencent in a deal targeting growing businesses in the country.

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Cleveland Clinic uses IBM's Watson in the cloud to fight cancer

The Cleveland Clinic is beginning a pilot program with a cloud service based on IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology to aid its research into new cancer treatments.

Oracle says Oregon wanted to take 'unacceptable risk' with healthcare website

The two sides continue to fight over the Cover Oregon website -- even before their dueling lawsuits get to court.

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Wearable health devices are a novelty that wear off

A new PwC report shows that one third of those who bought a health-monitoring wearable device more than a year ago rarely use them now.

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Regulation on cloud security may spur SaaS use in health care

Governments may need to tighten the regulatory screws on SaaS vendors to make them more transparent and forthcoming about their security practices.

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Software dev shortage transcends international boundaries

The lack of software development talent isn't just an issue for U.S. businesses.

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Researchers to meet with aid workers to build Ebola-fighting robots

Robotics researchers from around the country are working together to come up with technology that could help fight the deadly Ebola outbreak.

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Here's a bird’s eye view of Ebola epidemic

Data-publishing platform Silk has created a world map depicting the spread of the Ebola epidemic worldwide.

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Calling Dr. Algorithm

Technology is poised to make big changes in the delivery of healthcare.

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Google launches telemedicine beta for video chats with docs

A new feature Google is testing helps direct those searching for medical advice not only to information but also allows them to connect online for a physician consult.

Ebola virus and electronic medical records

Are e-health records at fault for Ebola mistakes?

The Dallas patient diagnosed with Ebola died today. While the hospital retracted an earlier statement blaming its electronic health records system for initially sending him home without treatment, experts say the systems are still...

'Implementing HIPAA,' redefined

This large urban teaching hospital is implementing HIPAA security regulations. But in one key clinical area, not only do users all share the same account, but the password hasn't been changed in years.

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Generation Nervous? Millennial searches focus on anxiety meds

An analysis of healthcare-related Internet search habits by U.S. workers showed millennials more frequently seek out anti-anxiety meds compared to other generations.

Oregon sues Oracle over troubled health insurance website

Oregon has filed a long-expected lawsuit against Oracle over its role developing the state's troubled health insurance exchange website.

US agencies to release cyberthreat info faster to healthcare industry

U.S government agencies will work to release cyberthreat information faster to the health-care industry after a massive breach at hospital operator Community Health Systems, representatives of two agencies said.

FDA approves tech that turns smartphone into stroke warning system

The FDA today approved an algorithm that allows a special iPhone case to record the heart's rhythm and detect abnormalities associated with strokes or other heart-related problems.

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