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Health insurer loses 6 hard-disk drives with records of 950,000 customers

Health insurer Centene Corp. said it is disclosing, out of an "abundance of caution and in transparency," that it's hunting for six computer hard drives containing personally identifiable information about its customers.

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HealthTap enables (dare I say it?) the Uberization of medical response

Describing companies as being the "Uber of x" has become the cliche du jour. But sometimes the term is justified.


Advocacy group wants healthcare industry to adopt medical device security principles

Advocacy group I Am the Cavalry is urging organizations that manufacture and distribute medical devices to adopt a cybersecurity version of the Hippocratic Oath.

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IBM cuts new Watson deals that push it deeper into health

When you think of IBM, you probably don't think of consumer electronics, but the company's CEO came to CES to push IBM's Watson technology deeper into wearables and health.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Hackable health records, bold predictions for 2016

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Computerworld staffers discuss the sorry state of health record security and bold predictions for the coming year in IT.

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SwiftKey Symbol: Keyboard for autistic and other “non-verbal” users

SwiftKey has a new keyboard app: Symbol. It’s a visual-based system, aimed at non-verbal autistic people, and others with special needs. And because it’s got SwiftKey’s AI built in, it’s unlike anything else...

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SAP offers a bold plan to make precision medicine a reality

After more than 40 years of focusing primarily on software for large businesses, SAP is taking a bold step in a new direction: precision medicine.

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Cyberattacks will compromise 1-in-3 healthcare records next year

As more patient data moves online, a healthcare industry with a legacy of poor electronic security will see more breaches next year, according to IDC.

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Google's Life Sciences division is now called Verily

Google's parent company, Alphabet, has renamed its life sciences division Verily and given it the goal to "understand disease at the individual level."

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Big data and the future of healthcare

Three healthcare startups using smartphones, cloud computing and big data to create innovative and potentially disruptive solutions.

apple watch health insurance and the future of work

Apple Watch, health insurance and the future of work

Health insurance adoption of Apple Watch has significance for the future of work

3D printed aneurism model

3D printing can re-create your vascular system for pre-op practice

Physicians and researchers in Buffalo, working with 3D printer maker Stratasys, have developed a method of printing out anatomically correct models of a patient's vascular system to allow surgeons preoperative practice in order to...

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Healthcare security and HIPAA: Why compliance and security are still lacking

A number of healthcare data breaches have made the news of late, particularly involving large insurance companies and data clearinghouses. Often overlooked in press reports are the smaller practices, which are, from my experience,...

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Innovations shine at the mHealth Summit

As payment reform deepens, and with government regulation no longer a barrier, innovators are focusing on delivering value to their customers, especially in the health enterprise customer market.


Singles Day sales, Tag Heuer's smartwatch, Hollywood helps hospitals - The Wrap

On The Wrap China's Singles Day puts Black Friday to shame, Tag Heuer debuts a luxury smartwatch and Hollywood effects artists help hospitals make training more lifelike.


Hollywood effects for medical simulators

Boston Children's Hospital teamed up with Hollywood special effects artists to create lifelike simulators to train surgeons on complex, high-stakes operations.

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Knowledge Pack: How to get a job in healthcare IT

From electronic records to digital medical devices, all signs point to healthcare as a stable, long-term choice for IT careers. Our downloadable PDF has everything you need to know to launch a career in healthcare IT.

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U.S. says it's OK to hack cars and medical devices (sometimes)

The U.S. Copyright Office added security research on cars and medical devices to the list of exemptions from rules prohibiting the circumvention of access controls that are used to protect works.

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