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Ford LiDAR autonomous car

windows 10 logo blue

Microsoft wraps up special Windows 10 edition for China's government

Microsoft completed work on the first version of Windows 10 designed specifically for Chinese government agencies, according to a report from the People's Republic of China.

comcast public housing internet access

Comcast offers low-cost Internet service to public housing residents in 4 cities

Comcast announced a pilot program to bring low-cost Internet service to public housing residents in Miami-Dade County, Nashville, Philadelphia and Seattle.

obama in cuba

Google to bring Internet to unconnected Cuba

Google has set a deal to bring Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity to Cuba, but some are already wondering how much information and access will freely flow to the Cuban people.

cuba elgan at hotspot

Why Cuba could be the next Silicon Valley (eventually)

Cuba is an Internet backwater, but I think its next revolution could be digital.

Roadway intersection

MIT: Red lights could someday be a thing of the past

A new MIT study based on mathematical modeling demonstrates that wirelessly connected vehicles would not need traffic signals or stop signs to navigate roadways.

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Alphabet plans analytics platform to help cities solve traffic problems

Sidewalks Labs, a unit of Google parent-company Alphabet, is teaming up with the U.S. Department of Transportation to build a data and analytics platform that promises to help cities understand where people go and how they get there.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft Azure close to several key government certifications

Microsoft said it is on track to land a series of key certifications in its continuing effort to provide cloud services to the U.S. government.

160302 pentagon

Eric Schmidt to head new Pentagon innovation advisory board

Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt will head a new DOD advisory board aimed at helping the U.S. military forge closer ties with Silicon Valley.

20160224 stock mwc iot booth sign

IoT users could win with a new bill in the US Senate

Four U.S. senators have proposed a bill that would call on the Federal Communications Commission to study the need for more spectrum to connect Internet of Things devices.

Internal Revenue Service IRS tax filing form 1040

IRS: Actually, that breach last year was way worse than we thought

For U.S. taxpayers, the news just keeps getting worse about the breach in the IRS's Get Transcript application that was discovered last year.

U.S. offers supercomputing help to manufacturers

The Department of Energy's program initially includes 10 industry projects as diverse as helping to reduce paper pulp and optimizing transistor design.


Obama wants more funding for cybersecurity and a federal CISO

In the final budget of the Obama administration, the White House is looking to boost spending on security, hire more experts and partner with the private sector.


Government wants to increase IT spending 1.3% in proposed budget

IT hardware spending has declined more than 25% from 2010 levels, said Tony Scott, White House CIO. Among the drivers: Cloud computing and the use of agile development.

FBI U.S. DHS hack DotGovs

DoJ fiddles while FBI & DHS burn (after trivial hack of U.S. employee data)

U.S. DHS and FBI staff see their directory info stolen by pro-Palestine hacktivists. The self-styled DotGovs group says it broke into DoJ networks to leech the data, via spear-phishing plus social engineering...

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U.S. government wants to sharply increase spending on cybersecurity

President Barack Obama is proposing a sharp increase in the fiscal 2017 budget on cybersecurity spending, which is aimed at improving dated government software and promoting better Internet security for consumers.

juniper netscreen 5200 firewall

Congress to federal agencies: You have two weeks to tally your backdoored Juniper kit

Around two dozen U.S. government agencies are being questioned by a congressional committee on whether they were using backdoored Juniper network security appliances.

People working in a call center 131581032

Taxpayer demand for human help soars, despite IRS automation

Phone requests grew by 20% from 2006 through 2015; the number of taxpayers grew by 6.5% over the same period.

Privacy (4)

BlackBerry to quit Pakistan over government surveillance demands

BlackBerry has decided not to operate in Pakistan after Dec. 30, rather than let the local government intercept communications on its enterprise services.

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