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mars helicopter

asteroid 2004bl86

No worries! Asteroid to safely pass Earth on Monday

An asteroid that will zoom past Earth on Monday poses no threat, but will be in a good position for scientists to study, NASA said.

huawei ren zhengfei

Huawei's elusive founder tries to dispel spying concerns and air of mystery

U.S. security concerns may still haunt the reputation of Huawei Technologies, but the Chinese company's elusive founder brushed off any involvement in state-sponsored cyber espionage in a rare interview on Thursday.

irs archive photo

IRS warns of downtime risk as Congress cuts

Successive budget cuts by Congress are forcing the Internal Revenue Service to delay system modernization and improve its ability to prevent fraud.


FAIL: NSA can't shield DoD or Sony from N. Korea hacks

The National Security Agency (NSA) -- tasked with protecting American computers -- apparently fell asleep on the job. The latest story: The NSA allegedly watched North Korea hack Sony for over four years, yet did nothing about it,...

national security agency headquarters fort meade maryland

Inside North Korea's network, NSA saw signs of Sony attack

The NSA has had a secret foothold for years in North Korea's networks and saw signs of the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack, according to the New York Times.

Postage stamp from Russia marking Cuban revolution

Cuba's pending tech revolution

Cuba is on the threshold of getting, potentially, a massive technology upgrade, thanks to a U.S. decision to ease economic sanctions. But this tiny island nation needs a lot of work.

Google teams up with PwC on military cloud bid

Google is adding its muscle to PriceWaterhouseCoopers' bid to build a new cloud-based healthcare system for the military that would support its more than 9.7 million beneficiaries.

internet speed

Cities cheer Obama's push for municipal broadband

Dozens of U.S. cities are cheering President Obama's proposal this week for the Federal Communications Commission to allow municipalities to provide their own Internet broadband services even in states that have banned such services.

international space station

Suspected computer glitch forces astronauts to evacuate part of space station

The astronauts living onboard the International Space Station are safe after evacuating part of the station when they awoke to an alarm going off this morning.

121514 uber

Uber offers Boston the gift of data

Boston city officials will be the first to dip their fingers into Uber's pot of data under plans laid out by the mobile car-summoning service.

Obama revives call for immunity to companies sharing threat data

Dusting off a 2011 to-do list, U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to propose legislation to protect companies sharing computer threat data with the government from prosecution, according to reports.

spacex space station

SpaceX docks with space station

The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft today successfully rendezvoused and docked with the International Space Station.

FBI access to surveillance program expands

FBI access to overseas surveillance collected by the National Security Agency has expanded since 2009.

NASA Mars ashwin vasavada and rover

NASA's wild plan to bring Martian rocks to Earth

NASA has a wild idea for a mission that will require a robotic tag-team effort, a rocket lifting off from the surface of Mars and a spacecraft that will scoop up Martian rocks orbiting the Red Planet.

white house

White House plans to leave IT in better shape than it found it

Alissa Johnson, the White House deputy CIO, wants to make the sure the worst aspects of a presidential IT transition won't repeat themselves at the end of the Obama administration in 2016.

snowden digital

Snowden docs show Tor, TrueCrypt, Tails topped NSA's 'most wanted' list in '12

The National Security Agency saw Tor, Linux distribution Tails and TrueCrypt as the biggest threats to agency's ability to intercept Internet traffic.

money dollar signs

$1 spent on state government tech saves $3.50, study finds

The federal and state governments, in political contests, are routinely accused of being too big and bloated. But a new study says that IT spending reduces state government expenditures, even as new technologies help expand the role...

north korea kim jung un

Garden-variety DDoS attack knocks North Korea off the Internet

The simplest explanation for North Korea's suddenly dropping off the Internet on Monday was a distributed denial-of-service attack that overwhelmed the isolated nation's tenuous connection to the rest of the world, experts said.

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