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digital transformation strikes house of commons

Mars Curiosity Rover

NASA's Curiosity finds new ingredient of life on Mars

After already finding evidence of water on Mars, NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered another key element necessary for life on the Red Planet.

032315 whitehouse it 1

Meet the White House’s new open source-happy IT director

“First Geek” David Recordon comes from a Facebook, open-standards kind of world.

China discloses cyberwarfare unit, no one surprised

It came as a shock to just about no one in the cybersecurity industry that China has a cyberware unit, which was acknowledged by the government there this week.

white house

US gov't wants HTTPS on its publicly accessible sites within two years

Publicly accessible websites and services of U.S. government agencies will have to move to HTTPS encryption within two years to meet the government's objective of offering these sites and Web services over a secure connection.

cyberthreat thinkstock

Senate panel secretly approves cyberthreat-sharing bill

A Senate committee voted in secret to approve a controversial bill that seeks to encourage businesses to share information about cyberthreats with each other and with government agencies.

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton's email system was insecure for two months

The private email system used by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn't encrypt messages during the first two months of use.

us dept of labor

Lessons to be learned from a project nightmare

Things have gone horribly wrong with the Department of Labor’s Oracle implementation. Don’t let the same things happen to you.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Clinton regrets, but defends, use of family email server

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that her decision to use a private email server to conduct official business was not the best one.

Snowden docs show CIA tried to defeat Apple device security

Researchers sponsored by the U.S. government have reportedly tried to defeat the encryption and security of Apple devices for years.

wikipedia nsa

Wikimedia sues NSA to stop it from spying on its users

People might refrain from sharing unpopular information on Wikipedia dues to mass surveillance, Wikimedia said.

Hillary Clinton

State Department ducks security questions about Clinton emails

Government officials have been peppered this week at press briefings about government IT involvement in Hillary Clinton's email system while she was Secretary of State. But answers have been few.

ceres dwarf planet

Dawn spacecraft tests tech that may transport cargo to Mars

NASA's long-roaming Dawn today became the first spacecraft to orbit a dwarf planet, and the space agency is using the mission to test technology that may one day transport supplies for an outpost to house astronauts on Mars.

cybersecurity stock image

Police arrest man in UK over US Defense Department network intrusion

The intrusion resulted in the contact information of 800 DoD employees being stolen from a satellite communications system

030415blog hillary clinton checks her email

Clinton's shadow IT would not have passed private sector muster

There are many questions regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of her private email to conduct official business. A leading one is whether the department's IT managers did anything to question or stop it.

nasa curiosity rover

NASA seeks cause of Mars rover's short circuit

The Mars rover Curiosity is sitting stationary – all work paused – as NASA engineers try to figure out what caused a short circuit on its robotic arm.

FCC logo

Republican lawmakers question FCC budget after net neutrality vote

Republican lawmakers questioned the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's new budget request Wednesday, with a few of them attempting to tie the agency's funding to its controversial net neutrality vote days ago.

China's Great Hall of the People.

China says its new cybersurveillance proposal mimics U.S. practices

A proposed Chinese law would require tech companies to give encryption keys to authorities and create "back doors" into their systems for government surveillance access.

us china flags

China defends cybersecurity demands, amid complaints from U.S.

President Obama is unhappy with new rules from China that would require U.S. tech companies to abide by strict cybersecurity measures, but on Tuesday the country was quick to defend the proposed regulations.

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