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Government IT news, trends, analysis and practical advice still lacks some basic security controls lacks several basic cybersecurity controls -- including strong passwords and consistent security patching -- nearly a year after the troubled launch of the insurance-shopping website, a government auditor said.

SpaceX and Boeing team up on space taxis

Cloud computing security lock.

Federal CIOs must reframe security around data, access

An ambitious government IT push toward cloud, mobile and shared services stokes concerns about security challenges from insider threats and disappearing network boundaries.

nasa astros cosmonauts spoyuz

NASA's Catch-22: Russia may move astronaut training to Crimea

Russia is reportedly planning to move survival training for all Soyuz passengers to a Russian naval base in Sevastopol, Crimea, an area the Russian military grabbed from Ukraine earlier this year.

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Yahoo faced $250K in daily fines for defying U.S. surveillance requests

The U.S. government once threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to assist with its surveillance efforts, Yahoo said Thursday.

Dropbox reports a steady rise in government data requests

The firm received 268 requests during the first half of 2014

County set to rip and replace troubled SAP software system

Commissioners in Jefferson County, Alabama, are poised to vote for removal of a problematic SAP software system in favor of a new system developed by Tyler Technologies, after spending around $20 million over a number of years.

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NASA craft closes in on its target -- Mars

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft is less than two weeks away from wrapping up a 10-month journey to Mars' orbit, from where it will study the planet's atmosphere and shed more light on its history.

megan smith

White House names Google veteran Megan Smith as CTO

President Obama has named long-time Google executive Megan Smith to be the government's new CTO in charge of improving technology and the use of data across agencies.

todd park u.s. cto

Obamacare savior Todd Park quits -- to be replaced by Google's Megan Smith?

President Barack Hussein Obama II's CTO gets new role in Silly Valley. The White House's so-called CTO is leaving. Todd Y. Park is going back to California, to spend more time with his family -- The President has plans for him there,...

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Hillary Clinton wants a global pact on surveillance and data collection

US companies are being unfairly tarred for perceived cooperation with the government, she said

Report: NSA built 'Google-like' search engine for metadata

The National Security Agency built a "Google-like" search engine to give domestic and international government agencies access to details of billions of calls, texts and instant messages sent by millions of people.

China launches homegrown OS to compete with pirated US software

China's OS: If you can't beat 'em, ban 'em. China -- satisfied it has conquered all Earth based manufacturing -- is now on a long march towards dominating the software market. Or at least it hopes anyway. Actions such as...

Chief data officer may go the way of chief electricity officer

The U.S. Commerce Department plans to hire a chief data officer , whose job will be to make more of the department's data publicly available. Whoever takes the job will be part of an exclusive club.

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IT outages are an ongoing problem for the U.S government

Fully 70% of federal agencies experienced downtime of 30 minutes or more in a recent one-month period.

Net Neutrality

FCC extends net neutrality comment period to Sept. 15

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has extended a deadline for comments on its proposed net neutrality rules to Sept. 15, giving members of the public more time to weigh in on how the government should regulate Web traffic.

Wyoming to close data centers in cloud shift

The state of Wyoming is planning to discontinue most of its data center operations and move its physical equipment to commercial colocation facilities.

Snowden reveals automated NSA cyberwarfare program

The U.S. National Security Agency has a cyberwarfare program that hunts for foreign cyberattacks and is able to strike back without human intervention, according to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

White House's new IT engineer is sharp, witty, and blunt

If the White House learned one thing from the debacle, it was that the government needs clear-thinking people who can see a problem for what it is. Mikey Dickerson may just be that person.

US consumer agency warns of several Bitcoin risks

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies can expose users to a number of risks, including hackers and scammers trying to take advantage of hype surrounding the technology, a U.S. consumer protection agency warned Monday.

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