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strolling k j payne

The joy of non-smoking breaks

Short breaks during the day can improve your mood and productivity. Maybe you should consider taking some non-smoking breaks.

talk like a pirate day 2015

Ahoy there! 'Tis nearly Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Programmin' and shoutin' like a scurvy pirate be not so different!

Apple Adobe Photoshop Fix

Apple and Adobe: ''Sexist'' men defy diversity demands demo'ing iPad

Apple and Adobe loudly criticized for tone-deaf iPad Pro demo. At yesterday's Apple event, Adobe showed off the Photoshop Fix feature, by making a female model smile. Harmless fun? Innocent adjustment? Feminists think not...


What we expect from Apple's Sept 9 event

It's that time again! Apple is gearing up to announce its next iPhone, Apple TV...and maybe more.

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