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filling legacy tech skills gap

7 mac migration dangers to avoid

CIO: 7 Mac migration dangers to avoid

Apple’s offer to the enterprise is better than it has ever been, so what should CIOs switching to the OS X platform watch out for when they migrate?

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How to reduce IT complexity and increase agility

Overlapping, outdated systems cost money, hobble innovation and confuse employees and customers. How to tackle the tangle? 5 execs share strategies for simplifying your tech stack.

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What does the future hold for Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics software line isn’t dead. Instead it’s moving to be a service you can build into the tools you need to make your businesses processes work better.

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

SAP touts simplicity for customers in a complex world

Enterprise-resource planning leader SAP is looking to recast its image with the slogan "Run simple."

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Huawei eyes U.S. enterprise market despite political challenges

Huawei hopes it can attract U.S. customers to its enterprise products, which include servers, storage and IT services.

Ellison swings at Salesforce as Oracle's growth sputters

Oracle's software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) revenue grew by 30% in the quarter that ended Feb. 28

And all this was on speaker phone, naturally?

This networking pilot fish is at his desk working on the virtual server environment when he gets a call from the CIO -- who's in a meeting with a vendor and wants to know "what our LDAP server is."

Containerization illustration: loading dock for binary code data containers

Docker introduces orchestration tools for large-scale deployments

Docker has released three new tools for managing large-scale deployments.


Cooler than cubicles: 18 new designs for the office

Sit, stand, lean, curl up – today’s commercial furniture designs let users choose how they want to work.

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Three ways enterprise software is changing

IT's old firmament is giving way to a new geography that involves pay-as-you-go cloud computing, app building and deep data analyses.

How can you stop a message you can't even see?

'Time cloak' could revolutionize fiber networks

Temporal cloaking can make your data invisible, block someone else's or make sure it's all delivered by disappearing static instead.

Lufthansa leaves the computing to IBM

German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG is selling its IT services division to IBM and having Big Blue run its internal IT operations.

SAP looks to IBM for help expanding in the cloud

SAP's Hana Enterprise Cloud service will be made available through IBM's global cloud infrastructure, a move that expands options for customers considering moving their business apps to the cloud.

Slideshow: The Future of Programming

Gartner lays out its top 10 tech trends for 2015

The Internet of Things, smart machines, pervasive analytics and 3D printing are all part of Gartner's annual list of strategic technologies for the year ahead.


HP gives OpenVMS new life

Hewlett-Packard has changed its direction on OpenVMS, giving the operating system -- and users -- something of a reprieve.

Good thing he's not JUST a specialist, huh?

This pilot fish works for a municipal utility, and he's responsible for an industrial-control network that manages the utility's many substations. What he's not is an IT guy. "No, I am SCADA -- a supervisory control and data...

What's rumored for iOS 8

Mobile payments, smarter Siri, better maps and more

Bank of America sees software-defined data centers as 'irresistible'

Driven by a very strong belief in the future of software-defined data center technology, Bank of America is steering its IT to almost total virtualization.

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