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Align intelligence, UX and data to power exceptional customer moments

Increasing investments in intelligent applications is just one step to creating incredible customer experiences.

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Oracle takes Java copyright dispute with Google to appeals court

Oracle is appealing a federal court judge's decision striking down its bid for a retrial in a $9 billion copyright infringement suit against Google over the use of Java code in the Android operating system.

There's a reason we still have user groups...

It's back in the days before Google, when this IT shop is running an Oracle database on a Digital Equipment Corp. VAX minicomputer under VMS -- and running into a problem that shouldn't exist.

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1-800-Flowers wants to transform its business with A.I.

Executives at 1-800-Flowers.com expect a new wave in artificial intelligence technology will help to change their business so much it’ll be like running a brand new business.


Face-off: SharePoint vs. Confluence for content management

Considering an intranet or content management system? Download this free report for side-by-side comparisons of rival products SharePoint and Confluence, based on reviews written by enterprise users of the products.

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Data visualization and the history of U.S. elections

A look at how the media has visualized the U.S. election process throughout history

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IBM, Apple, bring Watson into the iOS enterprise

“Hey, Watson, how many bricks in the wall?”

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Staples develops an office competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home

While the Amazon Echo and Google Home brought the digital assistant to the home, Staples wants to do the same for the office.

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PurpleJS unites Java and JavaScript development

The framework lets developers write apps in JavaScript that run on the JVM using Java as the runtime

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AWS launches tool for migrating on-premises apps to the cloud

Amazon is trying to simplify the process of moving legacy applications to the cloud with a new service that it quietly launched this week.

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IBM looks into the future of A.I. at World of Watson

IBM executives touted the many uses and possibilities of its artificial-intelligence system at the opening of its World of Watson conference in Las Vegas.

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Google is trying to reinvent the whiteboard

What's big, red and supposed to be the next big thing in workplace collaboration? Google's new Jamboard, a massive touch display and accompanying cloud service that's supposed to help business users brainstorm together.

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Microsoft adds Python to its deep learning toolkit

The tool, now called Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, gets a big performance boost and adds reinforcement learning for neural networking

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Capriza ups the mobile enterprise ante (again)

In a bid to kick-start the microapp revolution, Capriza releases a set of universal solutions.

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Capital One moves to DevOps to keep pace with customers

The banking company is building software faster to keep up with consumers’ evolving preferences for digital banking services.

ECHR European Court of Human Rights

Not robocop, but robojudge? A.I. learns to rule in human rights cases

An artificial intelligence system designed to predict the outcomes of cases at the European Court of Human Rights would side with the human judges 79% of the time.

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Where to find the best programmers in the world

The coder you need may likely be on the other side of the world, according to recent research.

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With IBM's Watson, GlaxoSmithKline tackles sniffle and cough questions

GlaxoSmithKline plans to team up with IBM's artificial intelligence-fueled Watson to reach customers.

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