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MIT randomizes tasks to speed up massive multicore processors

MIT researchers have created a data structure that can help large multicore processors churn through workloads more effectively.

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Orchestrating the Super Bowl

With the biggest football game of the year coming up, technologists have their hands full with providing a complete engaging experience to those in attendance. From device access to analytics, technology is being turned on its head...

Yiannis Aloimonos (center) led a team that programmed robots to learn by watching YouTube.

DARPA teaches robots to cook by watching YouTube

System that lets them learn complex actions by observing could make robots far more capable, helpful and cheap.

Microsoft updates cloud-based SQL Server to ease management

Microsoft has added automated backup and patching for SQL Server databases running in virtual machines on its Azure cloud.

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Test shows big data text analysis inconsistent, inaccurate

"State of the art" method to categorize and analyze unstructured data delivers different results from identical data one time in five, is wrong one time in 10, new study shows

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Intuit backpedals from TurboTax changes after upgrade uproar

Intuit has again apologized for stiffing TurboTax customers by not telling them of changes in its business model and said it would offer partial refunds and free upgrades to its more capable editions.

7 cool tools for doing devops right

7 cool tools for doing devops right

Bridge the divide between development and operations with these standout technologies.

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Hands on: Joomla tries a CMS for non-developers

Open-source CMS Joomla.com is now available as a hosting platform for new users. It offers a wide variety of options -- perhaps more than most newbies can handle.

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Oracle Service Cloud gets more social

Access to an online customer's browsing history gives a fuller view of the experience.

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AWS launches WorkMail for the enterprise

Amazon Web Services today launched a new product in its expansive service catalog in the cloud: WorkMail is a hosted email platform catering to enterprises.

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Microsoft's real-time processing engine boosts Bing, Azure services

Microsoft Research built Trill to radically speed up queries against real-time data -- but for now, it's for Microsoft use only.

This is why, now and then, we reinvent the wheel

Flashback to the 1980s, when this Cobol programmer has a new job -- and his first assignment is whipping up a new report for a major application. What he doesn't know is hoe he's expected to do it.

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One-in-five developers now works on IoT projects

Evans Data Corp., which provides research and intelligence for the software development industry, estimated that 19% of developers worldwide are now doing IoT-related work

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Amazon eyes enterprise email service

Amazon will launch an enterprise email and calendar service called WorkMail that competes against similar products from Microsoft and Google, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Slack acquires Screenhero to add screensharing, voice, and video chat

Slack has acquired Screenhero with an eye toward bringing video, voice and screen-sharing capabilities to its IRC for enterprise platform.

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Good touts smartphone management for $3 per user per month

Good Technology is hoping its cloud-based Management Suite will help IT departments that don't want to rely on multiple vendors' products to manage the various phones and tablets employees bring to work.

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GHOST: Most Linux servers have a horrible, horrible vulnerability (in glibc)

Time to patch and reboot. Another nasty open-source security hole. Another silly name. And this one's a doozy: GHOST affects the vast majority of 'stable' Linux servers on the Internet...

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HoloLens: Abracadabra! Microsoft unveils a great distraction

Microsoft invited all of us to ooh and ahh at the introduction of HoloLens. But pay no attention to what the company’s other hand is doing with Windows as a Service.

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HoloLens: Look who’s innovating

It’s Microsoft, and its latest moves suggest a real shift in the corporate culture.

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