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IBM's Passenger Care for the airline industry

google plus split

Google+ SHAKEUP: Besbris subtracted, Horowitz added, confusion multiplied

Is Google splitting up Google Plus? It appears so. There's also a new Google+ czar in town to right wrongs with its ailing social network. If Google will let him, that is...

Ractive aims to bring Web programming to the masses

The developers of a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces are hoping their work will make Web programming more accessible for part-time programmers.

Sensor tech makes predicting the future easier to do

We no longer need seers, oracles and psychics to tell us about the future. The declining cost of sensor technology and the availability of cloud-based analytical platforms is making predictive analytics accessible to every industry...

Hangouts main screen

Google exec fuels talk that Google+ may be split up

Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of products for Google, has kicked up speculation about the future of the company's social network, Google+.

Perl challenge aims to keep programming language very much alive

Gives busy Perl programmers an opportunity to participate in the vibrant community in their spare time

talent agent salesman slick hollywood sunglasses

The secret to successful price exception for sales: Lots of bureaucracy

A new way of looking at sales compensation and strategy.

Sharepoint team site

Microsoft SharePoint coming up short for most enterprises, study finds

SharePoint installations at enterprises have been doomed largely due to senior management failing to really get behind the Microsoft collaboration technology, according to a new study by AIIM, which bills itself as "the global...

IBM to pump $4B into cloud, mobile and analytics this year

IBM will dedicate $4 billion in spending this year to the cloud, analytics and mobile technologies, as it struggles with seismic shifts that are changing the landscape it once dominated.

Containerization illustration: loading dock for binary code data containers

Docker introduces orchestration tools for large-scale deployments

Docker has released three new tools for managing large-scale deployments.

Jive updates deliver boost to enterprise communications

New Marketo integration enables community-focused customer analytics.

Artificial intelligence computer brain circuits electronics grid

How enterprises can use artificial intelligence

Enterprise IT shops are finding that artificial intelligence isn't just for robotics anymore. Science fiction may portray A.I. technologies as the brains running robots trying to take over the human race, but the technology today is...

Salesforce's Desk.com steps up global focus

Salesforce's Desk.com customer-support app just got a hefty boost in the number of languages it can support.

sm analytics hp

How IBM analyzes Twitter for enterprise devs

IBM is creating new ways to derive potentially valuable information from the massive, sprawling data set known as Twitter.

ibm apple

IBM brings location awareness to MobileFirst apps

Enterprise apps built with IBM's MobileFirst management and development platform can now be made more aware of their surroundings.

Office 365 migration path

What's a consumer Office 365 subscription worth to Microsoft?

As Microsoft has added more consumer subscribers to the rolls of Office 365, the amount of revenue per subscriber has fallen.

Predicting the future: Customer-driven innovation

Predicting the future: Customer-driven innovation

It's a common joke that science fiction technology has consistently predicted real innovation. What once seemed miraculous is now ubiquitous. But why are some ideas chosen above others?

ginzametrics competitor discovery

Think you know your competitors? This tool helps uncover some you don't

Military leaders live by the maxim 'know your enemy,' and a new tool from marketing intelligence company GinzaMetrics helps apply that wisdom to business.

My version! No, MY version!

This growing biotech company ends up with a merged sales operation that includes two groups of salesmen, each with its own customer data supplier -- and both on one big customer database.

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