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CA names Xbox cofounder its new CTO

Xbox cofounder Otto Berkes may have spent the bulk of his recent years focusing on consumer technology, but his next career move will be set squarely in the enterprise arena, as CA Technologies on Monday announced that it recruited...

Collaboration tools: social media messages, sharing, connection, communication

As collaboration tools multiply, here’s how to avoid overload

New collaboration tools invite more internal innovation and knowledge sharing, and better connections with customers. But will too many choices make us less productive? Here's how organization can prevent their employees from...

windows 10 release date

Windows 10 release date confirmed (but with one weird twist)

Microsoft to release Windows 10 'SaaS' OS in 58 days, but with a few bits missing

Google I/O 2014 Android characters

New iOS tools help Android developers -- and Google

At its annual I/O developers conference this week, Google announced important initiatives to expand its support for iOS and for the developers that build iOS apps.

Google I/O 15

7 things Google is doing to please developers

At its I/O keynote, Google did its best to get developers excited about building apps for Android with new tools and money-making schemes. But Google is also expanding support for developers who'd rather create iOS apps.

CW illustration: SaaS Puts Squeeze on In-house Developers, by James Yang [single-use only]

SaaS migrations put the squeeze on in-house software developers

The number of software developers in the workforce is up from last year, but jobs in enterprise IT may become harder to find as more companies turn to cloud-based services.

big data

New query language could turn log files into business insights

IT departments have long relied on log data to help keep systems up and running, but they're not the only ones who can benefit from these vast stores of information. A new analytics language from Logentries could help managers tap log...

Help Desk Staff

Better IT support could make users more ignorant

A new study shows tech skills follow the same rule of dependence as other things; when someone's there to do it for you, you never learn anything about it yourself.

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IBM pitches analysis software for select industry verticals

Expertise drawn from 50,000 user engagements went into the new IBM software.

Salesforce's Wave for Big Data

Salesforce doubles down on big data with new analytics tool

Through a variety of partnerships, Wave for Big Data aims to open new data sources to Salesforce's Analytics Cloud.

CA gets 'agile' with $480M purchase of Rally

Expanding into the field of agile software development, CA Technologies is acquiring programming tools and services company Rally Software for $480 million.

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Review: 7 JavaScript IDEs put to the test

WebStorm and Visual Studio Code lead a field of rich and capable integrated tools for JavaScript programming.

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Update: U.S. sides with Oracle in Java copyright dispute with Google

The dispute between Google and Oracle revolves around whether Java APIs can be copyrighted.

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Data wrangling with R: Download our free PDF

Sort, summarize, reshape and more with this guide to R data munging.

big data

EU regulators misunderstand big data

More data doesn’t mean less competition.


Unfinished business: Java is a 20-year-old grown-up with bright prospects

What have the last 20 years taught us about Java in 2035?

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Salesforce Community Cloud gets recommendation tool to boost engagement

The update also lets companies create their own communities complete with custom apps.

memsql 4

MemSQL makes its in-memory database available to all

In-memory databases have garnered attention recently because they combine transaction and analytic processing, and one of the latest developments came from MemSQL, which announced a new release and a free new Community Edition.

Happy Birthday Java

Java's key to success: Simplicity

Java's success in remaining relevant in the ever-changing landscape of software development has been its simplicity.

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