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Larry Ellison at Openworld

Outlook for Mac 15

Microsoft teases Office for Mac with Outlook-only release

Microsoft today took the unusual move of releasing a new version of Outlook for the Mac months before the rest of the Office suite will be ready.

Chart from Massachusetts Office of Campaign & Political Finance

Election data: One picture is worth ...

Looking at an interactive graph of campaign finance data is quite a bit more useful than a text list of contributions. The Mass. Office of Campaign & Political Finance CIO shows a new tool.

Sweet smell of skunkworks success

This pilot fish knows about a project that everyone wants, but it's been on the shelf for three years. How do restart a project like that? (Hint: Hold your nose.)

7 free online collaboration and project management tools

Get the most out of your team and your budget by taking advantage of these free collaboration and project management tools.

oil wells at sunrise 100838104

IBM drills into the energy industry for cognitive computing advances

Finding new sources of oil underground is an expensive and risky undertaking. Now IBM is working with energy company Repsol to look for ways in which new cognitive computing techniques could help reduce the uncertainty and improve...

drone with gopro digital camera mounted underneath   22 april 2013

One code to rule them all: Dronecode

The Dronecode Project will unite thousands of coders to build an aerial operating system for drones.


Sencha's Space melds desktop and smartphone management

Sencha, best known for its cross-platform development tools, has designs on the management market with Space.

patch bandage band-aid first-aid ouch cure remedy

Drupal warns unpatched users: Assume your site was hacked

Drupal users who didn't immediately apply a security patch released on Oct. 15 should consider their sites compromised.

Facebook gives away homebrewed OS monitoring tool

Facebook released an open-source tool for monitoring operating system state changes across very large infrastructures, which could help engineers quickly diagnose performance and security issues.

2014 spending ss 10a

IT spending reality check: 2014's mixed message

Tech budgets and hiring are down from earlier optimistic projections, but IT's confidence is holding steady.

Revolution 60 image

The Charge of the Troll Brigade: What to know about #GamerGate

As #GamerGate reaches a fever pitch, you should probably know what this online movement is -- and what it isn't.

BitYota cloud data warehouse gets a boost from Microsoft Azure

The BitYota cloud data warehouse can ingest semi-structured data natively, for instant analysis


Office 365 is getting management features for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

The upgrade will be available during the first quarter next year

Eye looking at data and analytics

Twitter and IBM team up on analytics apps

IBM and Twitter today announced a partnership that allows them to collaborate in a variety of ways to join social media data with enterprise apps and analytics.

healthcare dna

Cleveland Clinic uses IBM's Watson in the cloud to fight cancer

The Cleveland Clinic is beginning a pilot program with a cloud service based on IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology to aid its research into new cancer treatments.

Update: Microsoft slates Office 16 for second half of 2015

Microsoft will launch its next version of Office for Windows in the second half of 2015, according to an online report.

HTML5 rocket

After eight years of work, HTML5 is finalized

After nearly eight years of work, the World Wide Web Consortium has finalized the HTML5 standard, bringing the basic Web technology firmly into the era of mobile devices and cloud-driven rich Internet apps.

And by the way, welcome back!

This manufacturing company has a shiny new HR system, reports a pilot fish working there -- and it's going to take some getting used to.

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