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Apple partners with SAP in new enterprise push

The mobile enterprise got another boost on Thursday with the announcement of a brand-new partnership between Apple and SAP.

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White House worries about bad A.I. coding

No one in government is yet screaming "Skynet," but concerns about our artificial intelligence future are being sketched out.


Why passwords fail end users

At the 2016 Interop show, Network World got a quick demo of Keeper Security's password management and vault app. The company's CEO, Darren Guccione, also explained why most password methods fail end users, and whether biometrics...

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Cisco patch stops attackers from taking over TelePresence systems

Cisco Systems has fixed a critical vulnerability that could allow attackers to take over TelePresence systems, as well as other high-severity flaws in Cisco FirePOWER and Adaptive Security Appliance devices.

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Box launches a product just for government users

The offering comes alongside a new FedRAMP certification for the cloud storage service.

Apple patches vulnerable OS X Git version

Apple has released a new version of its Xcode development tool to patch two critical vulnerabilities in the Git source code management client.

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Google to kill 'Death by PowerPoint' with new Slides app [updated]

Google Slides aims to eliminate PowerPoint. At least, la GOOG hopes it can, particularly among educators. Three new features aim to make your slide presentations more of a two-way experience...

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When charts attack! Why statistics still matter in politics

This article evaluates the usage, both responsibly and irresponsibly, of statistics in politics

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Kansas City gets 'smart': New streetcar line opens amid free public Wi-Fi zone

Kansas City, Missouri, has high hopes for the smart technology it's deploying as it launches on Friday a new streetcar line in its downtown innovation district and public Wi-Fi that spreads over two square miles.

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More PowerShell: Hash tables

This one might make you scratch your head a bit -- but learning about hash tables is definitely worth your time and effort.

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy's new company makes an acquisition

Success begets success. So when Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy does something, the world takes note.

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This startup uses machine learning to turn your old enterprise apps into mobile ones

There's plenty of lip service paid to a need to mobile-enable the enterprise, but actually making that happen is a little more complicated. That's where PowWow Mobile hopes to help.

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Opera pulls trigger on baked-in ad blocker

Company argues the move will create a faster browser, something most customers want.

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Windows 10 migration: At least it's not like last time

Enterprises should have an easier time migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 than they did the last go-round when they left behind Windows XP, an analyst said, citing lessons both Microsoft and corporations learned.

Virtual machine

Review: HPE’s machine learning cloud overpromises, underdelivers

Haven OnDemand’s enterprise search and format conversions are the strongest services, while more interesting capabilities are not fully cooked

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Sharepoint to go mobile this year with a new app

After 15 years on the market, Microsoft SharePoint is still going strong. The enterprise content management and collaboration platform software is getting a number of updates over the coming year to benefit the more than 200,000...

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21% off LG Nexus 5X Unlocked Smartphone 32GB - Deal Alert

This unlocked, multi-mode phone will work on all US carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, as well as most international carriers. It's currently available for $80 off its list price of $429.99.

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Mavenlink offers a consulting service, because services bring protection

Maybe coincidental, or maybe a response to an increasingly turbulent marketplace.

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