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SAP offers customers 'simpler' way to buy Hana in-memory platform

SAP hopes a new set of programs, services and policies will boost sales of its Hana in-memory database and computing platform.

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Topcoder now has 3,700 Swift devs

The Topcoder developer community already has 3,700 Swift developers on its platform just nine weeks after the programming language became available.

Rimini Street's practices remain 'suspect,' says Oracle

Oracle isn't satisfied that Rimini Street's new procedures for third-party support for Oracle software are legal.

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Motorola Solutions unveils the Symbol TC70 rugged handheld

Motorola Solutions announced the Symbol TC70 rugged handheld computer with a 4.7-in. touchscreen that can accommodate wet fingers, gloves or a stylus.

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First products from Apple-IBM deal to come next month

The first products from Apple's mobile enterprise partnership with IBM will roll out next month, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said the partnership "could change the way people work."

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Ask Watson or Siri: Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever

At O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World, a Salesforce.com expert on AI assesses the state of machine smarts

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How-to: Get started with MariaDB

An easy, step-by-step guide to setting up a MariaDB database server and phpMyAdmin on Fedora, CentOS, or Ubuntu.

Telco Systems lays groundwork for fewer management worries with virtual routers, firewalls

The company's platform lets service providers offer virtual router and firewalls


Salesforce's big opportunity is in keeping it simple

Salesforce is growing revenues fast and its developer ecosystem faster, meaning there are piles and piles of customer data just waiting to be studied.

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OpenStack 10 'Juno' marries cloud, Hadoop and more...

Juno gives birth to better provisioning, policies, rescue, NFV: OpenStack, the open-source cloud OS, is at v10. Chock-full of new features and the ob. bug fixes, it's attracting attention not only from public cloud providers, but also...

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Here's a bird’s eye view of Ebola epidemic

Data-publishing platform Silk has created a world map depicting the spread of the Ebola epidemic worldwide.

Hadoop World: The executive dashboard is on the way out

Organizations hoping to gain an advantage through the use of big data will need to rethink how they process, analyze and present that material.

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Facebook opens smooth scrolling Paper framework for iOS

Facebook's AsyncDisplayKit could be just the remedy to solve a complex app's scrolling difficulties.


Microsoft to bring Docker to Windows Server

It's another giant step for the Docker virtualization technology.

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Renault to roll out Salesforce globally to put it ‘in the driver's seat of change'

Renault will use a combination of three Salesforce products to link dealerships with customer information for better service.

Dell and HP are moving to help carriers virtualize networks

The next frontier for virtualization and standard x86 servers is in service-provider networks, and big vendors are moving fast to blaze the trail.

Oracle database certifications are permanent no more

Oracle is requiring database administrators to upgrade their certifications if the ones they hold are for older versions of its platform.

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At this rate, Apple's gonna own the mobile enterprise

Apple's success in enterprise markets for so long closed to it reflects the damage complacency did to those who previously dominated the enterprise IT space.

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