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Brocade leverages Capriza to mobilize its Oracle beast

Organizations have long heard of the value that mobilizing their applications brings. But what are you to do if your main applications of choice don't lend themselves to a mobile experience?

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Microsoft buys sales-gamification startup with eye to CRM combo

Incent Games' software will be integrated into Microsoft's Dynamics CRM offering.

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Facebook says Flash security woes could hurt its business

Security vulnerabilities in Flash could affect the use of Facebook games, the company said in a filing.

How to change managers, the government-project way

This fresh-out-of-school pilot fish is working on a contract to design and develop CASE tools for government system engineers. But when the tech lead does a presentation on the project's progress, there's a problem.

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Android for Work gains mobile-carrier support

The enterprise-oriented version of Google's mobile OS, Android for Work, has gained support from a roster of business partners that includes the top four U.S. mobile carriers.

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Business as usual for enterprise migrations to Windows 10

Windows 10 may be a radical change from its predecessors, maybe even the last version of the OS, but for enterprises planning to migrate to the new operating system, it will be the same old, same old, analysts said.

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IBM aims Watson's cognitive computer power at CVS customers

IBM announced a partnership with drugstore chain CVS that will have the super computer compiling pharmacy customer data with the latest research in order to detect the potential onset of chronic illness early on.

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Adobe's new Digital Publishing suite puts the focus on mobile content

No code is necessary to develop branded apps, the company says.

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Facebook revenue surges 39% but costs also soar

Profit shrunk as costs went up by more than 80%.

Hey, he was gonna fix it in version 1.01...

This junior programmer's first project is converting an existing program to Cobol, and it's soon clear that some very strong Cobol skills are needed to get the project back on track -- so enter a pricey consultant.

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Salesforce tools let customers snap together new mobile apps

Mobile apps now figure almost as prominently in enterprises as they do in the consumer world, and Salesforce rolled out some new DIY tools that aim to help business users "roll their own" apps as needs arise.

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It's time for a Digital Customer Experience Bill of Rights

Many organizations are harming their customer’s digital experience – and in some cases their safety – on a regular basis, as evidenced by the recent issues around limited access to personal data and the ability to digitally sabotage...

Some charts you can make with Plotly's new JavaScript library

Plot.ly releases free JavaScript library for dataviz

The dataviz site now lets you use some of its charting tools on your own site, as long as you keep links and references to their site intact. Advanced charting requires a paid annual license.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Free course: "JavaScript: The Good Parts"

In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, ITworld is offering a free online JavaScript course by Douglas Crockford, author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and Senior JavaScript Architect at PayPal.

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Enterprise Java moves back into the spotlight this fall

The annual JavaOne conference, coming this October, will feature a big dose of Java EE content.

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Mozilla to launch new Firefox feature testing program

Mozilla plans to launch a new testing program in August that lets Firefox users try out potential changes to the browser.

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Free course: Get started with AngularJS

In partnership with tech training provider PluralSight, here's a free online course to get you up and running with the world’s most popular JavaScript framework.

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4 ways to cut app development and maintenance costs

A managed services or fixed-fee outsourcing model for app development and maintenance can yield major savings for IT.

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