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mars helicopter

asteroid 2004bl86

No worries! Asteroid to safely pass Earth on Monday

An asteroid that will zoom past Earth on Monday poses no threat, but will be in a good position for scientists to study, NASA said.

Ford Palo Alto R&D

Ford opens autonomous vehicle R&D center in Tesla territory

Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto will focus its research on speeding up innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data.

wireless traffic stream speeding down the street.

Big visions for 5G before the FCC

Drones, robots, high-altitude balloons and low-altitude satellites are all envisioned to provide fifth-generation (5G) wireless connections as early as 2020, according to recent FCC filings from 55 companies, including Google,...

Atlas Unplugged

Atlas Unplugged: DARPA challenge robot gets major makeover

The 6-foot, 2-in. tall humanoid robot that many teams in the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge will be using in June has gotten a major makeover.

microsoft hololens

Uh oh, Google, here comes Microsoft's HoloLens

Less than a week after Google said that it would stop selling prototypes of its Glass wearable, Microsoft announced that it's coming out with its own computerized headset.

fitbit charge

Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache

First it was BYOD and how to secure all of those smartphones in your organization. That's old news! Now those smart devices are communicating with smartphones, and that means they're the weakest link in your cyber kill chain.

Artificial intelligence computer brain circuits electronics grid

What's next for artificial intelligence in the enterprise

While still in their infancy, innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have the ability to help professionals be more productive and make better informed decisions. The exact applications of AI in the workplace are still unknown,...

spacex space station

Google may invest in SpaceX for Internet through satellites

Google may invest about $1 billion in SpaceX, a company that aims to use satellites to deliver low-cost Internet to underserved regions, according to reports.

battery crisis primary

Power up! The hunt is on to extend battery life for mobile devices

Check out 5 battery-boosting technologies being tested in research labs now.

googleglass closeup

Why I'm still excited about Google Glass

As we say goodbye to the Glass project at Google X labs, we can look forward to seeing the first versions of Google Glass, the consumer electronics product.

selfie hat 620x465

The world's worst wearable tech concepts (so far)

From a wig that buzzes your head with notifications to a bra that tells you when you're overeating, these wearable tech concepts are wacky in all the wrong ways.

Google Glass

Google tries to reset Glass embarrassment with cooler wearable

Pulling Glass and rethinking how the wearable computers look and function could make the device less of a widely mocked science project and more of what it should have been – a cool, useful new technology.

Virtual face of artificial intelligence circuits and binary data

Facebook open-sources new A.I. smarts

Facebook has released as open source some software modules that can speed image recognition, language modeling and other machine learning tasks.

htc re narrative clip orange

Gadget watch: The HTC Re and the Narrative Clip track your life's images

A new category of camera is helping users to track their lives in images without having to pull out a smartphone -- or even manually take a photo.

google glass dead

Google Glass DEAD (ish): Glassholes find Fadell's phoenix nest

Methinks la GOOG doth protest too much: Nobody wants a glasshole pointing a pervy camera in their face. Google insists the wearable project isn't dead, shoving it in Fadell's Nest org. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wink at you. OK, Glass?...

google glass

Google makes big changes to Glass program

Google will stop selling its Glass head-mounted computer to the public on Jan. 19, as part of other big changes Google is making to the product's program.

screen shot 2015 01 15 at 11.44.48 am

Solar industry jobs are growing at 20 times the national rate

In 2014, 31,000 new jobs were created in the solar industry, which accounts for nearly two percent of all new jobs created in the U.S. last year.

lulzbot mini 3D printer

Review: LulzBot Mini 3D printer delivers outstanding details

The new LulzBot Mini is a solid 3D printer that is more accurate than any I’ve used to date. The machine, which fits nicely on any desktop, is also fast and compatible with numerous thermopolymers.

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