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Google Glass

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3D printed skin holds promise for burn victims and others

University of Toronto researchers are piloting a technology that uses a patient's own cells to create skin grafts.

Internet of Things

Software stack from Eclipse could unleash Java developer army on IoT

There's no single standard to link all devices in the "Internet of Things" and there may never be one, but the Eclipse Foundation wants to at least make it easier for developers to code for the standards that are out there.

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Mercedes-Benz shows off self-driving 18-wheeler

Mercedes-Benz revealed a new Highway Pilot system that combines sensors and cameras with a cockpit computer system that allows long-haul trucks to drive themselves.

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China's 3D printing market to quadruple

By 2018, the Chinese 3D printer market (excluding imported 3D printers) will grow to 37,800 units, at a compound annual growth rate of 34%, with printer revenue growing to $109 million in 2018.

mit underwater robot

MIT is developing underwater robots that hunt for drugs

They may not be as quick or efficient as airport sniffer dogs, but robots are getting ready to take the fight against drug smuggling underwater.


Forget passwords -- the Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat for security

Toronto-based Bionym is working on a wearable device that uses a person's heartbeat to authenticate their identity

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IBM’s solar concentrator can produce energy, clean water and AC

IBM Research and Swiss-based Airlight Energy have created a solar concentrator that looks like a giant sunflower and can produce 20kW of power per day, along with clean water and hot or cool air.

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Smarter algorithms will power our future digital lives

Researchers are working on deep-learning algorithms that will power better search, autonomous cars, smarter smartphones and the Internet of Things.

Curiosity sample site on Mars

NASA rover drills into Mount Sharp, begins main science mission

The Mars rover Curiosity's primary science mission has begun on Mount Sharp.


FAA clears movie and TV drones for takeoff

The FAA will allow six TV and movie production companies to use drones to shoot video.

india mars chart

NASA’s Mars machines get company from India

An Indian spacecraft today was the first from the country to slide into orbit around Mars.

DHL paketkopter

DHL to test 'parcelcopter' drone for medicine delivery

Described as a research project, the flight by the "DHL parcelcopter" marks the first time in Europe that a flight by an unmanned aircraft will be operated outside a pilot's field of vision on a real-life mission.

Murata's cheerleading robot

Japan rolls out cheerleading swarm robots

Swarm robots, long a staple of scary science-fiction films, have recently emerged from robotics labs.

time to act on climate change says apples tim cook

'Time to act on climate change' says Apple's Tim Cook

When you or a friend buys a product manufactured by a company that is not taking action on climate change, then the true cost of your cheap goods also includes a dead planet.

ARM's Cortex M7

ARM's Cortex M7 chip could usher in feature-rich robots, appliances and wearables

ARM's new 400MHz Cortex M7 processor could find its way into robots, drones, medical devices and even wearables.

google loon balloon close up

GoogleX to circle the Earth with Internet-connected balloons

Google is looking to launch a fleet of high-altitude balloons that will circle the planet, providing Internet connectivity to remote areas -- and it wants to do so within a year.


Lyft acquires ride-sharing startup Hitch

Car-sharing service Lyft has acquired Hitch, a startup in the mobile app-enabled car-pooling business, to integrate the service with its own shared rides business that it set up last month.

After harrowing 10-month trek, NASA's Maven orbits Mars

After 10 months and 442 million miles, NASA's Maven spacecraft has reached Mars and entered into its orbit.

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