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When IT meets the IoT

The question for executives isn’t ‘What can smart things do?’ but ‘What can we do with smart things?’ (Insider; registration required)

apples next big thing lands july 14

Apple’s next big thing lands July 14, reports

Apple’s next big thing is expected to launch on July 14 when the company will introduce Apple Pay support in the UK, reports claim.

Warner, WPI's humanoid Atlas Robot, walks up to a pile of debris

DARPA challenge greatly propelled humanoid robotics -- and WPI

Participants not only helped advance the field of humanoid robotics, but some believe their work also made them better researchers and better teachers.


Road to DARPA's Robotics Finals: Episode 11

Two members of Team WPI-CMU talk about the Day 2 run of its WARNER robot at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, as well as reflect on what they learned over the past 2.5 years as they prepared for the finals.

2016 chevrolet malibu in

GM to offer teen driver tracking to parents

GM today announced it will be rolling out a “Teen Driver” system that will allow parents to see data about their teens' driving time, from whether they were wearing a seat belt to how fast they were driving.

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

Google's A.I. system gets its snark from humans

A Google computer recently made headlines for appearing to become agitated and verbally lashing out at the human working with it.

20150701 02 05

Toyota, Nissan and Honda to back hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure

The three Japanese car makers have agreed to work together to get more fuel cell vehicles on the road and pledged to put money toward building more hydrogen fueling stations.

nasa plane to mars  prandtl m

NASA readies test for first Mars airplane

NASA scientists are working on a plane that would be deployed from a rover's landing system to fly across the Martian surface and take images of potential landing sites for future astronaut missions.

internet of things control touch user

AllSeen bridges different IoT worlds

The AllJoyn Device System Bridge can make third-party products look and act like AllJoyn members.

mark zuckerberg

Zuckerberg wants to be the Stephen Hawking of social relations

What makes humans social? Facebook's CEO wants to know

alarm clock

Leap second causes Internet hiccup

The addition of a leap second to world clocks on Wednesday caused some networks to crash although most quickly recovered.

mit bounce imaging 2 press

The long-awaited throwable camera is here, and guess who gets it first?

The police wanted a simple device that can be easily used in the field, which they are getting. But Bounce Imaging is also planning to option its stitch-imaging camera technology to other industries.

Virtual face of artificial intelligence circuits and binary data

Will A.I. drive the human race off a cliff?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to help mankind, but we need to focus on policies to prevent the technology from one day killing us all.

enterprise users apple watch gains policy control

Apple Watch enterprise ecosystem gains policy control

The latest Good Technology upgrade nails down wearable data for the enterprise

nuclear reactor

Toshiba readies scorpion-like robot for Fukushima nuclear plant

The robot probe can raise its tail camera to help operators navigate the highly radioactive reactor.

internet of things control touch user

Cisco says its IoT parts are now a whole

The company's Internet of Things System combines many products, adds 15 more

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IoT is the password killer we've been waiting for

IoT, with its tiny screens and headless devices, will drive an authentication revolution. It's a short leap from the kind of two-factor authentication used on the Apple Watch to proximity-based authentication that does away with any...

Internet of things nest stoplights traffic IoT cameras

5 facets of the coming Internet of Things boom

A new study by consulting firm McKinsey & Company estimates that the annual value of IoT applications could be as high as 11% of the world's economy in 10 years.

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