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tesla model s

armatix smart gun

White House releases report on how to spur smart-gun tech

The Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security have begun a process to define, for the first time, the requirements that manufacturers would need to meet for law enforcement agencies to consider purchasing firearms...

Google Motorola Rick Osterloh

Google, what are you doing? Motorola ex-prez now new hardware chief

Google hires Motorola ex-president to lead a new centralized hardware team. This is BIG BIG news -- it hints at Google's plans for Nexus, ChromeOS, the living room, and even the ludicrous Google Glass...


Autonomous trucks hits public roads

Six groups of trucks just took part in the EU Truck Platooning Challenge, an international test of autonomous truck driving technology.

Fiat Chrysler

Google and Fiat Chrysler near deal on self-driving vehicles

After being in talks for months, Fiat Chrysler is said to be in the final stages of finalizing a partnership with Google's Alphabet self-driving car development division.

snapchat location GPS pin

Snapchat speed filter just the latest sign of the distracted driving problem

Driver distraction is becoming a major problem. What can we do?

samsung logo

Samsung's Artik Cloud to challenge Microsoft's Azure in IoT

Microsoft's Azure has a rival in Samsung's new Artik Cloud service.

DNA fingerprint

Microsoft is making big data really small using DNA

Microsoft has partnered with a San Francisco-based company to encode information on synthetic DNA to test its potential as a new medium for data storage.

Apple Watch

My year with the Apple Watch: Good-looking tech, still flawed

Columnist Michael deAgonia wears his Apple Watch every day. It reminds him of meetings, cuts down on digital clutter, delivers notifications to his wrist -- and drives him crazy when he's working out.

SpaceX module

With NASA's help, SpaceX shoots for 2018 Mars mission

With some technical help from NASA, aerospace company SpaceX plans to launch a mission to Mars as soon as 2018.

Intel's Edison computer for wearable devices

Intel's Edison board now links up to IBM's Bluemix cloud service

Intel is making it easier to create smarter gadgets, robots, drones and wearables using its Edison developer board.

Tesla's Elon Musk

Elon Musk says Tesla’s next-gen Model 4 will be affordable for everyone

Speaking at the Future Transport Solutions conference in Oslo, Norway, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said the upcoming Model 3 will be affordable for about half the population, but the vehicle after that will be affordable for virtually...

3.artik 10 developer board

Samsung's challenger to Raspberry Pi 3, the Artik 10, to ship in May

Samsung will start shipping the eight-core Artik 10 board computer, a challenger to Raspberry Pi 3, next month.

steve jobs was an alien

Steve Jobs was an alien, and other myths

Reaction to Apple's results is unrealistic and overblown

Google Uber Ford self driving cars

Google, Uber, Ford drive self-driving car group with Volvo and Lyft

Google, Uber, Ford, Volvo and Lyft form self-driving car 'advocacy' group. State and U.S. regulators seem poised to crack down on feet- and hands-free driving, so Google's gang wants to head them off...

htc vive

HTC doubles down on virtual reality with new Vive X accelerator

HTC announced it will lead a $100 million virtual reality accelerator fund to cultivate the VR ecosystem by supporting startups.

w2 phishing

Report says criminals are better communicators than IT staffers

Humans remain the largest security risk, a new Verizon report says.

Ford LiDAR autonomous car

Google, carmakers join forces to speed self-driving car adoption

Google's Alphabet company has formed a lobbying group with Ford, Volvo and other carmakers to press the U.S. government on regulations to help move the self-driving car industry to market.

European Union

Europe places a billion-euro bet on quantum computing

The European Commission plans to invest more than $1 billion in quantum computing as part of a larger initiative to strengthen Europe's competitiveness in the digital economy.

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